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The presidential election on November 8, 2016 will be the first election where I honestly have no idea who will win and become the next President of the United States. Note: I only said that this one is the first where I don’t feel like I can make a call. In all the elections since Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, I have made calls, even not all of them were correct.

In 1976, I was sure that Gerald Ford would be Jimmy Carter. Who in their right mind could possibly vote for Jimmy Carter? I predicted all the following elections correctly until 2012 when I forecasted that Mitt Romney would win. Again, how could anyone in their right mind vote to re-elect Barak Obama? I predicted Clinton would win in both 1992 and 1996 and that Barak Obama would win in 2008.

In this election cycle, the polls have been all over the place, and there has been hints that those polls conducted by left leaning entities may not be telling the exact truth. However, the polls, per news sources, are tightening in favor of Donald Trump. Romney seemed to have the momentum in 2012 and was ahead in the polls, but somehow, Obama pulled it out easily. Do I think there was some fraud? Possibly. Going back to 1992, I’ve always said that while Clinton had the momentum, if the election had been held four weeks later, George H.W. Bush would have been re-elected. I almost feel the same way about Donald Trump. He’s gaining momentum and Hillary is losing momentum. Is it too close to election day for Trump to surge ahead?

While I have no idea who will be elected this year, I do know one thing is certain, not only with respect to the election, but in every aspect of our lives. “God is in control.” Yes, he is. He’s in control now, and he will be in control on the morning of November 9, 2016. This is being re-enforced in my church and in my Bible study. Christians should know this. Even though God knows who’s going to come out ahead next week and none of the rest of us do, this doesn’t let us out of any responsibilities of going to vote and praying for our country.

In his message on Sunday, October 30, 2016, my minister indicated that God puts people in positions of leadership for both blessings and judgement. According the website, Now the End Begins: “All through the Bible, we see God set up kings for a purpose, and take them down for a purpose. Sometimes God raises up a ruler to bless His people like He did with King David. And sometimes He sets up a ruler by whom the people will be judged, as He did with Saul.

Should God inflict upon America a ruler for judgmental purposes, it is still our obligation to pray for this leader and to pray for our country. It is also our responsibility to speak out against policies that are being forced upon us which will be detrimental to the nation. Because God is always in control and will always be in control, He put us on this earth for a reason. He has a purpose for us and we are to fulfill that purpose and everything we do should be to glorify God.

In closing, I encourage each one of you to spend some time reading the Bible and praying. There’s also substantial information on the Internet regarding the establishment of Kings and rulers by God. There’s only a few days left whereby we will elect a president, but there is no limit to God’s control.

God Bless…



I had been at work maybe twenty or thirty minutes when my office mate hung up from a telephone call and said, “Hey Nancy, a plane just hit one of the World Trade Center buildings.”


Terry had been on the phone with his wife (I can’t remember her given name), who had called him to tell him. We both tried to get some information from the Internet, but were unable to do so. Momentarily, Terry’s phone rang again and it was his wife again, telling him that another plane had hit the other tower. Terry, again, was the one who conveyed that information to me. By then we knew that something bad was happening and the whole office was buzzing, and no Internet was available. The conference room TV was turned on and we were told that we could watch what was happening.


We then learned about the plane crashing into the Pentagon and a plane that was thought to be heading toward the Capitol building had crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

While that day certainly changed our lives forever in many ways, some things do remain the same. The evil forces out to destroy our way of life failed, didn’t they. I went to church this morning, sang hymns, prayed, and listened to the message without fear of reprisal. Yesterday, I attended the Alabama vs. Western Kentucky football game. Instead of a purse, women must limit the items they carry in to the stadium to a rather small, clear plastic bag. There’s still college football, one of the greatest pleasures this nation has to offer, with very little changing.

Overall security is much tighter and flying on commercial airlines has changed dramatically. I don’t fly much anymore, but when I do, making sure I have everything in order is a big deal. For those who fly regularly, adaption was much easier.

In the decade preceding 9/11, there was very little military action, but after 9/11, that has not been the case. We’re continuously at war, and most of us have become desensitized to it. That’s not a good thing, but fighting terror is not like fighting a conventional enemy or another country. I often times wonder if we will ever conquer terrorism.

9/11 has undoubtedly changed our views regarding the culture and religion of Islam. Before 9/11, Muslims were Muslims, we weren’t afraid of them; nor did we look upon them as belonging to groups whose intentions were to kill Americans. I don’t see Muslims being viewed in the same light as they were before 9/11 in my lifetime.

Yes, there have been many changes in the United States of America in the last fifteen years and many of them not good. This article is not meant to be political, instead, the focus of this article is on actually little our lives have changed with respect to the 9/11 attacks.


Sometimes I wonder what the master minds and the minions of the 9/11 attacks, who are still alive, think about their plans to destroy our way of life. They failed miserably.



With cleanup and rescue efforts still ongoing in parts of Louisiana, the topic of insurance coverage for floods has been discussed widely on social media and in the general media. As I read commentary, I’m noticing more and more that people are surprised, perhaps shocked that flood damage to many of the houses is not covered by insurance. To put it bluntly, these folks are on their own, with many losing virtually everything.

Having spent all but about ten years of my corporate America career working for insurance companies, not only in claims, but also in IT, I can tell you that insurance is not a welfare program, it’s a business. People pay insurance premiums, the insurance company collects those premiums and invests portions in order to earn a rate of return. Depending on how the company decides who is and who isn’t an insurable risk, they shouldn’t have to pay claims for every risk they insure. If the premiums collected exceed the amount in losses paid out, the company has made an underwriting profit. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes wise investments enable the company to be profitable, and some years, companies do lose money. Of course, we’re all aware that like all other industries, insurance companies do go out of business. I indicated above that insurance is not a welfare program. A poor person is not entitled to more claims’ money that a rich person incurring the same type of loss.

Do people cheat insurance companies and get by with it? Absolutely. I did it once when I was in college. It was the classic fender-bender where the at fault party’s insurer told me to send them two estimates and they would issue s check to me for the lower amount. I got three estimates, forwarded the two highest estimates to the insurer and had the vehicle repaired at the place that gave me the lowest estimate. While this is perfectly legal, it does increase premiums.

Here is a link to an article that explains the reasoning behind private insurance companies’ not covering losses due to flood damage. It also explains the National Flood Insurance Program. Flood Insurance: The Homeowner’s Guide. Flood Insurance: The Homeowner’s Guide

When a tornado or straight line winds whip through areas, not every dwelling or building is going to incur damages and not all dwellings are going to incur the same type and amount of damages. But when water rises, all dwelling and buildings in the water’s path are going to be damaged severely and most like rendered a total loss. Covering flood damage is just not profitable.

I’ve heard it said that the Louisiana flooding is a once in a thousand year event. Should those people have had flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program? I don’t know, hindsight’s 20/20. Most people don’t have it. I don’t because I live on the side of a hill.
Again, insurance is a business, not an entitlement program. Going forward, I hope all will keep that in mind when procuring insurance for your vehicles, your dwelling(s), your businesses, your health, and even your life.



In addition to being a political blogger, I’m also the owner, designer, and administrator of an Alabama Crimson Tide sports website, With Alabama playing its cross-state rival this past Saturday, November 28, 2015, I’ve been extremely busy with keeping that site up to date. There’s competition, you know, and I have to be more on top of things than my competitors.

So, when the Planned Parenthood shooting happened in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I thought, oh no. The liberals are going to have a field day with this. And sure enough, they began denigrating Republicans and Christians because they were sure that the suspect, Robert Dear, was a conservative/anti-abortion zealot. One post by a liberal that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed indicated that conservative Christians were nothing but terrorists and as dangerous as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Then they came out with the rhetoric that none of the Syrian refugees had committed a mass shooting, but a Christian had. This all came out within hours of the shooting before anyone knew the facts. Of course, liberals don’t care about facts. If there’s an opportunity to smear conservatives, Christians, etc. they’re going to go after it with gusto.

Meanwhile, here in the southeast, we’re hearing rumors of head football coaches at certain universities being fired because the team they coach had lost three games this season. As of this writing, LSU Coach Les Miles has been retained, but University of Georgia head football coach, Mark Richt, is out. Coach Miles lost three games in a row before winning this past weekend against Texas A&M. Georgia also lost three games before beating its in-state rival, Georgia Tech this past Saturday. For both LSU and Georgia, one of their losses was to Alabama.

Of course, I’m prejudice, since I attended and graduated from the University of Alabama. But no one can deny the fact that they are good, perhaps the best team in the nation. If Alabama is on your schedule, you’re most likely going to have at least one loss. Now, Alabama can be beat. But you have to play your best game of the season and hope that Alabama is having an “off day.” Even if the “perfect storm” comes together, the game is going to go down to the wire. Beating Alabama is not easy and more than likely, you’re not going to beat Alabama.

I’ve had to listen to coaches, players, fans, etc. from opposing teams say how they’re going to manhandle Alabama, how Alabama doesn’t have good players and coaches, etc. Well, I think this year, Georgia and LSU had to be the worst offenders. With Alabama coming off a loss to Ole Miss, Georgia was so sure that they could take Alabama at their home stadium, Sanford Stadium. We know how that worked out. LSU was no different. They were so sure they could come into Tuscaloosa and take Alabama. Again, we know how that worked out.

The point I’m trying to make is that teams that play Alabama need to learn that they’re probably going to lose, except under certain conditions. Not that teams should chalk up Alabama as a loss, but they should be aware that Alabama currently has a great team. No coach should be fired or put on the hot seat because his team couldn’t beat Alabama. Opposing teams should look at Alabama in proper perspective and not just assume that they can take Alabama. When will they ever learn?

It’s the same with liberals. So many times they jump to conclusions without waiting for the facts to come out. They blame conservatives, George W. Bush, Fox News, Christians, the Confederate flag, etc. and most of the time they end up having egg on their face. But seeing that liberals care nothing about facts or the truth, they just go on with their rhetoric. Even though they are wrong, maybe there will be enough low information voters who blindly get their news from the major networks and think that taxing the rich and punishing corporations with high taxes and burdensome regulations will cause the middle class to prosper.

According to, hardly a conservative outfit, the Planned Parenthood shooter was not affiliated with any political party, and while he appeared to be conservative, he wasn’t a talker of politics. Liberals are going to do everything they can with this tragedy to insure that conservative Christians get a black eye, further turning Americans against conservative Christians.

Once again, instead of promoting their big government, totalitarian policies and making sound arguments with respect to how these policies are best for America, they content to beseech conservatives, George W. Bush, Fox News, Christians, etc. They will continue to be embarrassed, but what do liberals care? They don’t care about the truth or about facts. They certainly don’t care about low income and middle class individuals.

To you liberals, I wouldn’t be so quick to want to do away with white conservative Christians, especially southern white conservative Christians. Without us, you will have no one group to disparage. All the other groups are protected. When will you ever learn?



There’s so much in the political world taking place and you can read all about it with just a few mouse clicks. Of course, we’re all on edge after the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, especially since ISIS has more or less, indicated that we’re next.

ISIS is going to strike us, I have no doubt. But we don’t know when. In making those threats, they know we’re right upon a widely celebrated American holiday, Thanksgiving. Throughout this long holiday weekend there are going to be many events taking place. There will be parades, sporting events, shopping, parties, and the list goes on. Many, many people will be taking to the streets for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. There are going to be so many sporting events taking place including, but not limited to the Iron Bowl that will take place in my home state of Alabama on the campus of Auburn University at Jordan-Hare Stadium. All of the malls will be open to Black Friday shoppers and those stupid enough to get in the fray (I’d rather be boiled in oil than go shopping on Black Friday). In addition to what I have mentioned, people will be traveling and going through our nation’s airports tomorrow, the biggest travel day of the year.

America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is continuing to communicate the message he gave to the nation after the 9/11/2001 attacks. That message is don’t let those evil terrorists tamper with our traditional America celebrations. Stare down those evil ones who seek to disrupt our way of life. We have our way of live because our values are based on the Ten Commandments and Judeo/Christian principles and our capitalist economic system causes us to prosper like no other on the planet. Thus, we have beautiful shopping malls for those who wish to get in the fray can get in the fray on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We also have magnificent sporting events where over a million Americans gather to cheer their favorite teams onto victory. If you’re not lucky enough to have a ticket to your team’s event, you might choose to check out the many sports bars and restaurants to watch your game.

Bottom line is that millions of Americans are out and about on this glorious weekend where we give thanks to God for setting us down in or bringing us to this great country. While many of us disagree with what this administration is currently doing and sincerely believe that it’s the administration’s goal to destroy the United States of America as we know it, we’ll continue the fight to take back our country as we celebrate all of the wonderful things our country has to offer.

When my Mom and Dad were alive, Thanksgiving was always a big thing at our house. Often, we had family and friends over, but sometimes it was just the three of us. Mama and Daddy loved Thanksgiving and so do I. What’s not to live about a holiday where you get to eat wonderful food, but don’t have the stress of having to spend lots of money on gifts and worrying about getting the right gift for the right person? Eat, sleep, watch football, shop, etc. Who could ask for anything more?

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported me as I continue to work to get my messages across to as many folks out there as possible. I hope each and every one of you have a joyous and happy Thanksgiving. I love you, I really do!