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Could I be developing an ego? Something I’ve never had before, but always wanted.

When it comes to putting liberals in their place, I’m doing quite well. The more I study the nature of liberalism, the more I’m convinced there are millions out of touch liberals out there who need reigning in.

I’ve indicated in previous blogs that liberals think they’re so smart because they have the academic sector on their side. When I say the academic sector, I mean those who work in our educational institutes as instructors and professors. This ranges from elementary schools to the halls of the esteemed institutions of higher learning such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. I’ve always felt those in the academic sector were out of touch with the real world, but so what? It is what it is, life. It seems as though you have to take these out of touch liberals and tell them the truth one out of touch liberal at a time.

About 24 hours ago, I had an encounter with a left wing academic from Michigan who was responding to a negative article about the current president of the United States.

On how unusual, a negative article about a president! (sarcasm) From the rant of this academician from Michigan, you would have thought that he had never read a negative article about any president. From reviewing this left winger’s profile, it looks like he was old enough to have been an adult during at least part of the Reagan presidency. Did he not remember all of the vitriol that his party spewed against President Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, and then President George W. Bush? Guess not. Or is he like every other liberal and just doesn’t think being disingenuous means anything? In other words, it’s okay for liberals to disparage conservatives, but it’s not okay the other way around.

In his rant, Mr. Michigan Academic indicated that the article was racist. I’ve always said that liberals lacked reading comprehension skills because the article, while negative toward President Obama, said nothing about the color of his skin. Of course, we all know that liberals make up their own definition of racism to whatever fits their needs at the time.

Mr. Michigan Academic obviously lives in his own little liberal cocoon in one of the most liberal states in the United States. Maybe he was too busy trashing Presidents Reagan and the Bushes that he didn’t realize there was a whole other side.

Well here was my response to his rant:

“As Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” We’ve come to a point in this country where we no longer blame the criminals for their actions. Yes, this president and his liberal henchmen are using this tragedy to push their gun control agenda, and none of his programs would have prevented a shooting such as the one in Orlando. Among those being blamed are the Christian Right, the NRA, and church goers. HELLO, it was an Islamic Terrorist that shot these people. And this president, as he’s always done, doesn’t see a need to go after the actual perpertrator. Furthermore, I have read a number of articles today that indicated Omar Mateen may have been gay, himself. So, the liberals can’t very well blame those who they consider homophobes. But they will do it anyway. With respect to calling this racist, I’m a conservative political blogger and personally fed up with being called a racist just because I don’t care for the current president and don’t support his policies. Unless you can point to anything I’ve authored where I’ve indicated that I don’t like this president or his policies, or denigrated this president in any way because of his skin color, I suggest you not hurl the racist accusation at me or anyone else.”

I haven’t received a response to my comment. Furthermore doubt Mr. Michigan Academic has ever set foot in the state of Alabama, and he probably won’t. He’s probably thinking how dare a southern conservative Christian woman from the state of Alabama and a University of Alabama graduate at that, take him on, a northern elite liberal. Plus, she’s a writer of southern contemporary romance and an administrator of an Alabama Crimson Tide sports website. How dare she? Well, I did, and I think I shut him up.

And before I close, I just want to say to Mr. Michigan Academic, “We, as in the University of Alabama, own the state of Michigan in football.” Roll Tide!



I don’t like to call people stupid. It doesn’t show class, and as the old adage goes, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Does calling folks intellectually challenged invoke more class? Not really, but I’m going to use the term for the sake of political correctness, even though I strive on a daily basis not to be politically correct.

Years ago, I was having a conversation with a few friends, one was a liberal, about politics. When I said to the group that I felt the best way to govern ourselves was the Republican philosophy that stuff, items, issues, should be handled in the private sector or the lowest level of government possible. The liberal, an academician, indicated that most higher ups in the academic sector, instead, believed that a strong centralized government with tighter control and more regulations was the best way to govern. Of course, I knew that. The liberal was attempting to illustrate that individuals with advanced degrees who teach in our institutions of higher learning, and are much smarter than someone like me who only has a bachelor’s degree, know what’s best for all of us because they are so smart.

While I certainly don’t think those higher up academics know what’s best for me, and definitely don’t agree with them on how the United States of America should be governed, I’ve never doubted their smarts or their intellectually ability.

I was willing to acknowledge that the Democrats, liberals, progressives, whatever, probably had higher grade point averages that us conservatives. I was also willing to acknowledge that maybe their level of education is higher than that of conservatives. In other words, I never thought of liberals being stupid…oops, intellectually challenged, until I started this website and began having interactions with liberals on social media and other political websites.

Instead of making reasonable arguments on behalf of their side, I was and still am called every bad name under the sun…moron, idiot, nutcase, racist, homophobe, and disgrace to my gender, just to name a few.  I am also called a Fox News watcher and a Rush Limbaugh listener, even though I don’t consider these terms bad, liberals spit them out with venomous hate. Very few liberals with whom I have “back and forths,” are able to cite facts or statistics to back up their views. Liberals just don’t care about facts. I said that first and now Bill O’Reilly says the same.

Liberals also can’t seem to read something and comprehend what they’ve read. Countless times, I’ve had to ask liberals to re-read what I’ve written and explain. This also goes hand in hand with their inclination to constantly change the subject of a post, a meme, and even an entire article. They can’t seem to stay on point and I’m constantly having to remind them of this.

From yesterday, I can cite two examples from Facebook where I can’t describe the liberals involved except to say that both are intellectually challenged.

Earlier, I interjected myself into a liberal FB friend’s post and replies. The post was Senator Elizabeth Warren’s aka Fauxkahontas, response to Speaker Paul Ryan’s “poverty agenda.” The speaker’s solution included cutting taxes and lifting onerous regulations on businesses in order to create jobs and grow the economy thereby giving more folks a chance to be prosperous. The senator’s way of diminishing poverty is, of course, to further tax the rich, including businesses that actually create jobs and grow the economy plus place more punishing regulations on businesses. In other words, just confiscate wealth someone else created and give it to those in need, thereby creating more dependence on government, and giving government more control over the people.

I made my feelings known and much to my surprise, I wasn’t called unflattering things. However, one of the liberals posting on the thread visited my personal FB page and posted the following: “CE0/CFO/CTO, now I understand why you are so defensive.” On my personal FB page, I have as my occupation, CE0/CFO/CTO/Adm Asst/Janitor of NMG Enterprises. This should be obvious to anyone operating with at least two brain cells that I’m a one person business. Yet this chick copied the CEO/CFO/CTO from my page and tries to paint me as some wealthy business tycoon while leaving off “Admn Asst/Janitor.” Even if I had just listed the big three and nothing else, anyone, again operating with at least two brain cells, should pick up that it’s a very small business. No one can possibly handle those three positions for a large business, a medium sized business or even for a semi-small business. Also, could this person actually think that she could get by with what she posted? Did she think that I was too stupid to pick up on it? I will say this for her, though. When I called her out and told her that I was a one person LLC who works twelve hours a day trying to get rich instead of knocking the rich, she replied, “Good for you! Keep at it girl!”

I mentioned above that liberals also have difficulty staying on point. They love to change the subject, especially when they can’t win on the subject being discussed. I have reason to believe that many Democrats, especially those who belong grass roots’ organizations, are taught, at leadership and other conferences, to do this when discussing issues. I also believe they are taught to direct unsubstantiated accusations at their sparring opponents, in hopes of throwing their opponents off course. One of the first online arguments that I had was with a local prominent Democrat who used the above tactics. It was almost as if she went into a trance.

From yesterday, I also had an experience that left me shaking my head at how intellectually challenged liberals can be. I shared a meme that is making the rounds on FB. The top picture is one of smiling Tea Party members waving American flags and holding up signs stating their position on certain issues. The Tea Party members are mostly well-dressed seniors. The bottom picture depicts a riot where property is being destroyed or damaged. The wording was directed at the media pointing out the difference between a protest and a riot. After writing a sarcastic reply, I shared it with friends.

The mainstream media should learn the difference between a protest and a riot.

Courtesy of Blacksphere.

Immediately after posting, I received a reply by a liberal FB friend who I suspect stalks or trolls me that was totally off the subject of the meme. I pointed that out to him and went further by responding to the off-subject post. I thought I would have received a response by now, but no. I’m sure it will come sooner or later.

Liberals are intellectually challenged, liberals are dumb. Maybe these aren’t nice things to say or put in print. But with the above two examples happening in one day and all the other things that liberals do, I’m sadly coming to that conclusion even though they often boast about having the academicians in their corner.



One of my favorite topics to write about is the tolerant left, which we know is anything but. With a presidential election months away and a socialist/communist the presumptive Democrat nominee, educating voters is of utmost importance. The following not only illustrates liberal lies, but left’s intolerance of differing points of view and its overall dis- ingenuousness.

The following meme has made rounds on Facebook. “When a faithfully married black president who was the son of a single mother, the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review and a professor of constitutional law is considered unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American by the right while a xenophobic, misogynistic, serially philandering trust fund kid who quotes from the National Enquirer, peddles conspiracy theories, routinely calls women ugly and fat, calls McCain a loser for having been a prisoner of war, and who has advocated torture and the bombing of women and children has captured the hearts of a majority of Republicans. This is white supremacy folks. Plain and simple.

When this meme showed up on my news feed, I replied as follows. “Every president in my life time, and I’m sure every president back to George Washington has been accused of being unintelligent (dumb, a moron, etc.), immoral, and anti-American by his opponents. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush probably took the most criticism of any two presidents in recent history. Like most Republicans, I have issues with Trump. He certainly was not my first choice for nominee, but I will vote for him. Some of the things Trump’s being accused of in this meme are questionable or flat-out lies. And I won’t get into that now. But how anyone can relate this to racism/white supremacy is beyond me. But it has been my observation that liberals amend the definition of racism to mean anything they don’t like.”

Like I said above, Donald Trump was not my first choice for Republican nominee for president, but I’m going with him because a Hillary Clinton presidency will mean the end of the United States of America as we know it. I do have issues with Donald Trump and felt that his comment about Senator John McCain was out of line and totally uncalled for.

The meme also indicated that Donald Trump was, among other things, xenophobic and misogynistic. I don’t know about the origin of these terms, but I had never heard these terms used until a year or two ago. According to Merriam-Webster, xenophobic means fear of hatred of strangers or foreigners, and misogynistic means, according to, fear and distrust of women. As an international business man, I can’t possibly believe that Trump is scared of foreigners. I would have to guess that the tolerant left is labeling him xenophobic because he has pledged to stop the influx of illegal immigrants into our country. Again, that is no indication that he is xenophobic. As far as Trump being misogynistic is concerned. He is a successful business man and I have no doubt that he’s able to “get women.” However, there are women who have worked for him who have indicated that he was a great person and boss. His first wife had said some nasty things about him, but later indicated that these comments were made during their divorce, and she has nothing but admiration for him now. While there might be some problems between Donald Trump and individual women, this most certainly does not indicate that he hates of distrusts women. I thought the tolerant left was supposed to be open-minded, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Next, the meme calls the presumptive Republican nominee a “serially philandering trust fund kid.” According to, a far left website, Trump inherited 40 million from his father. Slate further states, “Throughout his career he has been a real estate developer and manager, a builder of golf courses, a casino magnate, a reality TV host, a celebrity who slaps his name on assorted buildings for a fee, a hawker of power ties, and much more. This cuts against the idea that he is merely a glorified trust-fund kid: Rather than sit on his wealth while someone else saw to its care, he decided to jump into a number of highly entertaining, risky, and at times ill-advised business ventures, which have collectively turned him into an international celebrity. He took risks with the money he was given, and they seem to have paid off over time, both financially and personally. Meanwhile, Trump runs a company with thousands of employees. Whatever wealth he has created for himself, the total value that his company has created over the years is probably far greater.” So, he has created thousands of jobs and many, many people have gotten rich because of Donald Trump. But wait! The tolerant left doesn’t like rich people or people who are doing reasonably well and don’t have to depend on the government. They’re obviously unhappy with the opportunities Donald Trump has created because he has kept people from becoming dependent on the government. Perhaps many of Trump’s employees vote Republican.

And speaking of “philandering trust fund kids.” Wasn’t one of the left’s most esteemed icons, Edward Moore Kennedy, a “philandering trust fund kid?” How many jobs and how much wealth did Teddy Kennedy create? But I must remember that the late Senator was an advocate of putting as many folks on the government dole as possible. That’s what the left likes.

Yes, Trump has called certain women ugly and fat, but I wouldn’t say he routinely does it. And he’s going to have to quit that.

In a Republican candidate debate on Fox News in March, Donald Trump did indicate that he approved of water boarding and going further if necessary in fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups whose purpose is to destroy the United States of America. He also indicated that he would possibly order the military to kill the family members of militants who threaten the United States. The following day he backed off of that with his campaign issuing a statement saying he would not order the military to take actions contrary to international of U.S. law.

To say that Donald Trump has captured the hearts of a majority of Republicans is a stretch. He did get the votes, though. However, every Republican I have communicated with, seems to feel the same way I do about him…not their first choice, but they will vote for him, Hillary would be beyond disastrous.

Notwithstanding all of the above, the most ludicrous statement in this meme is the next to the last sentence. “This is white supremacy folks.” How is this remotely related to race? The author accuses Republicans of calling President Obama unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American. This president, like all other presidents, has, of course, been called names by his political opponents and detractors. Unintelligent, immoral, and anti-American are not racial slurs or indications that the person describing the president using these adjectives is a racist or advocates white supremacy.

Why should any of us be surprised, though? This is the tolerant left at its finest, always boasting that they are the ones who respect different points of view, always giving folks the benefit of the doubt, etc. Yeah, right!



We’ve heard these things a million times from liberals…Conservatives hate the poor, conservatives hate minorities/are racists, conservatives are bigots, conservatives stereotype, etc. But, liberals are as, if not more, guilty of these things than conservatives are.

A liberal friend once implied that I had no respect for differing points of view.

I turned it on her and said that was the pot calling the kettle black and that it was liberals that had no respect for views that differed from theirs. And it was the liberals that were the real racists, bigots, etc. This friend was taken aback. She obviously thought that since she was an avowed liberal and liberals accuse conservatives of the things I mentioned above, that she couldn’t possibly be any of the things that conservatives are.

Every now and then, the Dixie Chicks are brought up by liberals.

Their fan base, which was mainly comprised by southern conservatives, quit purchasing their CDs, quit going to their concerts, and quite listening to radio stations that played their music. And there were some folks that said mean-spirited things about them. However, President Bush, taking the high road, said that they had their right to express their opinions.

When a couple of liberals brought up the Dixie Chicks a couple of weeks ago on a forum, I indicated that the Dixie Chicks certainly had the right to express their opinions and that their fans also had the right to express themselves in not purchasing their music, going to their concerts, etc. Subsequently, I was told that it was about labeling, exaggeration, and distortion.

I replied that perhaps liberals should look inward. Was it okay to label someone who believed that marriage should be between one man and one woman a homophobe? Was it okay to label someone a racist because they disagreed with the Obama administration’s policies? Was it okay to label someone a bitter clinger because they believed in God and in the second amendment? I was then labeled close-minded and one that thought that Fox News was real news. I think I won that little back and forth. When liberals begin person attacks, it generally means that the conservative has pinned them to the wall.

Several months ago, I was on a liberal forum and suggested that, instead of name calling and insult hurling, that they might want to re-enforce their points of view with facts in hopes that you might be able to win someone over to their side. I then indicated that they probably wouldn’t win someone like me over. Being a political blogger, I’m secure in my political philosophy and am able to refute liberal facts. I guess I shouldn’t have typed in that last sentence. I was then called the usual litany of names. My bad.

Most liberals I know have an air of superiority about them and when their faults are pointed out, they get very angry. Most want God taken out of our society because they think they can establish heaven here on earth. As liberals they are perfect and can make things perfect for everyone. So, who needs God?

I’ve witnessed liberals indicating that conservatives are not Christians and are going to hell. Isn’t that being judgmental? Liberals are supposed to be “free thinkers.” Kind of live and let live and respectful of differences. And they’re anything but…




I watched a small segment of presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, being interviewed by Chris Wallace this past Sunday on Fox News Sunday. Dr. Carson has dropped in the poles mostly due to his stumbling on foreign policy following the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Chris grilled Dr. Carson and asked him why he thought people were turning away from him. I don’t remember the answer that he gave, but one thing he didn’t use as an excuse was racism. If this had been the current president of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, both democrats, racism and sexism would be been brought into the conversations.

The current president has always used racism as an excuse when he has failed to win the support of the American people, and it seems like Hillary Clinton throws out sexism every time she is asked a tough question. Of course, the liberals, especially the liberals in the media, are all too glad to rally around these two.

As I indicated above, Dr. Carson, to the best of my knowledge has never played the race card, nor has presidential candidate Carly Fiorina every played the sex card. That’s not Republicans/Conservatives do in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Furthermore, I have not seen the NAACP nor NOW, coming to the rescue of Dr. Carson or Ms. Fiorina when they have been treated less than respectful by the media and people who oppose them. When Dr. Carson was called vile things, I often asked where the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton were and where the NAACP was.

If I had a dollar for every time I have said or written that liberals care nothing about minorities or women, I wouldn’t be here tapping away at this keyboard. This declaration is nothing new.

Liberals claim they want to end racism with intentional motives to destroy anyone they believe is a racist, according to their definition or racism at the moment. And if liberals can’t ascertain a vile thing to call conservatives when they disagree, they accuse the conservative of racism.

I once had a black liberal friend who indirectly accused me of being racist because I don’t eat turnip greens or collards. This same friend, if she went to a McDonald’s to eat and a white teenage clerk acted in the least bit like he or she didn’t want to wait on my friend, my friend would accuse the white teenager of racism, obsess about it for days and vow to never visit that McDonald’s again. I firmly believe that this black liberal friend would be miserable if she had to quit looking under every rock for something racist.

The fact that my friend comes up with all of this silly stuff and fashions it as racism is sad. What she’s doing is covering up incidents of true racism where individuals are actually hurt in serious ways with her, “if you don’t eat turnip greens and collards, you’re a racist.”

Do liberals want to end racism and sexism? Of course not! Do liberals care about minorities and women? Of course not! They don’t care about anyone else either. All they care about is forcing their big government/totalitarian agenda down our throats and taking control of our lives. In addition to the foregoing, what would liberals use as an excuse for their failures if they didn’t have racism and sexism to shout about?

I have no doubt that is was the left who attempted to stir the pot, getting blacks who are attending historically predominantly white colleges and universities, to whine and say they don’t feel safe and that they are the victims of racism and to demand that safe areas be made available to them. This seems to have all but disappeared. Probably because it laid an egg.

At my alma mater, the most popular guy on campus is black. He’s also strong, fast, a Godly young man, and possibly the best college football player in the nation. Derrick Henry not feeling safe on the campus of the University of Alabama? That’s almost as ridiculous as accusing someone of being a racist because they don’t like turnip greens.