When President Trump referred to certain poverty-stricken countries as s*hole countries, many on the left became not only enraged, but gave the appearance of being emotionally wrought over what the evil Donald Trump had said. CNN’s Anderson Cooper, according to ew.com was on the verge of tears when discussing the president’s comments.. Anderson Cooper chokes up while discussing Trump’s sh-hole comment.

Before I go further, the president called the countries of Haiti and certain African nations s*hole countries. He said nothing about the people of these countries. But liberals are going to either lie or twist the truth to suit their needs of the moment. Enough about that. Mr. Cooper’s comments were “totally uncalled for.”

We all have emotions and are subject to letting our emotions rule our actions. Some, more than others. Furthermore, we are encouraged to keep our emotions in check, especially when we’re on the job. Ask any professional person whose job calls for often dealing with the tragedies of life such as child abuse, terminal illnesses, poverty, etc. That professional person will tell you that part of the job is keeping your emotions in check while dealing with life’s tragedies.

Several days ago, a school teacher who taught in the Hoover, Alabama school district was suspended from her job for saying the “N” word in front of her students. My thoughts are that she should know better than that and should be disciplined. If she gets fired and her career is ruined, she has no one to blame but herself. She should have kept her emotions in check.

I found out about this incident on Facebook, where an ultra-liberal FB friend, who doesn’t even live in the state of Alabama posted a link to the article from rawstory.com. This friend stated the following: “Should be fired! She is not fit to teach our children.”

Other comments include:
• “OMG!!!!! Fire that b*tch”
• “She is not fit to clean toilets. Disgusting redneck bitch. (I was going to say pig, but pigs deserve better.”
• “We the People have to demand change and hold officials accountable. If she doesn’t lose her job, we have to continue to apply the heat.”
• “It is ignorant people like her that are the problem in this world.”
• “My head hurts today between this kind of news, the school shooting, and tariff of solar panels.”
• “Once again, I’m embarrassed to be an Alabama native.”
• “Fired on the spot.”
• “Racist bitch.”
• “Freakin’ Ala-damn-bama”
• “She needs to be nowhere around kids. Fire her.”
• “Bye ______. Don’t let the door hit you on your fat racist ass!”

This is certainly not a good thing for the Hoover School District, one of the best school systems in Alabama. You can get fired from any job using and/or directing abusive language at others. While this woman, in all probability, will be fired, is all of the emotion and hate expressed above by commenters on this thread necessary?

Most of us were taught by our parents to be strong and resilient. We were taught that not everyone was going to “like” us and treat us with respect. My daddy used to say, “When you’re good at something and folks know it, they’re going to resent you.” He was right. Furthermore, since writing two fiction novels, designing and developing a sports information website and a political website, and starting my own book publishing company, many of my friends have exhibited resentment toward me because I’m innovative and don’t mind working hard. Some of those so-called friends are happy sitting on the couch and watching TV.

Many of the difficulties I’ve faced in life made me strong and have led me to be what I am now.

Since Donald Trump was elected and subsequently inaugurated as President of the United States, we’ve been exposed to all sorts of senseless emotional outbursts. Talking heads on many of the news outlets were tearful and wondered oh how, oh how something like this could happen.

We’ve created a society of wimps, softies, and weaklings. These wimps, softies, and weaklings, commonly called “snowflakes” get emotionally distraught when having to listen to opinions that are different from theirs. They beg for safe spaces in which to retreat when their delicate little selves “just can’t take it anymore.”

Are these snowflakes really that weak and helpless and need to retreat to safe spaces when someone pierces the bubble with which they have surrounded themselves? Well, they can still march at rallies, use language filled with the F-word and other similar words. Many of them think it’s okay to use physical force, with the intent to do bodily harm to those with whom they don’t agree.

A woman named Donna Hylton, a convicted murderer and feminist rights activist was chosen as a featured speaker at the Women’s March on D.C. this past weekend. She and three friends kidnapped, tortured, and eventually killed a 60-year-old homosexual male in 1985. The things Ms. Hylton and her accomplices did to this man were unspeakable and when I read the account, I closed my eyes and winced. I didn’t want to see anymore. And the feminists and probably most liberal Democrats idolize this woman.

I have cited an example of liberals going crazy and expressing unfettered emotions when one individual uses the N-word. The Hoover, Alabama teacher didn’t physically hurt, torture, or much less kill anyone. She acted “stupidly,” and will pay for it the rest of her life.

I have cited another example of liberals embracing an individual who committed a heinous crime whereby the victim was tortured in unimaginable ways and mercifully died. Supposedly Ms. Hylton was abused as a child, and is a riveting speaker when it comes to women’s rights. Thus, the left is willing to forget the fact that she played a part in the torture and death of a homosexual man because she is such a knowledgeable speaker and activist with respect to women’s rights.

Do I think the left will ever give that Hoover, Alabama school teacher for “loosing it” momentarily? Of course not. Liberals/Democrats will continue to direct their hatred toward her for the rest of her life.

I’d say the values of the left are “out of whack.” But what else is new. They’re liberals, aren’t they?