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Wingnut Gal is a blog where I, your editor and publisher, give my opinions on various topics relating to today’s political issues. Because I am a conservative and consider myself a mainstream Republican, my opinions will, of course, be conservative. I welcome your comments and welcome those who disagree with me as well as those who agree with me to make comments to my posts. The site is simplistic, but as time goes along, I hope to make it more robust while keeping it user friendly. When commenting, please be respectful of me and all fellow commenters. As the editor, I have to approve every comment and will delete anything that I consider inappropriate, but will not unreasonably disapprove any comments.

About Me: I was born and raised in Cullman, Alabama. After graduation from Cullman High School, I attended the University of Alabama and received a B.S. in Commerce and Business Administration with a major in Marketing. During most of my career, I worked as an insurance claims professional, but the last thirteen years I have worked as a software developer. I became interested in politics in the 1980s when President Reagan was in office. Up until then, I never identified with any political party, but now I see myself and a Reagan conservative and a mainstream Republican. I truly believe that “things” should be handled in the private sector or the lowest level of government possible. I’m a free market capitalist and believe that we should govern ourselves as the founding fathers of this great nation outlined in the U.S. Constitution. I believe in equal opportunity for everyone, but realize that in this rather imperfect world equal outcome can never be guaranteed.

On a personal note, my top four priorities in life are God, family, work, and Alabama football. As such, I am a follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While both of my parents are deceased, I have a large extended family and love all of them. I have recently started the company, NMG Enterprises, LLC where I’m trying my hand at publishing multiple websites in hopes to one day earn some money from them, including WingnutGal.

Also, I have written two southern contemporary romance novels, For Best and Worst, and Sunsets of Fire and Ice. Both are available on Amazon and were written under the pen name of Marie Nicole Harper

Last, but not least, I am a huge Alabama football fan and in the fall, when Alabama is playing at Bryant Denny Stadium, you will find me, a season ticket holder, in my seat and cheering the Tide onto victory. If you want to add a “Roll Tide” to your comments, please do so. And if you want to add something else such as “War Eagle” or “Geaux Tigers”, please do so also.

Whatever your political persuasion, I hope you enjoy the blog and find it helpful and educational.

Wingnut Gal Published April 2014
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