Now that the dust is beginning to settle, various folks, political and non-political, have been weighing in on how the Orlando mass shooting could have been prevented or diminished.

The shooting took place in an establishment that served alcohol, a drug that alters personality, the nervous system, and inhibitions. Individuals under the influence often do things they would not do if they were sober. If I owned an establishment that served alcohol, guns would be there. I’d probably have one in an office drawer and at least one behind the bar. On certain busy nights, I would perhaps have plain clothes detectives or other security officers stationed in various areas of the club, carrying concealed guns.

Pulse Night Club is located in the downtown Orlando area and primarily caters to the gay population. It was advertised as a gun free zone in order that patrons could meet up for fun, fellowship, unity, and, or course, libation.

First of all, if you think a gun free zone is safe, think again. I’m not about to set foot in a gun free zone. While I can’t guarantee that everywhere I go will be safe,  a gun free zone is definitely not.

If I owned or managed an establishment similar to Pulse where alcohol was served, and the patrons were not always accepted in certain sectors of society, guns would be present in order to prevent trouble. And  June being gay pride month is just another good reason to have plenty of security on board. I said if I owned or managed an establishment similar to the Pulse, heck if I owned any type of brick and mortar establishment, even an infant’s and children’s store in Mountain Brook, Alabama,  there would be a gun on the premises for safety.

In a previous article and on social media, I indicated that I felt the president of the United States had blood on his hands, as well as those of his administration. This administration wasted time going after and attempting to destroy people who feel  that marriage should be between one man and one woman, including people/businesses who do not want to provide goods and services in connection with gay marriage, but refused to go after Islamic Terrorism, a clear and existing threat to the LGBT community.

Liberals are blaming guns, hate, and the promotion of hate, with one of my liberal stalkers (I do have online stalkers), suggesting to me that I become a part of the solution and not part of the problem. Was he suggesting that I, a conservative commentator exercising my first amendment rights, am a promotor of hate? Probably so, since liberals (aka “tolerant left”) define hate as anything that they don’t agree with and a hater as anyone who doesn’t tow the liberal line. Was he partially blaming me for the Orlando mass shooting when the Religion of Islam calls for homosexuality to be punished by death and Saturday night’s killer was a Muslim and possible connections to ISIS?  Far out!

The canned liberal response is to emotionally lament over hatred of which they always to accuse those who don’t agree with them, and to call for stricter gun control while demonizing gun owners. I haven’t heard any of them blame the NRA and Fox News, yet; but I’m sure it’s coming.

The current administration has done everything it can to promote and protect the LGBT culture from bathing the White House in rainbow colors after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage in all states, to declaring June as Pride Month and making no holds barred attempts to destroy anyone who does not honor gay marriage.

Whether you agree with these measure or not, the truth is that government cannot possibly protect you from harm every minute of your life. You have to take measures to protect yourself and make good decisions. And this is no guarantee you’ll always be safe, and I’m not suggesting you stay home behind locked doors, in bed, with the covers pulled over your head.  Just realize that big government who claims to be able to provide for your every need, can’t. Not even the bloated over-reaching government created by Barak Obama and his liberal henchmen.

Going to a night club in a downtown metropolitan area that promotes itself as a gun-free zone with fellowship, love, and unity for all on a Saturday night? Good decision or not? I can’t say. But I do wish that folks would realize that the government is not a panacea. Individuals must assume responsibility for their own safety. You can’t transfer it to the government or anyone else.