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The American people handed the current president of the United States a stunning defeat in the 2014 mid-term elections. The Republicans maintained leadership of the House of Representatives and gained a majority in the Senate. However, they didn’t obtain a super majority of 60. However, the current president said he had a pen and he had a phone and he intended to use them. And he has by signing executive orders and the only way this can be stopped is through the courts. He justifies his actions by stating that he’s doing what is good for the country. If a Republican did the same think, claiming his or her actions were good for the country, the mainstream media would be exploding. The following is a summary of three things that the current president has done, according to, none are good.

Normalized Relations with Cuba:
According to, the Obama administration is easing travel and some economic restrictions against Cuba after coming out in support of normalizing relations with the Communist regime. This is raising fears among many of a total lifting of the trade embargo against the island nation.

Would lifting the embargo benefit the Cuban people of just benefit the Castro regime? Most of the Cuban economy is government owned and all foreign trade is channeled through Cuban government agencies. Companies pay wages in hard currency, including dollars and euros, but the Cuban government pays its workers in Cuban pesos and pockets about 90% of the wages.

Decades of trade between Cuba and the market economies of Europe, Canada, and Latin America have not produced the political and economic benefits to the people of Cuba. This has lined the pockets of the Castro regime and the Cuban people have not been beneficiaries.

Obama claimed the regime would release all political prisoners, but it has not. So, we’ve entered into an agreement with a deadbeat nation that refuses to honor its commitments. It has defaulted on its estimated $37 billion debt to the Paris Club of Nations. Russia has been forced to write off Cuba’s $32 million debt, and Mexico wrote off $340 million of Cuba’s debt.
Americans want free trade with free people and not relations that strengthen an authoritarian regime’s oppression of its people.

Cuba has not met the conditions agreed upon prior to lifting the embargo. Cuba was supposed to legalize all political activity, release political prisoners, commit to free and fair elections, grand freedom of the press, and allow labor unions. Cuba has not met these conditions and, of course, that sends a message to the world that the Unites States is weak.

Also, Cuba remains on the U.S. “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list. The country has provided sanctuary for terrorists from other nations and has harbored American fugitives. Black Panther activist and convicted murderer Jo Anne Chesimard is among the 90 or more criminals who fled America and received political asylum in Cuba.

The American people are opposed to lifting the embargo. A poll last year found that a slight majority still want the sanctions to remain in place. More importantly, an even larger majority of Cuban-Americans, who know the situation best, favor keeping the embargo in place.

Of course, the current president’s worshippers, including the mainstream media, think this is a great thing, but anything this president does they are going to think is great.

Climate Deal with China:
According to, when the United States and China announced a surprise carbon-emissions deal, the leftists were ecstatic. Al Gore declared it groundbreaking progress form the world’s largest polluter and John Kerry patted himself on the back. However, when the deal was stuck with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Chinese were laughing at us. Nothing was going to stop China from moving full speed ahead with its economic development plans that rely heavily on cheap and abundant fossil fuels.

In December, 2014, the South China Morning Post announced that Chinese negotiators rejected the scrutiny to limit carbon emissions. In other words, the Chinese refuse to agree to measurable and enforceable carbon reduction targets. According to, the U.S. China climate deal unraveled during the U.N. climate talks. Chinese delegates demanded more climate aid be sent from rich countries to poor countries, and refused to agree to certain U.S. backed provisions in a climate treaty draft.

So liberal rag,, in an August 24, 2015 article, cites this as an Obama lame duck accomplishment. Not true!
Issued New EPA Ozone Rules:
On Wednesday, November 26, 2014, the current president check off another major items on environmentalists’ wish list by targeting smog, but angered big business and giving Republicans fresh ammunition heading into the final two years of Obama’s presidency. According to, the EPA has released new tentative rules on ozone, meant to drastically cut the amount of smog produced by power plants and factories. The proposal would lower the threshold for ozone from 75 ppb to 70 ppb and are shooting for 65 ppb.

With the full backing of environmental activists, administration officials have become brazen toward their critics. White House counselor, John Podesta has gone so far as to brag that the GOP can’t stop more executive actions and climate regulations.

Critics say it’s obvious the regulations will create a serious burden. EPA data, cited by groups such as the Business Roundtable, show that 59 percent of the U.S. population lives in an area that did not meet the 65 ppb threshold.

The National Association of Manufacturers called the rules “the most expensive regulation ever imposed on the American public. In a July study, the organization calculated that the rule would reduce U.S. gross domestic product by 3.4 trillion from 2017 to 40 and cut about 2.9 million jobs per year on average through 2040.
This doesn’t sound too good to me, but of course, the liberals love it.



Ever heard of the liberal group, Occupy Democrats? They have Facebook page and a website. Of course, they are supporters of the current President of the United States and they are almost always wrong as is our current president. The Facebook site for Occupy Democrats forwarded a stupid little photograph indicating that the current President is so great because of the following:

  • He got Bin Laden
  • The price of gas is now $2.75 per gallon
  • The stock market has tripled in value
  • He ended two wars
  • He cut unemployment in half
  • One-half of the folks who didn’t have health insurance now have it

What a crock? Are these people fools and are the people that believe this fools?

Of course we know that when a Democrat is in the oval office and the price of gas goes down, it is that Democrat president and his wonderful policies that have lowered the price of gas. But if the price goes up when we have a Democrat president, the president really has no control over the price of gas. When a Republican is in the oval office and the price of gas goes down, the president really has no control over the price of gas. But if a Republican is in the oval office and the price of gas goes up, it’s the fault of the Republican president.

The truth of the matter is: private sector technology developed hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” Fracking took place on private lands and was successful. As such, the United States which is sitting on vast resources of oil and natural gas and fracking and horizontal drilling, we have been able to extract oil and natural gas at a rate that we have never seen before. Thus, the price of gas has gone down and all are seeing reductions in energy costs.

Hey libs, I hate to tell you, but your guy, the one you worship, had nothing to do with this. In case your memory is not serving you correctly, you were against fracking. You want to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and replace these reliable and cost efficient energy sources with unreliable and pricey green energy. Just don’t ever tell me that you are a champion of the middle and lower income classes, otherwise you will get an ear-full from me. Having said all of the above, I think it’s safe to say that this president had nothing to do with the lowering of the price of gas.

He got Bin Laden? I thought it was the Navy Seals who actually captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. The current president did nothing except approve what he had to and watch the events unfold with the Secretary of State. Also, from what I understand, plans were in the works for capturing Bin Laden before the current president took office. It did happen under his watch, though.
The misleading photograph also suggests that the current president cut employment in half. According to, anyone who is unemployed and has given up on finding a job, is not counted by the Department of Labor as unemployed. As of earlier this year, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely unemployed. Also, if you are out of work and perform a minimum of one hour of work in a week and are paid at last $20, you’re not officially counted as unemployed. Those working part time, but desire full time work, are not counted in the 5.6% unemployment. In other words, the 5.6% that sounds great and has the current administration, the mainstream media, and liberals cheering is actually a lie.

The stock market has certainly gone up in the last 6-1/2 years. However, it took major tumbles as a result of the financial crisis of 2008. In an article written by Sean Hyman on in March, 2013, Mr. Nyman indicates that economics is not always a reflection of what the market is doing and here are three main reasons why.

  •  We’re buying companies, not economies. So, if companies manage their debt, cash, resources, etc. better than the overall economy, then stocks can go up while the economy does not.
  • Corporate earnings are stronger now than in times past, even though the U.S. economy is still weak.
  • Most companies in the S&P and Dow Jones, etc. have very significant international operations that are affected by those economies as well as our own economy.

While a sluggish economy can certainly pull down the stock market, and has done many times in the past, the stock market and the overall economy are not always in lockstep.

The current president ended two wars? Yes, he did. But he didn’t follow the advice of top military personnel and the Pentagon. And what do we have to show for it? ISIS! Need I say more? Of course, the current President has indicated to us that they are just a JV team eighteen months ago. Has he changed his mind? I think he has, but he doesn’t seem to have the desire to do anything about this most heinous terrorist organization. The Middle East is in the biggest mess it has ever been in, in my lifetime. The Iran Nuclear Deal is a disaster and will certainly propel Iran to get a nuclear weapon. While you may have ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, those actions and other actions by you and your administration have made the region a hotbed for terrorist activity.

Last, but not least, the Occupy Democrats photo indicated that one-half of the uninsured are now insured. I’m assuming this means they have health insurance. I know of one person who went through the market place to procure health insurance, and is satisfied. Everybody else, including your author, is paying substantially higher premiums and getting less. This president lied and all his liberal henchmen lied. I thought the average premium was supposed to be cut by approximately $2,500. Well, mine increased by approximately that amount. My portfolio may be a little fatter as a result of the rising stock market, but it’s going to take that increase to make up for the increase in health insurance premiums that I’m having to pay.

So, there you have it. I’ve disputed everything that was outlined on that Occupy Democrats photo. While Occupy Democrats really drives me crazy, more crazy than some of the other liberal groups, I guess I should be thankful for them. They’re almost always wrong and I can rip apart most anything they put out there.



The current President of the United States has been in office for a little over six and a half years. We’ve had six and a half years of ultra-left-wing government and we’re still here. I started this blog in April 2014 and I’m still writing to it at least three times a week. I haven’t been hauled off to a gulag never to be seen or heard from again, nor have I been audited by the IRS, something that often happens to conservatives during leftist administrations. I started my own small business and I’m sure the current president would say I didn’t build that. After resigning from my day job in 2013, I had to purchase health insurance on my own and due to Obamacare, my insurance premiums increased by close to 50% and my policy is not as good as what I had. Furthermore, I can still afford to heat and cool my home and put gas in my vehicles. In fact, I added a second vehicle, a convertible.

With the exception of having to pay more for health insurance and not having access to the quality of health care I was receiving before Obamacare is the big negative difference in my life because of the policies of the current president. That’s enough, though.

The first time I laid eyes on this president happened while I was watching the 2004 Democrat National Convention on TV. He was an Illinois State Senator and delivered a riveting speech that had the Democrats in attendance slobbering all over themselves. I took an instant dislike to him then. It was something in the way he was delivering his speech and all of his talk about unity. I immediately thought of one world government where we were all little square people living in little square houses, driving little square cars. We would drive to our little square offices and sit in our little square cubes, perform our little square jobs to get our little square paychecks. I had a vision of a mechanical world and yes a socialist world.

Fast-forward four years where Democrat nominee for president, Barak Obama, told a rapt audience that his goal as President of the United States was to fundamentally change the United States of America. This statement concerned me. Just what was he wanting to change us into? I suspected a European-like socialist nation. I couldn’t watch any part of the 2008 Democrat national convention. Of course, I saw the videos of his acceptance speech with the Greek columns. This seemed more like the coronation of a King rather than the nomination of a presidential candidate. This began to disturb me.

After this president was elected in 2008, along with a Democrat majority in the House and a super-majority in the Senate, I could see how easily an established Democracy/Republic could turn into dictatorship. When Scott Brown, a Republican, won a special election in Massachusetts to replace the late Senator Edward Kennedy, I breathed a sigh of relief. The Democrats no longer held a super-majority in the Senate. This would mean that Obamacare would not pass in the Senate and would not become law.

Silly me! I never imagined that the Democrats would use every legislative trick in the book, including threats and intimidation, to pass this revolutionary piece of legislation. It happened, though, and Obamacare was signed into law. That was a day that triggered the descent of the United States of America.

With a willing media who has his back, and low information voters, we’ve seen this president get bolder and bolder. After losing both the House and the Senate in 2014, he simply said that he would use his phone and his pen to push through his agenda items without Congress. He justified this by saying that what he did was for the good of this country. That doesn’t matter. There are certain things in place in this nation that are to prevent such as that from happening. However, with his phone and his pen, this president turned this country into a dictatorship. He has changed the ACA without approval of Congress many times. He has failed to investigate one of his pet entities where corruption and illegalities are taking place. We have a president who obeys the laws he chooses to obey and the rest be damned. And I haven’t even discussed the environmental regulations the EPA has bestowed on us.

In my lifetime, there have been presidents that I’ve liked and those who I have disliked. When most of them spoke, I generally believed most of what they said, even Clinton most of the time. I may not have agreed with them politically, but I didn’t think they would lie to the American people. I don’t believe anything the current President of the United States says, nothing!

Except for costlier and less quality healthcare, I don’t’ guess my life with respect to government has changed that much. Unless there is an out and out revolution or over-throw of the government, the transformation of the United States of America into what the current president desires it to be, will take decades.

Make no mistake about it, the current president, along with his administration, have put the wheels in motion. National Healthcare, the Trans Pacific Partnership, gay marriage, etc. Liberals who know that Obamacare has not been nor will it be the panacea they envisioned, are already saying that the people will get used to Obamacare and accept it as the new norm. I sure hope that’s not the case.

What will this country be like in twenty years? I don’t know. I think we’ve traveled down the socialist/communist road to far. As I write this, I think only intervention, Divine intervention, directly through the man upstairs can save this country and deliver us from the evils beset upon us by this president and his administration.



The current President vetoed the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and yesterday, the Senate failed to get enough votes to override that veto. That was expected and while I was certainly hoping that five additional Democrats would come over to our side, it didn’t happen. Will the GOP be able to get it passed while this President is still in office? We’ll have to see.

Of course, liberals are rejoicing over the GOPs failure to get enough votes to override the veto. I guess they don’t want jobs, even if many of them are temporary created for working class Americans. I guess they don’t want our ports to prosper by transporting the oil to other countries. I guess they don’t want to take steps and be a part of allowing freedom loving countries to be independent of Middle Eastern oil.

I’m about to take up a new mantra: If you’re against fossil fuels, you hate the middle class and you hate the poor. I could also say that you’re racist bigots, but I don’t think I could make that stand, even though liberals hurl that at conservatives whenever they please because they have put themselves in charge of defining racism. And it sometimes changes hourly.

I’m not against developing new sources of energy, not in the least. In fact, our nation’s oil companies are doing that even as I write this. But we can’t afford to eliminate fossil fuels. Energy produced from fossil fuels is cheaper. The so-called green energy that the liberals advocate, including the current President, is expensive. Most of us can’t afford to totally go green.

I recently took a vacation, yes a vacation, to the northern Gulf Coast. I drove my SUV and purchased about 2-1/2 tanks of gasoline that I would not have purchased if I had stayed home. I also ate out every meal. In other words, I pumped extra money into the economy down there, including generous tipping of servers. I stayed at a nice hotel where I had complete control of the temperature in my room. I benefitted because I really needed to get away and my destination benefited because I was able to pump some money into their economy.

If the price of gas was what the liberals and the current President want it to be, I might have stayed at home. If it was costing a fortune to heat my house, like the liberals want, I might also have stayed at home. Due to the current President and the liberals, I’m already having to pay a fortune for health insurance and getting less than what I had. But because I have worked hard in the past and continue to work hard, I was able to afford a modest vacation to the northern Gulf Coast, about a half days drive from my home in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

So, with liberals, including the current President hating fossil fuels and wanting to do away with them before a viable, cost-effective alternative is developed should indicate to even those who operate with only one brain cell, that the current President and his henchmen are anti-middle class. They want us to drive cars that can barely go above 50 miles per hour. They want us to be uncomfortable in our homes because the price to heat and cool our homes to our comfort level is unaffordable.

To those of you who think that liberals/democrats/progressives are champions of the middle class, you are horribly misinformed. They’re not your friends. They want you to suffer in your own home. They want you to pay more for health insurance while getting less. They hate you, they hate you, and they hate you. They think you’re too stupid to make your own decisions. They want to control every aspect of your life.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how liberals are anti-middle class due to their energy policies. Of course, I could go on and on, demonstrating how the liberals are anti-middle class. That will be for future posts and won’t stop until I have convinced everyone that liberals/Democrats/progressives and anything but pro-middle class.



I often commented during the first term of Bill Clinton’s presidency when HillaryCare was in the news, if something like this ever takes hold of our great nation, it will be our ruination. I also said it while Obamacare was being crammed down our throats using every legislative trick in the book. And I still believe it. But now that it’s here, will it be possible to repeal the worst thing that the federal government has wrought on the American people. Everyone is saying that if it is repealed that there will have to be something put in place as a substitute.

I say repeal the whole thing and go back to where we were before this evil piece of legislation was illegally passed. However, will premium costs continue to stay at the same level as they are (higher) under Obamacare? Will our co-pays and deductibles remain at the same level? If so, what good has repealing it done? Well, at least it won’t be under governmental control. There won’t be a requirement to purchase health insurance and there will be no fines for those who don’t purchase it. And the subsidies will be gone.

Not being able to be turned down because of pre-existing conditions is about the one and only thing that the folks do like about Obamacare. That regulation may very well have to stay in.

Also, there will be no requirements coverages under policies and insurers should and will have to go back and offer plans similar to the ones they were offering before Obamacare was implemented. In other words, if you’re a 65 year old woman and have no need for birth control, nor have a desire for a sex change operation, you could choose a policy that doesn’t cover these things. Companies should not be forced to pay for certain items that they don’t want to pay for. In fact, companies shouldn’t be required to provide health insurance at all for their employees. Also, the old major medical policy should be offered. This policy is particularly appealing for young healthy individuals that only need coverage should their malady require hospitalization or extensive rehabilitation. The government would no longer control one-sixth of the nation’s economy. Will this ever happen? Yes, if the Republicans win the White House in 2016 and maintain control of the House and Senate. Even though costs will probably not decrease, we’ll have control over our healthcare once again.

When George W. Bush was first inaugurated President, I was hoping that he would take his pen and un-do every Executive Action that Bill Clinton put in place, everyone one of them. If there were any that were palatable, President Bush could implement a new executive action. I don’t think he did that.

This new President must undo all of the current President’s executive actions. I doubt there’s one worth keeping. He or she must quickly make new appointments to the FCC so that Net Neutrality can be rolled back. Plus all of the onerous environmental regulations must be reversed. If Canada will give us two more years, we must vote to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline. We must remove the 19.6 acres that the current President placed under the jurisdiction of the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge and free that area for oil exploration. We also have to increase Alaska’s Arctic Ocean presence in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.

Of course we have to decrease taxes, particularly America’s high corporate tax rate. We have to bring our jobs back home, grow our economy and put American citizens and legal non-citizens back to work.

There’s so much more to taking our country back. Can we do it after so much damage has been done by the current Administration? Yes, we can take our country back, but it’s going to take backbone and nads. We have to get our message out and not be intimidated by the left. When they holler “tax cuts for the rich,” we have to yell “economic growth.” We have to yell and yell louder than liberals that tax decreases do result in increased revenue. Jeb Bush didn’t seem to be intimidated when he said this during this past weekend’s CPAP convention. We have to drive that puppy home.

When the left has no argument or comeback, they engage in name calling and insult hurling. When they can’t make something stick, they resort to hollering racist. And they change the definition of racism to whatever they want it to be whenever they need to intimidate a conservative. We have to stop letting that intimidate us. Furthermore, we have to demonstrate that those on the left are the real racists and bigots. Again, everyone who doesn’t have a pair already must grow a pair.

But more importantly, each one of you reading this article plus me, the writer of this article must explicitly get involved. We have to visit our local Republican headquarters and volunteer for projects. We also must be willing to go to our state capitals and Washington, D.C. to let everyone know that our ideals and ideas are good ones. I truly believe that the Republican way of governance is the best. I can reinforce that and I must reinforce that and so must you.