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I often get on predominantly liberal threads and express my opinion. Even though the alleged “free speech promoting left” hates it, it’s not against the law.

Being the “tolerant” folks that they are, the liberals behave in their usual manner of name-calling and unfounded accusation hurling. I often laugh at what I’m called and accused of by the “tolerant left.” However, as the Trump presidency continues to unfold, many things the left does and says to me are no longer funny.

When they can’t justifiably label you, they resort to calling you a racist, even if the thread or your comments have nothing to do with race. That’s because conservatives, especially elected officials and political pundits fear the “R” word, and will make sniveling fools of themselves trying to convince everyone else they are not racists. Most of these efforts made by conservatives who have been labeled with the “R” word are to no avail because liberals make up the definition of racism to meet their needs of the moment.

It’s a pattern with the liberals and their compatriots, the left leaning media, to flat-out lie about President Trump, his family, his administration, and his supporters. After about forty-eight hours or so, it’s revealed that these stories are lies. Thus, when something outlandish hits the news, I’ve learned to wait about two days before commenting because most likely, the story is going to be bogus.

Yesterday evening, July 24, 2017, I happened upon a post originating from Robert Reich’s Facebook page. Reich was Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. On the page, Secretary Reich or whoever oversees his Facebook page posted a picture which was allegedly a photo of President Trump with this summer’s White House interns. The former Secretary suggested that there were many folks who were not given consideration for an internship.

Because liberals have a history of trashing this president because they don’t like the way he shakes hands, his decision to hold or not to hold his wife’s hand in public, his decision of who to greet first when he must greet more than one person, etc., my initial thoughts were that this is just something stupid being touted by the left. I commented to this effect. Then after reading some additional comments, including the comments of hate that were being directed toward me, I realized what the problem with the picture these libs were pontificating about was. The photo had too many white people in it. I didn’t pick up on this immediately.

With liberals being all about diversity, racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc., the fact that conservative me didn’t immediately “get it,” I was declared a racist. And that was about the nicest thing these liberals called me.

Replies to my two posts began coming in one after the other for several hours. After midnight, they stopped. In the early morning hours, the replies started up again. During working hours, they lightened up. Then after 4:00 they began again and are still coming in as I write this (late afternoon July 25, 2017.

While I’ve been insulted many, many times, and called many, many unflattering things, the insults and the names were/are exponentially more egregious than anything I had ever experienced as a political writer/pundit.

These people visited my Facebook page. After finding out a little about me, especially where I was from…the South…Alabama…Birmingham area, more and more insults were forthcoming.

Do I put in print some of the things that were said to me and about me, even though the language is egregious? I’m certainly not going to put everything in print because I don’t use many of those words. But I’ll document enough so that folks out there who do not realize just how low the left will go to insult, harm, and/or destroy anyone who doesn’t tout the same political philosophies as they do. So, here are a few examples. Some, you can see are no longer funny.

  • Nancy, honey… You Really need to get laid…
  • Graham cracker troll
  • You’re an ignorant fool, Nancy
  • Nancy Graham, you ma’am are an imbecile. No rational rhetoric will ever sway someone as racist and immoral as you. You are a root of hate and a river of illogical process. What education do you possess to make you such a profound profit of wisdom? Scary you rationalize your bias as justification to mitigate progress
  • Shut your dumbass up! You stupid sheep!
  • Always nice to hear the perspective from Birmingham Alabama. You’ll be getting your evil elf back home shortly.
  • The interns who are working for the Democratic Party …diverse and a mix of people who represent what America looks like not the trailer trash you see every day Nancy …. you should use Google you imbecile
  • Wow!! You used a few multisylabbic words!! That FAT OLD YAM can’t even complete an entire sentence unless his mental health worker writes it for him
  • Nancy Graham white people who say I don’t see skin color can diminish the experience of someone who is a person of color. It is a privilege to be white. Ignoring the institutional and societal racism rather than acknowledging how that impacts people of color is culturally unresponsive and unaware.
  • Nancy Graham do you feel better now telling us all you don’t see color? You’re a liar and that should make you feel kinda awful. Because you are awful.
  • She doesn’t see color and she has black friends….in one thread she ticked off two boxes in my “dumbass shit racists say to try and prove they aren’t racist” bingo card. I already got the redneck in blackface Halloween costume. All I need is one confederate flag profile picture and…..BINGO!
  • You probably think Jesus was white too… Oh yeah, you don’t see color.

The above are only a few of what came in on the thread last night. The F-word was used many, many times, plus I was called the C-word. Because I’m usually in a constant state of hurry when I’m on social media, I do make typos. In my comments on this thread, I did make a couple of them and they were quickly pointed out to me, and my intelligence was insulted because of the typos.

Furthermore, my looks were insulted, along with my skin color. While I don’t have it documented in notes, I was also called an old white hag.

I doubt anyone on the left will take the time to read this, but if a liberal does, that person is sure to ask me if I “egged these folks on.” The answer is yes. Though, while I didn’t write down anything that I haven’t said before on predominantly liberal threads, I did respond to a number of the insults hurled, and got some zingers in there.

I also suggested to these liberals, since they were obviously upset over the number of white people in the alleged intern photo, to email or contact the White House and express their concerns. The White House probably gets hundreds of thousands of emails per day, and their concerns of too many white interns, more than likely, will get no response. But, you do have the means to contact the administration and express your thoughts, something you wouldn’t have if you lived in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc. Of course, this suggestion was unacceptable. Liberals would rather whine, hate, and hurl insults than attempt to bring something they really care about to the attention of someone who might be able to do something.

In fact, if were determined that this summer’s interns were actually a much more diverse group than the picture on Secretary Reich’s FB page illustrated, these same people would simply direct their hate and vitriol toward those young non-white people, calling them all the things they commonly call non-whites who think for themselves and don’t toe the leftist line.

While I have spent much time laughing about the names I often get called by the left; names such as inbred moron and booger eating troll, I can’t lie and say that what has been happening to me since the evening of Monday, July 24 doesn’t bother me. The liberals finally piled it on enough that I can’t consider it a laughing matter. It’s no longer funny

Because these folks looked up my personal information and knew approximately where I was located, would any of them attempt to harm me? They sure didn’t see anything wrong with the Bernie Sanders supporter opening fire in an attempt to kill Republicans. When this occurred, only one liberal FB friend attempted, in a half-assed manner disavow the shooting, indicating that there was hate on both sides.

Then one poster crossed the line, going way to far. This person visited my personal Facebook page, copied a picture of my Mom and me, posted it on the thread with the following wording: “Look in the mirror much, Nancy? You actually sound DUMBER than you look. How is that possible?”


If I put a hold on my political writing, I would still have plenty to do. In fact, I’m trying to do way too much now and most of the time feel that I’m not doing my best with any of my endeavors. But I do enjoy them all.

If I quit, I would be acknowledging defeat, and become another notch in their belt of folks they have attempted to destroy and succeeded in doing it.

I’m currently doing research for two non-fiction political books I plan to write. Should I assume a lower profile and write these books? I certainly have enough information for at least two novels.

An announcement may be coming in the next few days.




On Friday, June 16, President Donald Trump ordered tighter restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba, plus a clampdown on U.S. business dealings with the Island country’s military. According to, Trump said that, “with God’s help a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve.

In a speech in Miami, the administration indicated that it plans to roll back certain parts of former President Barack Obama’s historic opening to the communist country.

However, Obama re-opened the U.S. embassy in Havana, and Trump plans to leave it open.

Trump’s revised Cuban policy, a new presidential directive, calls for stricter enforcement of a longtime ban on Americans going to Cuba as tourists, and seeks to prevent U.S. dollars from being used to fund what the new U.S. administration sees as a repressive military-dominated government.

Also, according to, the president faced pressure from U.S. businesses and even some Republicans to avoid turning back completely, the directives Obama set in place with the communist regime. Thus, while the president has changed some things about Obama’s agreement with Cuba, Trump’s Cuban policy has also left some things in place.

The new Cuban policy bans most U.S. business transactions with the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group, a Cuban conglomerate involved in all sectors of the economy, but makes some exceptions, including for air and sea travel. Also, the administration has no intention of disrupting existing business ventures such as one struck under Obama by Starwood Hotels, which is owned by Marriott International, Inc., to manage a historic Havana hotel.

According to the Washington Examiner, Americans will still be able to travel to Cuba under approved categories without first checking with the federal government. However, the president intends to eliminate the “people to people” travel to Cuba program on an individual basis. Under the Obama administration, individuals could assert on their own to go to Cuba by indicating, individually, that their trip was educational in nature. According to the White House, the president thinks that the type of arrangement instituted by Obama would make it too easy for people to visit Cuba as tourists, which is still illegal under U.S. law. Supporters of the ban say tourism helps direct dollars to the repressive government on the island. However, the “people to people” traveling in groups will still be allowed.

Also, President Trump does not plan to reinstate the limits on the amount of the island’s coveted rum and cigars that Americans can bring home for personal use.

According to the Washington Examiner, the President vowed to reverse the Obama administration’s policies toward Cuba that have enriched the Cuban military regime and increased the repression on the island, per one official.

Trump’s readjustment of the United States policy toward Cuba targets the repressive members of the Cuban military government, as one official put it, and not the Cuban people.

Officials said that the tighter new Cuban policy should be seen by Cuba as pressure aimed at getting Cuba to expedite the release of U.S. fugitives living in Cuba, respect human rights, and move toward free and fair elections.

Trump’s new Cuban policy will also keep in place Obama’s decision to end the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which gave Cubans a path toward permanent residency if they arrived in the United States. Obama said at the time that the policy unfairly gave preference to one group of immigrants over others.

Note: The information in this article was taken from and