Because the term, income inequality, to this unenlightened oaf, seems vague and ambiguous, I Googled it and here’s a definition: Income Inequality refers to the extent to which income is distributed in an uneven manner among a population. In the United States, income inequality, or the gap between the rich and everyone else, has been growing markedly, by every major statistical measure for some 30 years. This whole definition or concept is disturbing, particularly the part that says, “to the extent to which income is distributed in an uneven manner.”

First and foremost, income is money earned by an individual or a business. The individual or the business is totally responsible for the income it receives. For simplicities sake, I’m going to focus on the individual. An individual can choose to train for a job or career. Hopefully, that individual will get a job and earn a desired income with a goal to grow in the job, get promotions, and earn as much money as possible.

I have a few friends who say that they’re in the high income bracket and love their job and love their employer. I have one friend, in particular, who I don’t think has ever been happy with her job or the salary she receives. This person, though, has never taken steps to change her work situation. While she certainly has control of her job situation and could make changes, she chooses to stay put and complain incessantly, making everyone miserable when they are around her.

Most of us are in the middle. There are some aspects of our jobs that we like and some aspects of our jobs that we don’t like. Furthermore, I suspect that most of us would like to make more money. It’s a world of give and take. While we may consider ourselves “stuck” in a job, there is now decree that says you have to stay in that job and earn the salary that comes with it. Circumstances may keep you from making changes, but again, there is no decree forcing you to remain at your job.

My point in having said all of the above: The money you make or the income you earn is something that you, the individual or you the business, control. When the individual controls his or her income, how can something like income inequality be a mantra for the left and something they must eliminate?

If someone choses to drop out of high school, gets a job sweeping floors, and can only afford to rent a room in a boarding house in a high crime/low income part of town, why is that anyone’s problem or anyone’s business? On the other hand, if someone else, chooses to go to college, then to medical school, then becomes a successful doctor, and earns a huge income, again, why is that anyone’s problem?

The liberals are going to make a victim out of the floor sweeper. He had to drop out of school because he was bullied, he left his parents’ home because he was abused. To add insult to injury, his intelligence level is such that he can probably do no better than sweep floors for a living. The doctor, on the other hand, came from an upper middle class family and his intelligence level is that of a genius. He had the means to attend college and medical school and while there, he received top grades. He was then hired into an established practice and when the time came, he established his own practice. “It’s just not fair, they’re going to cry. We have to go after that rich doctor and make him pay.”

I feel sorry, and I think we all do when we see someone like the floor sweeper who will probably be stuck in a menial job for the rest of his life. No two people are alike. Never the less, we must take what talents that God has given us and do our best with those talents. Our planet is not a perfect place and won’t be a perfect place until Jesus returns and sets up his one thousand year reign.

As my Dad used to say, “There are sad stories all over.” As individuals, we should certainly help those less fortunate. The United States of America was founded on the principle that government would be limited, thereby giving individual citizens freedom to achieve with no limits. Some may choose to live a simple life where their income is limited, but there is more time to spend with family and do other things. Others may choose to work seven days a week, earn a high income so they can drive luxury cars, purchase multiple luxury homes, and take European vacations two or three times a year. In the United States of America, it’s our right to choose.

The liberals are always going to go back to the floor sweeper whose life is always going to be dismal, and ask us conservatives what we’re going to do about him. Just as the liberals crammed Obamacare down our throats, screwing up the health insurance for 85% of Americans just for the sake of the 15% of Americans who did not have health insurance, they’re going to continue to seek out and destroy everyone who they consider has done well for the sake of a small number of individuals who, according to them, were kept down by the evil rich.

While I realize that I’m preaching to the choir because very few liberals read my blog, we all know that the liberals don’t care about the floor sweeper and his menial existence. That’s not it at all. Their desire is to control as much of your life as possible. Pontificating about income inequality is just a smoke screen for the ultimate goal, an economic system which has at its core concept, from each according to his ability, to each, according to his need.