I’ve never been fond of presidents signing executive orders, no matter to which political party they belonged. To get something handled while Congress is not in session or routine administrative stuff are my limits. Although, if a Republican takes the White House in 2016, I hope he or she reverses all of the executive orders that Obama has implemented. I don’t have a list of the current president’s executive orders, but I’m sure they’re sinister.

When Obama told us all that he had a phone and a pen, and wouldn’t hesitate to go around Congress to do anything he felt necessary to transform this nation into his idea of what a totalitarian utopia should be.
U.S. Marine Sargent, Andrew Tahmooressi is still being detained in a Mexican prison after taking a wrong turn which led him into Mexico with licensed weapons in his vehicle. This young American has been mistreated by our neighbors to the south for nothing other than a driving mistake.

Mr. President, you say you have a phone. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, MAKE A PHONE CALL to the president of Mexico and get Sargent Tahmooressi out of there! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Well, I think I know. You’re nothing but a pawn in the overall effort to take the United States of America down to the status of a European socialist nation, or worse. You may even want to make us like Venezuela, emulating your buddy, the late Yugo Chavez. You’re an Islamic terrorist sympathizer who knew exactly what you were doing when you traded alleged millitary deserter Bowe Berghdahl for five of the worst guys detained at Guantanamo Bay. The fact that those five will certainly command fellow terrorists to seek out and kill more Americans is just what you want because you hate the United States of America.

You hate me and people like me; small business owners who are working their fingers to the bone so they will have something in their bank accounts and not have to depend on government to provide for us our basic needs. And I shudder to think what those basic need might be.

Instead or promoting the American dream and conveying to our citizens that through hard work and dedication, they will have the opportunity to achieve greatness, you encourage Americans, particularly the middle class and those who are not white males, to claim that they are victims of a corrupt America who favors the wealthiest of Americans, while doing your dead level best to stifle those of us who are trying to create wealth and create jobs.

Your administration is the first in my lifetime that has discouraged hard work. Even the regimes of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton encouraged Americans to work hard to achieve their dreams. But not your regime, Mr. President. Your desire is to squeeze and stifle everyone of us so that we give up and allow the government to run our lives.

Mr. President, I can’t think of anything that you have done to make the United States of American a better place to live, work, and raise children. NOTHING, nothing at all! But now you have the opportunity to do one good thing…MAKE THAT PHONE CALL TO THE MEXICAN PRESIDENT! Get Sargent Tahmooressi out of that Mexican prison.

Just do something right for a change. I’m really getting tired of all the sinister things that you are doing to this country. Again, do something right for a change!