When Fox News began investigating the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban in exchange for the release from Guantanamo Bay of five of the most evil people on the face of this earth, I wondered how long it would take for the liberals/progressives/democrats to start the vitriol against Fox New for investing this story. Well, it’s begun. There are a lot of issues and unanswered questions here and every media outlet should be investigating it. But the dems seem to think that all of us should be happy that a POW is now at home and not consider the fact that five dangerous men were, for all intents and purposes, set free to kill again.

This story should be investigated fully, it should speak for itself. It’s come out that other presidents have negotiated for the release of prisoners and kept the negotiations under wraps. However, the current president made the most of the situation by parading the parents of the prisoner in front of cameras in the Rose Garden. Also, it looks like the president definitely broke the law by not consulting with the Senate on this one. By law, he is required to notify the Senate whenever inmates in Gitmo are released. Again, this whole thing stinks and should be investigated. If nothing’s there, nothing’s there. However, I doubt that nothing will be found. In fact, in not looking into this, media outlets are not doing their due diligence. Yes, there have been times that I’ve been aggravated at liberal media for their investigations into conservative and felt like their investigations were nothing but witch hunts. But I don’t think I’ve ever called or accused any media outlet of the things that dems are calling and accusing Fox News of. I guess that’s just me, though. I’m much too interested in promoting the conservative way of governing and conservative ideals than I am trashing certain media outlets and individuals. Could the publicizing of this event, by the administration, be an effort to defray focus away from all of the scandals plaguing this administration? Somehow, I think that just might be the case.

Can you imagine what kind of country we would have if the dems were allowed to have their way all the time? Neither can I. That might be the subject of another post, or maybe even a book.