For this, the last Wing Nut Gal post of 2015, I spend several hours about what I wanted to write. Do I want this post to be routine, sort of like most of my others, or do I want to do something different. We’ll see.

I’m a Republican woman and have been for most of my adult life. I don’t think I ever considered myself a Democrat, but in my very young adult days thought I was an independent. That was before I studied politics, learned the real differences in the two parties and decided the Republican Party was the party my views and values most aligned with.

Calling myself a Republican doesn’t mean that I think every Republican out there is great. That’s certainly not true. And just like there are many Democrats who call themselves Democrats without knowing what the Democrat Party stands for, there are many Republicans who call themselves Republicans without knowing what the Republican Party stands for. Much of my blog has been devoted to education in that area and if I’ve helped just one person determined the difference between Republicans and Democrats, I consider myself successful.

Do I hate Democrats? Of course not. But I do find common threads running among Democrats that are disturbing. It’s almost like every one of them go to the same seminar on a regular basis and come out of that seminar spouting the same old tired rhetoric. Forget facts. Liberals don’t care about facts.

The quickest way you know you’ve won an argument with a Democrat/liberal is when they begin to insult you personally. They’ve been unable to overcome your sensible fact based reasoning, so they resort to personal insults.

2016 is a presidential election year and at this point business man, Donald Trump, is leading nationally in the polls for the Republican nominee. A lot of folks have reservations about Trump, including me. However, it speaks his mind, is not afraid of the press, and makes it a point to be politically incorrect. On the other hand, too many mainstream Republicans are scared of their own shadows and make every effort they can to appease the press and the politically correct crowd. To those who have come out and supported Donald Trump, he represent a fresh face and new attitude. What’s going to happen? I don’t know. Can Donald Trump beat the likely Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton? Who knows.

Like many Republicans, I hope something will happen and the Republicans will put up a candidate that can beat Hillary. If Hillary is elected president or worse than that, Bernie Sanders is the nominee and is elected president, the United States is doomed. ISIS will certainly have a presence in the United States and terrorist attacks may become the new normal. There will be much physical suffering and a lower standard of healthcare because Obamacare will continue to be the law of the land. Taxes will be raised to new heights and most of us will not have enough money to eat out, take vacations, and engage in other activities that previously stimulated the economy. Political correctness will continue to rule and those who are brave enough to express political opinions that are different from the liberal/Democrat/progressive philosophy will be punished in some way.

I’m depressing myself with the above and I shouldn’t be doing that as we make our way into 2016. I’m scared, though. And I know many of you are also. Just remember that God is in control. Things may seem hopeless, and many of us would love to look to the east and see Jesus coming down from the clouds. Only God, the Father, knows when that will happen, but we know that it will happen. In the meantime, God is in control.

There will not be a Friday post because Friday is New Year’s Day. Thank you for your support in the 20 months that this blog has been up. I look forward to continued growth, with your help, in 2016.