When I was in my twenties, I accepted a job that didn’t require a college, but within months, I was promoted into a job where a degree was required. HR or Personnel, as it was called back then, had my records indicating that I was a college graduate, though no solid proof such as a transcript or copy of my diploma was on file. The first week on my new job, my Vice President stopped by my cubicle and asked about my prior experience and my education. I didn’t think anything about it, but found out from my manager later that day that a VP in another department questioned my qualifications because I looked young. Personnel wanted proof that I had a college degree. My diploma would do as proof, if I had it. While I didn’t have my actual diploma with me, I had a wallet-size replica in my wallet, which I pulled out and gave to my manager. He promptly took it to Personnel where they made a copy of it and place in my file and notified the doubting VP. That issue was put to rest almost as quick as it arose.

When Barak Obama’s natural born citizenship came into question, my first thoughts were, doesn’t that get checked somewhere along the line. Being a natural-born citizen is a constitutional requirement for being president. Silly me, I was sure that somewhere along the way, there was a bureaucrat behind a desk that check the birth certificate of everyone who was running for president to make sure that he or she was indeed a natural-born American citizen. Thus, the birther issues was born and liberals had a new unflattering name to call conservatives, birthers.

Instead of doing like I did and make sure the issue involving my higher education status was put to bed and never questioned again, Barak Obama and the Democrats fought back with the Democrats/liberals/progressives or whatever they want to call themselves hurling accusations of racism and all other types of epithets at those who requested proof of Obama’s citizenship. Months after the question arose, Barak Obama, in a speech, pulled out a paper he said was his birth certificate and flashed it in a snarky manner at his audience and said here it is. Some folks did question its authenticity and questioned is citizenship status till this day.

Do I think Barak Obama is a natural-born citizen? I’m not sure. There have been questions and documents indicating that he may not be. Queue the liberals, queue the liberals, it’s time to start attacking me and calling me a racist and every other unflattering or derogatory term you can think of.

This issue of Barak Obama’s citizenship should have been put to bed immediately at the request of the president. He should have instructed one of his advisors to “handle the situation and get it resolved.” But no, the liberals had to hurl insults and accusations at those who were questioning his birth. By hurling such insults and accusations, the conservatives became angry and forced the issue even further. Both sides were angry, needlessly.

By handling this issue in such a classless way, much angst was created. It’s frustrating when such a simple issue could have been solved, but because liberals have no respect for the constitution of the United States of America and the rule of law, the birther issue has drug out to the present. It will always be questioned and liberals will always hurl accusations at those who have doubts about BHO’s citizenship. But what else is new, liberals are going to hurl accusations and trash anyone who doesn’t tow their line. The birther issue is just going to be one of many things that the liberals use against those who disagree with them. They will hurl insults and accusations to the top of their lungs from the mountaintops. Will it do them any good in future elections? Don’t know, but it sure didn’t do them any good in the 2016 presidential election.

Republicans control the House, the Senate, the presidency, and a majority of state governorships and state legislatures. And wouldn’t it be great if President Trump gets to nominate at least three Supreme Court Justices?



  1. Dave B.

    The reality bears no resemblance to this “classless” scenario you’ve imagined. Barack Obama released his birth certificate, proof of his US citizenship by birth in the United States, before he was even nominated– something no other presidential candidate had ever done before. It was verified as accurate and authentic by officials of the Hawaii State Department of Health soon after. The difference between what happened with Obama and what happened with your diploma is that there weren’t people who insisted on believing you didn’t have that college degree and who would’ve refused to accept any proof to the contrary– even refusing to acknowledge that you’d produced any proof in the first place!

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