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Many of you know that I’m also the owner and manager of an Alabama Crimson Tide sports information site. Thus, the last few days have been filled with the College Football Playoff championship game between my alma mater and Clemson University. And I’m extremely disappointed in the outcome. No participation trophy was awarded.

It was only an hour or so ago that I could watch the video of actress, Meryl Streep in her now famous, Golden Globe Awards’ speech. The liberals thought it was just grand how she attacked the target of their hate and bigotry, President-elect, Donald Trump. There were possibly three sentences in her speech that I might consider the truth. The rest of her rubbish was lies.


Ms. Streep indicated in her rant that Hollywood, foreigners, and the press were the most vilified factions of society. Hey heifer, you left out Christians, southerners, white males and possibly females, gunowners, and Republicans. In mentioning Hollywood and the press, I guess Meryl Streep was talking about groups that conservatives often speak out against and rightfully so. She also mentioned foreigners. How have foreigners been vilified by conservatives? By Donald Trump? He married one.

As my readers know, I occasionally give into sarcasm. Because Donald Trump has come out against illegal immigration and has indicated anyone who has come to this country illegally is a law breaker and should be deported, liberals, who are obviously too stupid to make the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, state affirmatively that he is xenophobic (one who fears foreigners). Once again, that’s tolerance.

Then the iconic actress lists several actors/actresses in Hollywood who were foreign born, including Natalie Portman, born in Jerusalem, Ryan Gosling, born in Canada, and Amy Adams, born in Italy, and Ruth Negga, born in Ethiopia, indicating that they didn’t need birth certificates. Excuse me! How many times will I have to say this? Being a Hollywood actor or actress doesn’t require you to be a natural-born American citizen, but being president of the United States does. Why can’t liberals to understand that? If they can’t make the distinction, they’re stupid. In the previous paragraph, I called liberals stupid in the previous paragraph and I’m calling them stupid here. I guess that makes them double stupid.

Meryl Streep also indicated that since Hollywood is full of foreigners, if all were made to leave, we would have nothing to watch but football and martial arts, further indicating that martial arts was not art. Guess who Ms. Streep is taking a “swipe at?” Everyday Americans, of course.

The climax of Ms. Steep’s speech came when she, an advocate of the disabled, spewed a scathing rant regarding Donald Trump’s alleged mimicking of a disabled reporter. This allegation by the left has been widely disputed by Trump advocates claiming that the president-elect often sporadically moves his upper body, especially his hands in what appears to be a spastic manner when mimicking those with whom he is at odds. This is a reasonable argument that Donald Trump was not “making fun” of the subject reporter’s disability. Are liberals, who claim to be so tolerant and understanding of all sides, giving the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Trump? Of course not! Once again, that’s tolerance.

In concluding her speech, actress, Meryl Streep indicated that we need a principled press. I can’t dispute that. But was she indicating that the left-leaning mainstream media wasn’t principled according to her standards? Or was she talking about certain media outlets who do respect the conservative point of view? She went on to indicated that we need the support of the “well-heeled” foreign press to support the “Committee to Protect Journalists.” Not sure about this “Committee to Protect Journalists,” but I surmise that this committee will seek to protect left-wing speech and squelch any expressions or opinions that come from conservative America.