I shared the above meme from my personal Facebook page stating: “If Black Lives Really Mattered to You, You’d be Gunning Down Gang Bangers and Dope Dealers Instead of Cops.”

This was about the Black Lives Matter movement not hesitating to destroy property, injure people, destroy businesses, and interrupt people’s lives if someone black was shot (and killed) by a policeman, particularly a white policeman before an investigation of the incident could be completed, and the facts determined.However, when it comes to black on black crime, such as on the streets of Chicago and Detroit, the movement doesn’t seem to care, along with many blacks.

A FB friend took issue with me, indicating first that this was not how BLM worked, nor was this how the justice system worked. In the United States of America, innocence is assumed until proven guilty. However, BLM seems to be out there rioting and destroying before an investigation and trial can be conducted. While some of the BLM folks in certain incidents have indicated that they want to protest peacefully, they have generally never waited until the facts of the case were determined. Then there’s always those folks who never intended to protest peacefully, with their actions leading to property loss, bodily injury and total disruption.

This same individual also indicated that there had been no cases where the BLM movement has been charged or correctly accused of causing any physical harm to any officers. The organization, as a whole, may not have shot any police officers because organizations are not tangible. But, according to, as of July 17, 2016, at least eleven police officers have been shot dead, and several shot and injured by Black Lives Matter activists since the movement began in August 2014. The FB friend indicated that the movement was one thing and then there are just people who are consistently mad at the perfect law enforcement officer, no matter what color his or her skin may be.

If the BLM movement is indeed unicorns, puppies, and justice for all, why didn’t they denounce these isolated individuals who were rioting? Why didn’t they denounce those individuals who were alleged to have shot the police officers? Why were alleged members of BLM protesting at the Minnesota state fair and in the streets of New York City,  yelling, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon,” and “What do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, now?” Why did they unabashedly interrupt a Bernie Sanders rally when Bernie was running for the Democrat nomination for president?

The person objecting my sharing of the meme  also referred to “perfect” law enforcement officers. No one ever said that all law enforcement officers were perfect. Yes, there are bad cops, but overall, our police officers are fine people. I have law enforcement officers in my family, and I was engaged to one. I’m on the side of law enforcement.

My nemisis went on to indicate that this meme was outright false, political fodder, conformation bias material, divisive props, and not even close to being finished on this list, but completely dismissive of what the cause actually stands for. This meme was asking a question, no conclusions were drawn. Political fodder? Perhaps. Most liberals have no problem with the actions of BLM and most conservatives do. Confirmation bias? Confirmation bias is defined as the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories. I haven’t seen any new evidence that would indicate that Black Lives Matter is something else other than a violent organization where its members take the law into their own hands and create havoc when something happens that they don’t like. The leaders have not come out to explain themselves or the organization. Divisive props? The meme is one with which most people are either going to agree or disagree. I’m not sure what the person who took issue with this meme may have meant in the allegation following divisive props, but he/she did indicate that people like me are dismissive of what the cause actually stands for. Again, maybe if Black Lives Matter is about justice for all, why don’t their representatives come out and explain themselves? Why don’t they explain why isolated incidents of police officers shooting blacks get their attention and the daily, sometimes hourly black on black murders in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc. get dismissed? Don’t these people also deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

My FB friend further indicated that BLM was being treated like a joke. I can tell you, the Black Lives Matter movement is no joke, and I don’t know anyone who thinks it is. It’s a dangerous organization, and has failed to prove otherwise. Of course it’s not okay to take the law into your own hands. The meme was illustrating that since BLM expends so many resources and energy causing havoc whenever a policeman shoots one black person, without regards to the facts of the case, wouldn’t those resources and that energy be better served in situations where multiple blacks are sometimes killed in one evening.

While representatives of billionaire Democrat activist George Soros have vehemently denied the funding of the Black Lives Matter movement by Soros’s Open Society Foundation, documents have been published which show that two months before the denial, the OSF board approved $650,000 to BLM. This is according to Instead of using this money to actually help improve the lives of poverty stricken blacks, it was used to create more unrest in the form of violent protests and staged riots, also according to

You may remember that George Soros once said that he would be willing to spend every penny of his vast wealth to defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election. He’s still wealthy and George Bush was elected. According to, Soros would like nothing better than for America to become subservient to international bodies. He has repeatedly said that he sees himself as a messianic figure.

Divide and conquer is one of many ways that a nation can be weakened and eventually diminish and or dissappear. Certain elements have been seeking to divide this country along different lines, including racial, social, economic, and political for decades. George Soros has no love for the United States of America and is allegedly funding and promoting groups that seek to divide the country.

Food for thought.




    Just to clarify, I regard law enforcement with the utmost respect. Yet, I do know that there are some who are not deserving of this because they bend and break the law themselves. My issue is with those, just as it should be for everyone. We are all human beings.

    And despite my accomplishments, no criminal record, demeanor, respect, etc. I could be one bad run in away from being a victim because a bad cop (of any race) just wants to have his/her way. What would be said about me in that instance from people who don’t know me…I would hate to imagine…and that’s a problem.


    “If Black Lives Really Mattered to You, You’d be Gunning Down Gang Bangers and Dope Dealers Instead of Cops.” This very line is the beginning of my issue. This headed my spiel on how the criminal justice system works and how BLM works. While you certainly responded to the point of how everyone is innocent until proven guilty, it is certainly not the case all the time, from any side of the fence. However, you missed my point (my fault probably) in that gunning down gang bangers and dope dealers is ALSO not legal or a viable solution nor does it do anything to address the matter at hand. Yes, conclusions are already drawn before the case has been closed, BUT it is not just the BLM movement. Anyone in law enforcement, the All lives Matters crowd, etc. jump to the instant defense of law enforcement which is also not letting the case play out. So there is plenty of fault overall. Not to mention that there has been consistent evidence against law enforcement (the ones who are not on the up and up) disregarding the law they swore to uphold because of whatever bias they may have. They certainly aren’t more than just human, hence, my sarcastic remark of them being “perfect”.

    Moving on to the subject of them being just a violent organization with hate filled members, of all races and creeds, who just hate cops…well that is generalizing the fringe few. Certainly, there are plenty of opportunists looking for a reason to riot; however, I hardly equate that to the whole movement just as I don’t equate me being black roping me in with all of the stereotypes and generalizations put on my race. Also, just as you dislike being lumped in with all white conservatives being racist. Some are, but that doesn’t rope you in and you decry that notion. Now, back to the police shootings involving supposed BLM activists. There is absolutely 0 hard evidence to tie them to the movement as being members that actually incite and promote that behavior whatsoever.

    The BLM movement has consistently denounced rioting and violence in any form. They state that in front of every rally and on every media speech. Every. Especially before, during, and after the events of Dallas which was terribly tragic and almost immediately blamed on them…but when the facts came out, this was terribly untrue and the BLM movement was even not regarded by the actual shooter. On their website to those officially involved one of their guiding principles states “We are committed to embodying and practicing justice, liberation, and peace in our engagements with one another.” That is not the tone of a murderous or “terroristic” organization. Let’s face it, some members may despise law enforcement and yell out bad things and have a strong distrust; however, so did the Cliven Bundy group and they were treated in a totally different regard. Point being, there are members who don’t like cops, but they know that their words are NOT of the BLM when they say them. End of story.

    The meme is question is not innocent whatsoever. It is the definition of divisive and panders to what the people on the opposite side want to hear. I dare ask if anyone who agrees with the meme have ever been to a rally? I doubt it. Not even their website probably. No where have I seen in any literature, website, or posting does it call for violence or anything other than peaceful protesting. The BLM movement does not exclude people either. They welcome and FIGHT for all races, creeds, religions, classes, sexual orientation, etc. Yes, even law enforcement.

    The reason that the movement cares so much about police shootings is because the narrative is all the same. Unarmed and even armed (legally) black males are not given due process or treated in the same manner. They are perceived to be a threat despite the law and even aggression from law enforcement over misdemeanors. People DIE because of petty crimes, fines, or just outright “they looked suspicious and ran.” Last time I checked, looking a certain way is not a lawful means to be stopped by any law enforcement. Plain and simple, the laws are not applied equally and police POLICE themselves. That is not a fair system when it has been proven that there is corruption. Not to mention that law enforcement, once again, are human beings. Not perfect, can have bias, have bad days, and MAKE mistakes. Now, this is where I’m stating my opinion, but if the people on the other side would only understand that point and see that if you think its OK that someone can make a mistake or be just wrong, but we should respect this decision because they put their lives on the line for the job, then THAT is a problem. You have to be able to held accountable, just as the rioters need to be. Especially when a life is taken. Yes, you screwed up and yes you have to be held for it.

    Chicago, Detroit, etc. those are just talking points. The people in those communities have tried endlessly to end the violence and corruption there and when they ask for help, it goes unanswered. But then they are first to be brought up as a point to say “it needs to start in the community.” Well, if no one listens to them when they’ve done all they could do, well what do you expect. AND going back to the meme, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE MEME. Gang bangers and dope dealers/users killing themselves…like I said, NOT a solution. Or a meme. Or a joke. The BLM movement wants none of that. Period. The communities there police themselves because of the corruption, lack of funding, and lack of care…until they are needed for a talking point.

    Now, I didn’t bring up Mr. Soros; however, the BLM website does take donations and anyone can give. Whether he did or didn’t is of no concern to me. However, that money is not going towards guns, militias, or anything to the point of them being an organization of violence whatsoever.

    In closing, I can see where many may think the BLM movement is a divisive group and I can bet my house that most of the people who think this way have several reasons why BUT not a one actually comes from hard evidence. It probably came from a newsource that might be typically skewed against them. Maybe. Some people hate the name simply because they think it means ONLY Black Lives Matter. Which is does not and never will. My suggestion is that people attend a rally – NOT the fringe group that congregates at night near stores. I can assure you, those aren’t members of the movement, just opportunist in numbers. Or, just go to the website, listen to their words directly out of their mouths with no filter or commentator to suggest other motives.

    I understand, we see this from two different angles and I do not doubt there are members who are there just for an opportunity to display some form of hate that they themselves, personally, may have. This is true with all groups, but the meme is in no way sensible or what they are about nor is the narrative that this organization is specifically created for violent protest and rioting as a form of disagreement.

    My response is not edited or reviewed.

    Food for thought.

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