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I often get on predominantly liberal threads and express my opinion. Even though the alleged “free speech promoting left” hates it, it’s not against the law.

Being the “tolerant” folks that they are, the liberals behave in their usual manner of name-calling and unfounded accusation hurling. I often laugh at what I’m called and accused of by the “tolerant left.” However, as the Trump presidency continues to unfold, many things the left does and says to me are no longer funny.

When they can’t justifiably label you, they resort to calling you a racist, even if the thread or your comments have nothing to do with race. That’s because conservatives, especially elected officials and political pundits fear the “R” word, and will make sniveling fools of themselves trying to convince everyone else they are not racists. Most of these efforts made by conservatives who have been labeled with the “R” word are to no avail because liberals make up the definition of racism to meet their needs of the moment.

It’s a pattern with the liberals and their compatriots, the left leaning media, to flat-out lie about President Trump, his family, his administration, and his supporters. After about forty-eight hours or so, it’s revealed that these stories are lies. Thus, when something outlandish hits the news, I’ve learned to wait about two days before commenting because most likely, the story is going to be bogus.

Yesterday evening, July 24, 2017, I happened upon a post originating from Robert Reich’s Facebook page. Reich was Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. On the page, Secretary Reich or whoever oversees his Facebook page posted a picture which was allegedly a photo of President Trump with this summer’s White House interns. The former Secretary suggested that there were many folks who were not given consideration for an internship.

Because liberals have a history of trashing this president because they don’t like the way he shakes hands, his decision to hold or not to hold his wife’s hand in public, his decision of who to greet first when he must greet more than one person, etc., my initial thoughts were that this is just something stupid being touted by the left. I commented to this effect. Then after reading some additional comments, including the comments of hate that were being directed toward me, I realized what the problem with the picture these libs were pontificating about was. The photo had too many white people in it. I didn’t pick up on this immediately.

With liberals being all about diversity, racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc., the fact that conservative me didn’t immediately “get it,” I was declared a racist. And that was about the nicest thing these liberals called me.

Replies to my two posts began coming in one after the other for several hours. After midnight, they stopped. In the early morning hours, the replies started up again. During working hours, they lightened up. Then after 4:00 they began again and are still coming in as I write this (late afternoon July 25, 2017.

While I’ve been insulted many, many times, and called many, many unflattering things, the insults and the names were/are exponentially more egregious than anything I had ever experienced as a political writer/pundit.

These people visited my Facebook page. After finding out a little about me, especially where I was from…the South…Alabama…Birmingham area, more and more insults were forthcoming.

Do I put in print some of the things that were said to me and about me, even though the language is egregious? I’m certainly not going to put everything in print because I don’t use many of those words. But I’ll document enough so that folks out there who do not realize just how low the left will go to insult, harm, and/or destroy anyone who doesn’t tout the same political philosophies as they do. So, here are a few examples. Some, you can see are no longer funny.

  • Nancy, honey… You Really need to get laid…
  • Graham cracker troll
  • You’re an ignorant fool, Nancy
  • Nancy Graham, you ma’am are an imbecile. No rational rhetoric will ever sway someone as racist and immoral as you. You are a root of hate and a river of illogical process. What education do you possess to make you such a profound profit of wisdom? Scary you rationalize your bias as justification to mitigate progress
  • Shut your dumbass up! You stupid sheep!
  • Always nice to hear the perspective from Birmingham Alabama. You’ll be getting your evil elf back home shortly.
  • The interns who are working for the Democratic Party …diverse and a mix of people who represent what America looks like not the trailer trash you see every day Nancy …. you should use Google you imbecile
  • Wow!! You used a few multisylabbic words!! That FAT OLD YAM can’t even complete an entire sentence unless his mental health worker writes it for him
  • Nancy Graham white people who say I don’t see skin color can diminish the experience of someone who is a person of color. It is a privilege to be white. Ignoring the institutional and societal racism rather than acknowledging how that impacts people of color is culturally unresponsive and unaware.
  • Nancy Graham do you feel better now telling us all you don’t see color? You’re a liar and that should make you feel kinda awful. Because you are awful.
  • She doesn’t see color and she has black friends….in one thread she ticked off two boxes in my “dumbass shit racists say to try and prove they aren’t racist” bingo card. I already got the redneck in blackface Halloween costume. All I need is one confederate flag profile picture and…..BINGO!
  • You probably think Jesus was white too… Oh yeah, you don’t see color.

The above are only a few of what came in on the thread last night. The F-word was used many, many times, plus I was called the C-word. Because I’m usually in a constant state of hurry when I’m on social media, I do make typos. In my comments on this thread, I did make a couple of them and they were quickly pointed out to me, and my intelligence was insulted because of the typos.

Furthermore, my looks were insulted, along with my skin color. While I don’t have it documented in notes, I was also called an old white hag.

I doubt anyone on the left will take the time to read this, but if a liberal does, that person is sure to ask me if I “egged these folks on.” The answer is yes. Though, while I didn’t write down anything that I haven’t said before on predominantly liberal threads, I did respond to a number of the insults hurled, and got some zingers in there.

I also suggested to these liberals, since they were obviously upset over the number of white people in the alleged intern photo, to email or contact the White House and express their concerns. The White House probably gets hundreds of thousands of emails per day, and their concerns of too many white interns, more than likely, will get no response. But, you do have the means to contact the administration and express your thoughts, something you wouldn’t have if you lived in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc. Of course, this suggestion was unacceptable. Liberals would rather whine, hate, and hurl insults than attempt to bring something they really care about to the attention of someone who might be able to do something.

In fact, if were determined that this summer’s interns were actually a much more diverse group than the picture on Secretary Reich’s FB page illustrated, these same people would simply direct their hate and vitriol toward those young non-white people, calling them all the things they commonly call non-whites who think for themselves and don’t toe the leftist line.

While I have spent much time laughing about the names I often get called by the left; names such as inbred moron and booger eating troll, I can’t lie and say that what has been happening to me since the evening of Monday, July 24 doesn’t bother me. The liberals finally piled it on enough that I can’t consider it a laughing matter. It’s no longer funny

Because these folks looked up my personal information and knew approximately where I was located, would any of them attempt to harm me? They sure didn’t see anything wrong with the Bernie Sanders supporter opening fire in an attempt to kill Republicans. When this occurred, only one liberal FB friend attempted, in a half-assed manner disavow the shooting, indicating that there was hate on both sides.

Then one poster crossed the line, going way to far. This person visited my personal Facebook page, copied a picture of my Mom and me, posted it on the thread with the following wording: “Look in the mirror much, Nancy? You actually sound DUMBER than you look. How is that possible?”


If I put a hold on my political writing, I would still have plenty to do. In fact, I’m trying to do way too much now and most of the time feel that I’m not doing my best with any of my endeavors. But I do enjoy them all.

If I quit, I would be acknowledging defeat, and become another notch in their belt of folks they have attempted to destroy and succeeded in doing it.

I’m currently doing research for two non-fiction political books I plan to write. Should I assume a lower profile and write these books? I certainly have enough information for at least two novels.

An announcement may be coming in the next few days.




It finally happened, a shooting took place where the perpetrator clearly indicated that he was shooting people because of their political affiliation. Are those of us on the right, targets now?

From “A gunman believed to be a supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sprayed a hail of bullets at a GOP baseball practice Wednesday morning, critically wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, and injuring four others before U.S. Capitol Police took down the rifle-wielding assailant. Zach Barth, a congressional aide to Rep. Roger Williams and Matt Mika, director of governmental relations at Tyson Foods were also injured. Special Agents for the Capitol Police, David Bailey and Crystal Griner were also wounded.”

As I write this, most are aware that, while initially in stable condition, Congressman Scalise’s condition has been downgraded to critical, and Matt Mika is in critical condition.

It has also been determined that gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, from Illinois, was a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, and a hater of Republicans, advocating that Republicans should be killed.

Other than Senator Bernie Sanders denouncing the shooting, congressional Democrats coming together to pray for the fallen, and some words on the House floor, very, very little, denouncing this shooting have come from those on the left, except for a few “weenie” responses from liberals indicating that the hate comes from both sides, as they scurry to find cover like cockroaches do when the lights are turned on.

Even before the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh started coining the phrases, “intolerant left, and indicating that liberals define racism to suit their needs of the moment, I was saying the same things. Democrats are the true racists, bigots, and haters. And I think I’ve been  proven right.

If’s clear as a bell that the shooting of Congressman Scalise was politically motivated and the first of this type in thehistory of the United States.

The left, of course, is spinning this, indicating that the shootings are the fault of the GOP. Can you get any crazier?

On Hannity yesterday evening, Jeraldo Rivera, a well-known investigative Reporter was a guest. Jeraldo admitted that healing/unity or something to that effect had to occur in this nation that is divided by ideology unlike any other time in history.

Jeraldo further indicated that President Trump had the responsibility of uniting this country and praised the president for his comments following the shooting.

The President of the United States can’t possibly bring this country together. Why? Because he is hated by a majority of the left who still can’t seem to comprehend that that they lost the 2016 presidential election. About all the Democrats are capable of doing is whining and running off to their safe spaces.

The only thing that can possibly bring this country together is honorable liberals, if there is such a thing left anymore, and I have my doubts.

If there are any honorable liberals who exist, they must, if they want to save their political party, and restore it back to the days of John F. Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, Zell Miller,etc. those so-called honorable liberals must push back against the dark evil that has infiltrated the Democrat party. Those honorable liberals must denounce the hate, racism, and bigotry that has become a viable part of today’s Democrat party. They must denounce the name calling and violence that has also become a part of today’s Democrat party. These honorable Democrats must separate themselves from the status quo of what TODAY’S Democrat has become, an advocate of hate, racism, bigotry, and violence, with the intent of destroying property and injuring other Americans.

Furthermore, honorable Democrats must call out groups like Black Lives Matter, a group based on hate and lies, violence and destruction. They must also call out and distance themselves from the feminist groups who dress up in costumes depicting female genetalia, and yelling epithets and talking about and doing things that have no place in polite society discourse.

If there are any honorable Democrats left, and after a day like today, I have my doubts, this the only way we The American people will be able to return to what we once valued as a polite and civil society.

With the events that have occurred in the last 48 hours, I can’t predict what’s going to take place. Will we be able to pull together and go forward as a proud nation and proud people? Will those of us who are possibly targets now, continue to persevere? We will. Will I, having been raked over the coals by the left continue to seek the truth. I will.



Think back to your high school days, those days where the “cool crowd” ruled. The “cool crowd” consisted mostly of the athletes, beauty queens, the talented, those whose parents had money, and yes, maybe those who were extremely smart. Those not in the “cool crowd” were the students who were not the very talented, not the very beautiful, not the very athletic, etc. Even the teachers favored the students who were part of the “cool crowd,” often taking an interest in the top two or three in the class, to the detriment of the remainder of the other students. The students who were part of the “cool crowd” often mistreated those students were not a part of the “cool crowd,” often to the point of hurting them so much that they experienced difficulties later in life. I shouldn’t have to further illustrate this because you surely get my drift.

My high school graduating class currently has socials once a quarter. At a recent reunion, it was suggested by one of the class leaders that we put our petty issues behind us and go forward as a class and be there for one another. In a recent email, another class leader acknowledged that for some classmates, high school was not a pleasant experience, but urged those folks who may not have warm fuzzy feeling about their high school days to come back and be a part of the class.

Today’s liberals, even though they are well into adulthood, still have the maturity of high school sophomores. They think of themselves as the “cool crowd,” and often mistreat anyone who doesn’t have the same political philosophy as they do. I was purposefully not invited to a cousin’s wedding because of my political ideology. I have an alleged friend who entertains a lot, mostly dinner parties for her little clique. She’s a liberal and has never invited me to one of her little soirees because I’m a conservative and might embarrass her in front of her elitist friends. I also suspect that I was left out of an Aunt’s will because of my political philosophy. And if you’re wondering, I do have a few liberals in my family.

Liberals are nothing but bullies. As we all know, they don’t hesitate to call anyone who doesn’t agree with them names such as moron, idiot, clueless, dumb, mentally retarded (even though that term is not politically correct, except when it pertains to conservatives), etc.

Even though central Alabama is one of the major conservative strongholds, we do have liberals. And those liberals are likely to be nasty, hateful people, because they are in the minority, and they know it. But that doesn’t keep these liberals from acting like high school sophomores.

A guy who was a year ahead of me in high school requested friendship from me back in 2010. He was and still is very brilliant, and was one of those students who the teachers favored. Because he was a strong liberal, he, his liberal friends, and I often got into serious political discussions. Like all liberals, he is full of hate and abhors all who do not agree with him politically. After Donald Trump received the Republican nomination for president, this FB friend indicated that he would unfriend anyone who was a Trump supporter because of his hatred for Trump and Trump supporters. After indicating that I was a Trump supporter, he promptly unfriended me. If I were to ever meet up with this person face to face, I have no doubt he would be the same snooty elitist person toward me now as he was to me in high school, even though I was one of the smart, talented, and pretty students in my high school.

Another guy who was in my graduating class and one of the smart, elitist, teacher favorites in high school is now a big liberal and an educator in one of the liberal strongholds of the United States. Even though I was never FB friends with him, he was one of those who indicated that anyone who didn’t support the policies of Barack Obama was a racist. He was one of those folks who felt that all white people were born racist and because of that should give themselves lashes with a whip (well maybe not a whip, maybe a fly swatter) every night before going to sleep to atone for their racist indwelling. He and I had a back and forth on a mutual friend’s thread. In the end, I sent him a private message telling him just what I thought about him and his elitist self. I even went back to our high school days. Needless to say, he never responded back to me.

Does it sound like these individuals who I have discussed above never matured past high school? Or maybe you might say, well, these are examples of only a few of “not so nice” people, but not all liberals are like this. Wrong. That’s not what I’ve observed over the years that I’ve been observing the behavior of the left.

Look around. Get on liberal Internet forums and discussion threads. It’s not illegal to do that; nor is it illegal to make comments on these threads. It is very rare to find a liberal thread where four-letter words are not used on a regular basis. Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and other administration officials and prominent Republicans are constantly trashed and called and accused of unspeakable things. Issues are never discussed, just all-out mud-slinging takes place on these forums. Calling people names, especially with regard to their looks and their actions? Sure sounds sophomoric to me.

And this failure by liberals to get over Hillary Clinton’s loss in her bid for the presidency is, perhaps, the most glaring example of the immature left. This reminds me of high school beauty pageants, particularly mine. With few exceptions, the winner was generally a surprise contestant. Judges for the pageant almost always lived outside the area; and thus, had no idea regarding the popularity of the young ladies competing for the crown. However, there were always two or three girls who were the favorites. One year, in my high school’s beauty pageant, a relatively unknown young woman was crowned, while one of the favorites, in a rage, attempted to storm off the stage when the winner was announced. Luckily the loser was corralled before it became obvious to the audience what was taking place. Spoiled and immature? Yep! The loser acted then just like liberals are acting now. There is one difference, though. The young lady who lost, like the rest of us, eventually grew up. The Hillary supports are adults who give the appearance of never having grown up.

Liberals are the true racists, bigots, hypocrites, liars, and haters. They don’t seem capable of discussing the issues. Instead, they resort to their name-calling, their hate, and their venom-spewing. Like the members of the “cool crowds,” common to all high schools, they think they can do anything and get by with it because they’re smart, beautiful, athletic, and talented. The teacher loved maybe the top five of them and couldn’t care less about the other students. So, they were allowed to get by with being snobby, often making the lives of other students miserable to the point that these students suffered difficulties later in life. However, what do they care?

Liberals don’t care about anything except themselves and controlling the lives of everyone else. They certainly don’t care about anyone’s happiness or well-being, unless, of course, you carry water for their leftist/socialist/communist agenda.
Liberals have only the maturity of high school students, and I don’t look for that to change anytime soon.



Since the 2016 presidential election, the liberals, in their disbelief that Hillary Clinton did not win the presidential election, in their hatred toward anyone who does not see eye to them politically, and in their overall bigotry have come up with a new phrase to hurl at their opponents. It is Fake News.

It appears the left in its zealousness to delegitimize the election, is stating that fake stories such as the one which indicated that protesters were being driven to Austin, Texas in buses in order to protest at a Donald Trump rally.

According to Snopes, “Just as the term ‘urban legend’ (which has a specific folkloric meaning) was long ago co-opted to broadly refer to any narrative that is false of questionable, so the term, fake news, is now being used so broadly as to blur important distinctions.

Snopes goes on to indicate that there is much bad news in the online world, but not all of it is fake. There are also partisan political sites that take nuggets of real news and spin them into highly distorted, clickbait articles. There are sites that misleadingly repackage old news as if it were current information, and there are sites that aggregate articles from a variety of dubious and questionable sources. Snopes further indicates that these forms of news are all bad in one way or another, but broadly classifying all such information as fake news clouds an already confusing issue.

Snopes also feels that it is even worse that the term, fake news, is not being so broadly applied by referring to news outlets who may have a political slant.  Examples include the left’s ongoing demonization of Fox Cable News as nothing but lies and labeling Fox’s viewers as morons and idiots. Another example might be the right’s dismissal of MSNBC as leftwing propaganda.

These outlets may slant stories to appeal to their target audiences, they may cover issues comprehensively or evenly than more neutral news organizations would, they may select which subjects to cover more for their value in provoking shock and outrage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their output is fake. It may only contain certain inaccuracies.

Slanting the news is not a new phenomenon. Media outlets have been doing this for decades and those outlets shouldn’t be automatically labeled by the left or even the right as distributors of fake news.

As consumers of news from multiple sources, all of us should be skeptical of what we read and hear. If something sounds too sensational or “on the fringe,” we should do some fact checking from multiple fact checking sources. Of course, we’re all guilty of sometimes seeing something that we like or hope is true and immediately sharing it with our friends on social media. Whenever I do that, I always manage to get caught. I guess I’ll learn one of these days and maybe everyone else will learn also.

Liberals act the craziest when they are out of power, and now that the American people have spoken, they are “crazy on steroids,” whining and crying, seeking safe places, wearing their safety pins, attacking with more hate and vengeance than ever, those who don’t agree with them on issues and how we should govern ourselves.

On a couple of isolated occasions during Obama’s presidency, he attacked conservative media outlets, including Fox News. He even indicated that we needed to change how we reported the news. While statements such as this should send chills up the spine of any red-blooded American, liberals seemed to agree with him.

With their current obsession with fake news, one must wonder if they are beginning a movement to nationalize the media, thereby distributing only what the government wants to you read and hear. The left has always been out stripping Americans of freedoms provided to them by the U.S. Constitution. They’ve all but taken away our freedom of speech, could they really be starting a movement to eliminate our freedom of the press and freedom of expression?



We have been hearing and reading for quite some time how those who were responsible for the establishment of the United States of America might not have been such great people. The main reason for this was because they owned slaves.  The honoring or even the discussing of men such as Christopher Columbus, George Washington, John Smith (Jamestown), Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, etc. was brought into question. For to do so, might offend people, especially blacks, who most likely descended from slaves.

The Civil War was a tumultuous time in this nation’s history, and the splitting  of the Union led to reverberations that can still be felt today. This is  something we never want to repeat. Are we teaching our children about it, so they can get an understanding of why we don’t ever want to go back there? Not from what I’m hearing and reading. To teach students about the Civil War might be offensive to some, especially black students. So, we refrain from teaching the history of the War Between the States so as not to offend.

During World War II, Japanese Americans were rounded up and relocated to camps in the interior U.S. These individuals lived on the Pacific coast, and sixty-two of them were American Citizens. These actions were ordered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt shortly after Imperial Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. I have a liberal friend, not Japanese, that keeps pointing this out to me in her quest to prove that the United States is a racist, evil, xenophobic, misogynist nation. Have I left anything out?

Following the detonation of the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing countless lives, but  saving more lives in the long run, and winning the war for the Americans, liberals now throw this back in our facse stating that America is a racist, evil, xenophobic, misogynist nation. Again, have I left anything out?

The United States of America was birthed in 1776, approximately 240 years ago. Using biblical stats, our civilization is around 6,000 years old. We’re a  young country. Even though I firmly believe that God was steering our founding fathers in the establishment of this great nation, our founding fathers were mere mortals, and in establishing the United States of America, they were doing something that have never been tried before. In other words, it was a radical experiment.

With the creation of the United States of America and the constitution which allowed for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms against a possible oppressive government, we put in place tools in which we could use to “right our wrongs” when wrongs most certainly would arise.

Because new Americans were, as I indicated above, mere mortals, it stands to reason that mistakes in the development of this experimental nation would be made. At times we would flip to the ways of the old world. But because of the constitution and the foundation that was in place, we gave the American citizens freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom to practice their religion or not practice religion. And because of these freedoms that were given to the American people through our founding fathers, guided by God, the American people put an end to slavery in 1865, less than 100 years after our nation was founded in 1776. In 1920, because of the constitution and the freedoms which were given to the America people, women were given the right to vote. Because blacks and other minorities were still considered second class citizens and didn’t have the rights they were originally granted under our constitution, Civil Rights legislation was passed in 1964.

Following the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the women’s movement began in 1970, whereby it became the norm for women to seek careers other than the formerly traditional careers held by women of secretary, school teacher, social worker, and nurse. It became commonplace for women to become doctors, lawyers, business executives, engineers, etc.

Because of the Constitution of the United States of America, put in place by our founding fathers, this country has been able to evolve to the point where every man, woman, and child has a chance to be anything they desire. In obtaining their goals and desires, not everyone is going to have the same path. Some will have it easy, others not so easy. Just remember, God never promised any of us a rose garden. Follow him, to the exclusion of everything else, and he will guide you and watch over you.

Back to our topic, we don’t appear to be teaching our children about the founding fathers and how this country was established because we’re afraid of offending certain groups. Instead, the American history taught in schools is full of America’s mistakes and how this country is racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and many other things. Thus, so many of our young people, particularly those we consider millennials, have no appreciation for how this country was founded, and are following philosophies such as socialism and even communism as ways that the United States should go forward as a nation. Redistribution of wealth, from each according to his ability and to each according to his need, tax the evil rich, screw big business, etc. have become the mantra of those who seek to destroy the cornerstones in which this country was built.

What is not realized by groups that are offended because our founding fathers may have owned slaves, because we were a nation which once recognized slavery, because we once were a nation where women were not allowed to vote, etc. is that the very bones of this nation provided the tools to right our wrongs. The founding documents, created by the founding fathers enabled the United States of America to eliminate slavery when slavery was prevalent everywhere on the planet. The documents created by the founding fathers enabled the United States of America to give women the right to vote when there was no other place on the planet where women had the right to vote. The documents created by the founding fathers enabled the United States of America to pass legislation to further give those other than white males the status and opportunities they rightly deserve.

But again, liberals have determined that it is politically incorrect to teach our children about our founding fathers, about the constitution, about the Civil War (something that we don’t want to ever repeat), about World War II where the Americans defeated two of the most evil regimes to ever exist in the history of the world. Instead, we’re teaching our children about how America is a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic nation which deserves to be weakened and eventually destroyed. Have I left anything out?

For the unfathomable mess that has been created, I don’t  blame individual teachers. They’re given textbooks and ordered to teach out of those textbooks. However, I do blame the teachers’ unions and other teachers’ organizations who side with the left.

Once our citizens become totally ignorant of how this country was founded, we will no longer have a United States of America. We will cease to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. We will have long forgotten the mechanisms that were established so that we would be able right our wrongs. We will have reverted back to old world ways, the ways those who persevered to come to the new world left behind.

The United States of America is a 250 year experiment that is on the brink of failure because we are not teaching future generations about American History and how to sustain our Republic.