I just found out that my healthcare insurance premiums next year will rise almost 50%. This is just unconscionable. I was expecting maybe a 20% increase at the most. But 50%, 50%. I’ll pay it. I have no choice.  If there’s one thing that you don’t want to go without, it’s health insurance. In the twinkling of an eye, you can have an accident or get violently ill and need it.

To pay the premiums I’ll necessarily have to cut back on some things. I won’t be able to go out to eat as much. It doesn’t look like I will get to purchase a new Kindle HD Fire or a new laptop computer. I was also looking into purchasing a new SUV this next year, but that will probably be put on hold.

Of course, the liberals/progressives are going to say, “Poor, poor, pitiful Nancy. She’s going to have to cook more and eat at home. She’ll have to eat more chicken and less steak. She’ll also have to eliminate the consumption of the fine wines that she often enjoys with good food. And maybe, just maybe, she won’t be able to afford season tickets to Alabama football games. “

You liberals obviously hate folks like me who have worked their butts off to have something. You want to take it away from me in any manner that you possibly can. After all, I’m evil. I’m a college graduate. I’ve worked hard and put in long hours just to have a few nice things. And that’s just not right. I don’t deserve a new SUV, a new laptop, or a new Kindle. Sure, I’ve been thrown several curve balls in life and have managed to re-invent myself, landing on my feet. I’m always working to better myself and my livelihood. How dare I try to make money for myself? There are folks out there who choose to drop out of school, have children out of wedlock, commit crimes, and become addicted to substances. What about them? People like must be destroyed.  It’s not fair for me to have something and other folks have nothing. The fact that I work hard and they don’t doesn’t matter.

Millions of us are having to pay so much extra for health insurance. Millions of us will have to cut back on lots of things. A lot of food servers will not receive tips they should be getting when millions of us don’t go out to eat as often. A lot of small businesses will suffer because we can’t patronize them. People will lose their jobs and therefore won’t be paying taxes. People that still have their jobs may not get the raises they deserve and will not be paying taxes on the extra money they could have been receiving.

With the current administration’s policies of punishing those who work hard and have something, the economy of the United States will surely collapse. To have and maintain a robust economy those who are prospering must put money into the economy so that more prosperity will be created, making more folks prosperous. When more folks are prosperous and paying taxes, more revenue comes into the government, thereby eliminating deficit spending.

But wait! Didn’t the current president tell us that everyone’s insurance premiums would decrease? Didn’t Nancy Pelosi encourage us to quit our jobs and write that great American novel that we have always wanted to write? With the passage of ACA, we don’t have to worry about having access to healthcare. Everyone will have it. We don’t have to stay in that horrible job just to have health insurance anymore.

Well, I did that. I quit a day job that I was fed up with to start a business and along the way I have written a novel. I wasn’t supposed to have to worry about health insurance, only to find that my premiums are going up almost 50%. Could Congresswoman Pelosi have lied? Could she be dishonest? When the current president told us that our premiums would go down, could he possibly have like. Could he possibly be dishonest?

Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama (I’ve once again said his name) are cold hearted snakes; look into their eyes. Oooh, oh, oh, they’ve been telling lies.

So what else is new?