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Within the last week, the Administration’s Interior Department designated nearly all of Alaska’s 19.6 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as untouchable wilderness lands, making it off limits to oil and natural gas exploration. And if that wasn’t enough, the administration has put in place oil and gas restrictions, reducing Alaska’s Arctic Ocean presence to one exploration site each in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. The United States is now left with the lowest number of prospects in the history of the Outer Continental Shelf leasing program.

Republicans, including Alaska’s two U.S. Senators and its Representative, have vowed to fight the President’s offshore decision. Yes, Alaska has been screwed by the current President and his administration. Alaska’s not the only one screwed, though. I think all Americans are screwed by these moves.

I hear over and again how Republicans/conservatives hate the poor and are racist bigots. I have a liberal friend who used to talk about nothing but “rich Republicans.” That stopped when it was finally determined that Democrats are richer than Republicans. I haven’t heard her say “rich Republicans” in years. I have another friend who is an Obama zombie and anything anyone says against the current President is racist. You can say that’s not true until you’re blue in the face and liberals will not believe you. Yes, liberals, who are supposed to be so tolerant and open minded, will not believe a person when that person says that the reason they do not support the current President is because they don’t support his policies.

The current President of the United States along with his liberal henchmen are not only anti-middle class, they are anti-American. They hate the United States of America and they hate you and me. Furthermore, their purpose is to destroy this country. When the current President, during his campaign, said that he wanted to fundamentally change the United States of America, my blood ran cold. And while my blood was running cold, the liberals/Democrats were worshipfully slobbering all over themselves. The goals of this President are to turn this country into a socialist, Islamic leaning nanny state.

The current administration’s actions toward Alaska should signal to any reasonable and prudent person that this was a direct hit on the good people of Alaska, especially the middle/working class residents of that state. Jobs will be lost and people are sure to suffer. Furthermore, it is most likely going to be a hit on everyone else.

The current administration, along with the extremist environmentalists, claims that the ANWR is one of this country’s treasures and shouldn’t be damaged. Furthermore, oil and gas exploration is this area would only exacerbate global warming or climate change, depending on what the liberals want to call it on any given day. From my research, the arctic ice sheet is thickening. Also, I’ve read that the caribou population has increased. In fact, I also read that they like the drilling rigs. It’s warmer there.

We’ve all seen pictures of the rigs and they are not unsightly. Furthermore, protecting the environment has been a major factor in oil and gas exploration for decades. Oil companies and various other corporations do strive to develop safe and effective ways to extract oil and natural gas from beneath the earth’s surface.

The ANWR is not exactly in the same category as the Grand Canyon or Yellow Stone National Park. It’s not a big tourist draw. Visiting there is not on my bucket list. It makes perfect sense to use the vast resources present in the ANWR and on the Outer Continental Shelf to continue to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

If the current President was really a champion of the middle class, he would examine both sides of the coin. Instead, he is against fossil fuels of any kind and continues to take steps to destroy our way of life by eliminating our usage of these vast resources which God has provided for us. Sure, there’s going to be an accident every now and then because we’re human. When there is an accident, we clean up our messes. Also, planet earth is a living organic thing. Just like our bodies do when we’re injured or sick, the planet has built in mechanisms that enable it to heal itself. God created the earth and he created crude oil and natural gas that is beneath its surface. I believe that he created the crude oil and natural gas for us to use. Do you think that our God was so short-sited that he didn’t anticipate that humans would err?

As a Christian, I believe that God put these substances in the ground for us to extract, refine, and use for the enhancement of our lives. Obviously, this President doesn’t agree.

The above is just another reason why this administration, when it says that it’s a champion of the middle class is lying. Again, they want to destroy the United States of America.

Earlier this week, there was an article on al.com, a website that is a compendium of several newspapers across the state of Alabama. In this article, it was indicated that contributions made to a college or University for the purpose of then being able to order game tickets after the contribution was made, would no longer be tax deductible.

For those that may be a bit confused, I’ll use my school, the University of Alabama, as an example. Other schools such as Auburn, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Southern California, Oregon, etc. do have similar programs. In order to be able to purchase season tickets for football games at my school, you first have to make a contribution to a foundation called Tide Pride. The amount of your contribution depends upon how many seats you have and the location of those seats within the stadium. After making the contribution, you are then entitled to purchase season tickets for the home games and perhaps for certain away games. Generally 75% of that initial contribution is tax deductible. This is what the current President wants to do away with in his 2016 budget. This is an important deduction for me. I got news for you, current President; it’s not all rich people who attend major college football games. I certainly consider this an assault on the middle class.

Why do liberals continue to be liberal? Why do they incorrectly think that this administration and the Democrat party are champions of the middle class and the poor? Why do they think that just because someone works hard and creates wealth, that person doesn’t deserve to enjoy his or her wealth and doesn’t have the right to do with it as he or she pleases? Why do they think that big government is the answer to all problems? When the top 1% of wage/salary earners pay almost 40% of all income taxes and the bottom 50% of all wage/salary earners pay 1% of all taxes, why do they think that everything that this administration wants to do can be paid for by further taxing the rich? WHY? WHY? WHY?

How many times have our parents, our teachers, our aunts and uncles, our ministers told us to think things through, don’t accept anything at face value, don’t believe everything you hear, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, etc. The current president is going to further tax the rich to pay for all of the things he wants to do for the middle class. We’re going to give you two free years of college tuition, we’re going to give you access to health care, we’re going to make it possible for you to have a house, we’re going to provide you with free birth control, we’re going to give you forty (or was it twenty?) acres and a mule. And do you know why? Because we’re your friends. Yea, right!



I have liberal friends and we often get into political discussions, although, it’s hard sometimes to have discussions with them. They do get shrill and emotional, especially when it comes to government hand-outs and taxing the rich. “Oh, I couldn’t help but tear up when Obama signed ACA into law; all those poor people who never had health insurance or access to health care will now have it. What a wonderful thing!” I’ve also heard the following, “I have to spend my own money on my classroom and students, and there’s the rich, living the good life. Why can’t they pony up?” When you try to reason with them, they just get more emotional and accuse you of not caring about the poor and about educating our children. When it’s obvious that you’ve won the argument, they shrug and pout.

I’ve always said that to be a liberal, all you have to have is one functioning brain cell. To be a conservative, you definitely need two functioning brain cells and sometime you might need three.

Before ACA, about 85% of Americans had health insurance or some kind of access to health care. While the system certainly wasn’t perfect, most Americans who had health insurance were satisfied with what they had. I know I was. But now, after having my premiums rise by almost 50% and I’m getting less for that exorbitant amount, I’m not satisfied. I know one or two that are, but most are not. The Democrats, who claim they are champions for the middle class, screwed millions of American middle class citizens just so a small minority might be able to obtain health insurance. Why didn’t they concentrate on those who didn’t have health insurance and leave the rest of us alone? If they really cared about the middle class, they wouldn’t have hurt so many of us with this law.

Drilling for oil on private and state lands is at an all-time high. The private sector has implemented a new technology called hydraulic fracturing. As a result, the price of gas is now below $2.00 a gallon in a lot of areas, and the price continues to fall. This is putting additional money into everyone’s pockets and the middle class is getting some much needed relief.
The Democrats/liberals, however, want to get rid of fossil fuels completely. They claim it’s bad for the environment and will exacerbate what they say is the greatest long-term threat to our county, climate change. There are reports and studies that go both ways. Continuing to extract oil while pursuing green energy innovations is important to the well-being of the middle class. But the Democrats claim that we must get off fossil fuels and get off of them now. The current president has just issued a memorandum placing 9.8 million acres of Alaska’s offshore resources off limits indefinitely. Over the weekend, the administration announced it would pursue a wilderness designation for 12.28 million acres, barring drilling in most of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, according to foxnews.com. Again, how is this helping the middle class? It’s not. If the current president and the Democrats are really interested in the prosperity of the middle class, they would take into consider all available reports and research and factor in the wellbeing of the middle class. But they are not doing it. They are not pro-middle class at all. I’ve also read that the caribou like the drilling sites and gather around them. Supposedly it’s warmer. I’ve also read that the caribou population has grown since drilling in Alaska began.

Dr. Thomas Sowell, a long time conservative and a black gentleman said the following: “The real motives of liberals have nothing to do with the welfare of other people. Instead, they have two related goals…to establish themselves as morally and intellectually superior to the rather distasteful population of common people, and to gather as much power as possible to tell those distasteful common people how they must live their lives.”

That’s such a great statement and so true. If you’re one of those who I often call “Obama Zombies,” and you think the current president loves and cares about you so much, you’re wrong. He doesn’t even care about the very poor in our society. He also wants to considerably weaken the United States of America, if not fully destroy it. The only thing that he cares about is getting more and more of you drinking from the government trough. Some of you are going to say, I’m wrong and that he cares so much about everyone and want to give us as much as he can possible give us. Just look at him. Why, he wants to give us two free years of community college education. He wants to give us cell phones. He wants to do all of this for us. He wants to make our lives perfect. Oh how can you put down such a wonderful man?

During his first campaign for President, the current president said that he wanted to fundamentally change America. When I heard this, my blood ran cold. But the Democrats/liberals were slobbering all over themselves. He continually harped on change throughout his campaign and, of course, a majority of the voters bought into his rhetoric, hook, line, and sinker. I, on the other hand, and a lot of conservatives were scared, really scared. Just what was this man going to change? He’s well into changing the very fabric that this nation was founded on. He’s going against the constitution, he’s anointed himself dictator, and he’s ignoring the will of the people, claiming that because so many voters stayed home and didn’t vote on November 4, 2014, that election somehow doesn’t matter.

The middle class is shrinking and enduring many hardships. The United States of America is more vulnerable to further attacks like the one on 9/11/2001. Obamacare is hurting so many more Americans than it has helped and so many Americans are losing their jobs due to high corporate taxes and burdensome regulations. And who do I blame for this, the Democrats, including the current president.