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With so many investigations into the embassy attack at Benghazi which took place on September 11, 2012, liberals often ask where was the outrage by the GOP and where was Fox News with regard to the thirteen embassy attacks that happened during the presidency of George W. Bush?

As you can see, the following is a list of the embassy bombings taking place during Bush’s term, including the number of folks killed, courtesy of the Huffington Post. The image also indicates that there were no Republicans outraged and sixty total deaths.

List if Enbasst Attacks on George W. Bush's Watch.

The title of the Huff Post article is “13 Benghazis that Occurred on Bush’s Watch without a Peep from Fox News.” Other left wing sites picked this up.

  1. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: January 22, 2022, Calcutta, India. Gunmen associated with Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami attack the U.S. Consulate. Five people were killed, but none of them were Americans.
  2. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: June 14, 2002, Karachi, Pakistan. Suicide bomber connected with al Qaeda attacks the U.S. Consulate, killing 12 and injuring 51. None were American.
  3. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: October 12, 2002: Denpasar, Indonesia. U.S. diplomatic offices were bombed as a part of a string of “Bali Combings.” No fatalities.
  4. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: February 28, 2005: Islamabad, Pakistan. Several gunmen fir upon the U.S. Embassy. Two people are killed, but none of them were Americans.
  5. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: May 12, 2005, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Armed al Qaeda terrorists storm the diplomatic compound, killing 36 people, including nine Americans. The assailants committed suicide by detonating a truck bomb. After numerous State Department warnings, and Saudi Arabia investigating al Qaeda for a potential planned attack, three defense compounds were assaulted with car bombs and armed attackers. Nine defense contractors were killed. President Bush immediately called the attack part of the “war on terror,” and two of the attackers that survived the raid were killed by Saudi police forces.
  6. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: July 30, 2004, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. A suicide bomber from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacks the U.S. Embassy, killing two people. None were Americans.
  7. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: December 6, 2004, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda terrorists storm the U.S. Consulate and occupy the perimeter wall. Nine people were killed, none of them were Americans.
  8. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: March 2, 2006. Karachi, Pakistan. Suicide bomber attacks the U.S. Consulate killing four people, including U.S. diplomat David Foy who was directly targeted by the attackers. So, one U.S. Diplomat was killed. Finally something that’s like Benghazi, except that the Ambassador wasn’t missing, he was killed instantly. There wasn’t an eight hour long siege, an AWOL president and Secretary of State, or service personnel hung out to dry with no rescue attempt. It wasn’t a recent warzone, and there weren’t requests for additional security turned down. Also no one falsely blamed a video for causing a non-existent protest.
  9. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: September 12, 2006, Damascus, Syria. Four armed gunmen shouting “Allahu akbar” storm the U.S. Embassy using grenades, automatic weapons, a car bomb, and a truck bomb. Four people were killed and 13 were wounded. None were American.
  10. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: January 12, 2007. Athens, Greece. Members of a Greek terrorist group called the Revolutionary Struggle, fire a rocket-propelled grenade at the U.S. Embassy. No fatalities.
  11. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: March 18, 2008. Sana’a Yemen. Members of the al-Qaeda linked Islamic Jihad of Yemen fire a mortar at the U.S. Embassy. The shot misses the embassy, but hits nearby school killing two. None were American.
  12. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: July 9, 2008. Instanbul, Turkey. Four armed terrorists attacked the U.S. Consulate. Six people were killed, but none of them were Americans.
  13. HUFFPO: This was just like Benghazi: September 17, 2008. Sana’a Yemen. Terrorists dressed as military officials attack the U.S. Embassy with an arsenal of weapons including RPGs and detonate two car bombs. Sixteen people were killed, including an American student and her husband. This was the second attack on this embassy in seven months. In reality, none were Americans. This last one is contradictory, no embassy officials were killed or missing, and the killings took place in a matter of minutes.

Was this an attempt by the Huffington Post and other websites to mislead the American public? Or was it an attempt at persuading Americans to dismiss further inquiry into how the Benghazi terror attack was handled and reported to the public?

While I can’t say this for sure, it looks like President Bush was on top of things when these incidents took place, not hiding out someplace.

If President Obama had been forthright and if there was evidence that Secretary Clinton had responded in a timely manner, taking steps to send the requested security, and Benghazi still happened, I can guarantee you, there would have been little or no investigation into possible wrongdoing by the president of the secretary.

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The U.S. House Select Committee on Benghazi released its final Benghazi report  early this morning (Tuesday, June 28, 2016).

The final Benghazi report was comprised of approximately 800 pages of investigations and conclusions and suggests that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration were derelict in their duty to protect American diplomats from the most significant terror attack on the U.S. since 9/11/2001. The report also illustrates how the Obama administration contrived to misinform the public regarding the cause of the attack.

Democrat members of the House, who always maintained that the investigation was politically motivated, produced a report finding no wrongdoing by the Secretary of State and the Obama Administration.

According to Breitbart, for over two years, the Democrats refused to participate in the Majority’s serious, fact-centered investigation, claiming everything had been asked and answered. They said that the committee had found nothing new.


New insights to the investigation from the final Benghazi report included, but are not limited to the following:

  • Despite President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s clear orders to deploy military assets, nothing was sent to Benghazi, and nothing was en route to Libya at the time the last two Americans were killed, almost 8 hours after the attacks began.
  • With Ambassador Stevens missing, the White House convened a roughly two-hour meeting at 7:30 pm, which resulted in action items focused on a YouTube video, and others containing the phrases, “if any deployment is made,” and “Libya must agree to any deployment,” and “will not deploy until order comes to go to either Tripoli of Benghazi.”
  • A Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team sat on a plane in Rota, Spain, for three hours, and changed in and out of their uniforms four times.
  • The Libyan forces that evacuated Americans from the CIA Annex to the Benghazi airport was not affiliated with any of the militias the CIA or State Department had developed a relationship with during the prior 18 months. Instead, it was comprised of former Qadhafi loyalists who the U.S. had helped remove from power during the Libyan revolution.
  • Five of the ten action items from the 7:30 pm meeting referenced the video, but no direct link or solid evidence existed connecting the attacks in Benghazi and the video at the time the meeting took place. There was no mention from the agents on the ground about a video.
  • Minutes before the President delivered his speech in the Rose Garden, Jake Sullivan wrote in an email to Ben Rhodes and others, “There was not really much violence in Egypt. And we are not saying that the violence in Libya erupted over inflammatory videos.”
  • On the Sunday shows, Susan Rice stated that the FBI had already begun looking at all sorts of evidence and the FBI has a lead in this investigation. But on Monday, the Deputy Director, Office of Maghreb Affairs sent an email stating, “McDonough apparently told the Secure Video Teleconference group today that everyone was required to “shut their pie holes” about the Benghazi attacks in light of the FBI investigation.
  • Susan Rice’s comments on the Sunday talk shows were met with shock and disbelief by State Department employees in Washington. The Senior Libya Desk Officer, Bureau of Near Easter Affairs, State Department wrote, “I think Rice was off the reservation on this one.” The Deputy Director, Office of Press and Public Diplomacy, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, State Department responded, “Off the reservation on five networks!” The Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications Bureau of Near East Affairs, State Department wrote, “WH very worked about politics. This was all their doing.”
  • Former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, bluntly told the committee an intelligence failure occurred with respect to Benghazi. Former CIA Deputy Director, Michael Morell, also acknowledged multiple times an intelligence failure did in fact occur prior to the Benghazi attacks.

To read the full list, go to: Committee releases last Benghazi Report, slams Clinton,

Now, according to the Huffington Post, the House Republicans Spent Millions of Dollars on Benghazi Committee to Exonerate Clinton. In other words, their report found nothing. That’s quite a spin.

But, according to the Conservative Tribune, moments after the committee released its final report of the Behghazi investigation, Hillary Clinton pulled a classic liberal stunt by attempting to change the subject. Attempting to change the subject is a technique by liberals when they have no arguments to make in order to throw the conservative counterpart off. If there was nothing new in the report as the Huffington Post claims, why would she find it necessary to change the subject? Shouldn’t she be celebrating and pointing out to everyone just how disingenuous Republicans are.

In addition to studying the above bulleted points, I suggest that you go to Breitbart’s website (above link) and read all of the bulleted points yourself.

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The following meme from America Secede or Die, which outlines the similarities of President Obama to Adolph Hitler, was shared by a Facebook friend. Is another Third Reich coming?

From Secede or Die

From Secede or Die

After I shared the meme, a liberal FB friend indicated that none of it was true and if Obama was going to accomplish these things, he had a lot of work to do before Hillary takes over. While a couple maybe “iffy,” this meme is more accurate than not.

The following will analyze the allegations on the meme and illustrate how history is indeed repeating itself and the similarities in the times leading up to the Third Reich compared to what’s happening in America now.

Both took control over national healthcare systems.

Liberals will refute that Obamacare is a takeover of our healthcare system. Instead, they will say that it’s a beautiful piece of legislation that is allowing those without health insurance to now acquire health insurance. That’s garbage and we know it. Because so much has been written about Obamacare, I won’t reiterate. However, a single-payer system is what all liberals, including the current president have as their goal, and should Hillary get elected. Obama and his liberal henchmen have put in place a system by which complete control of our nation’s healthcare can be achieved.

Both nationalized school curriculum, eliminated religion.

Taking Christ out of our public schools began with the Supreme Court decisions in 1962 and 1963, Engel v. Vitale and Abington School District v. Schempp, which took prayer out of the public schools.  Regarding nationalizing school curriculums, according to The Report Card in an article dated January 12, 2014, entitled “ObamaCore: The Nationalizing of Public Education,” since the founding of the Department of Education in 1978, the potential has existed for K-12 education to be nationalized. Common Core has provided a below the radar platform for the nationalization of education because it has been tied to Race to the Top funds.Nationalizing public education..

Both mock and remove God from public places.

In 2006, Illinois State Senator, Barak Hussein Obama, mocked the Sermon on the Mount, and the books of the Bible, Leviticus and Deuteronomy, taking much of the scripture out of context.

Also on June 17 of this year, BHO gave a speech at an LGBT fundraiser where he openly mocked scripture and its Author. Not the least among them were eight different times where he affirmed his absolute love and passion for the things that God has declared in his word to be an abomination. From a spiritual perspective, it is terrifying to realize the judgment that he is calling down upon this nation by his open rebellion and defiance of the Holy God of Israel. Obama gives LGBT speech, openly mocking religion.

While the current president may not have physically have removed references to God from the public place, his actions and attitude toward Christianity speaks for itself.

Both allowed the state to control child care centers. 

Obama launches 80 billion child care push. In an article dated April 25, 2016, in, new rules stemming from the school lunch law championed by first lady, Michelle Obama, are banning popular children’s cereals like Frosted Flakes in daycare centers. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service issued a final rule that will affect more than 3 million children in daycare centers centers across the country. The regulation will only allow daycare centers to serve juice once a day, will ban fried foods, and encourage centers to not add honey to a child’s yogurt. Michelle Obama’s banning certain foods at day cares.

While this certainly does sound good and it’s never too early to start a child off in the right direction when it comes to nutrition, do we want the government involved in this. Do we want the government eventually telling us what we can and cannot feed our children? Do you really think the government will stop at this? Actually, this is just one of a long string of actions in an attempt to raise and indoctrinate our children.

Both rapidly enforced and encouraged anti-gun legislation.

If you can’t see the parallel of President Obama to Adolph Hitler in this one, maybe you need to start taking one or more of those brain enhancing supplements that are widely advertised.

Both militarized police forces and used military for homeland operation.

I think the creator of tis meme probably meant nationalizing our local police forces. Militarizing our police forces means giving our police access to weapons used by the military. Obama, if anything has attempted to limit what our police can use in maintaining law and order.

Because of his negative comments about our nation’s policemen and women, it’s no secret that President Obama doesn’t care for our local police forces. According to, in his now famous July 2009 press conference, President Obama responded to a question about the arrest of Harvard Professor, Henry Gates by stating his belief that the “Cambridge police acted stupidly.” This was before the current president knew the facts of the incident. In this same conference, the president indicated that “we should work with local law enforcement to improve policing techniques to eliminate bias.” Liberals like to talk about buzzwords for racism, sexism, and all the other isms. Well, these words do seem like buzz words for possibly down the road, nationalizing our local police departments. The federalization of local law enforcement.

Both established federal programs to spy on citizens.

While campaigning in 2008, candidate Barak Obama promised to preside over the most transparent administration in the history of the United States, no more secrecy. However, as president, he has embraced many of the same domestic surveillance programs he once derided as a candidate. To see a brief history of his stance: Government surveillance then and now.

Both encouraged citizens to be paranoid of one another.

This is the only statement on the meme that might be questionable. I haven’t actually heard the current president encourage paranoia, but I did hear him, in a speech, asking people to be on the lookout for those who disagreed with his policies. Of course this violates the very framework in which this country was founded. The freedom to hold government accountable and the freedom to say you don’t like what’s taking place in government if you don’t.

Both made executive orders without proper approval.

Duh! If I have to explain this to you…!

We’ve all read accounts of the rise of Adolph Hitler and how the German people adored him. When bad things began to happen, people were in denial. Also, Hitler began blaming the Jews for all his problems, just like Obama blames Republicans for the hurdles he has faced when attempting to incorporate his anti-American agenda into the country. Liberals laugh when any of this is brought up, but I say, there are parallels between what’s taking place now and what took place leading up to the first Third Reich. Is Obama leading us up to another Third Reich?



After a not so great night’s sleep, I wake up to the news that the people of Great Britain had voted to break away from the European Union in order to be a sovereign nation, the process termed, Brexit. Polls indicated that the voters would lean toward staying with the EU and the current president of the United States spoke against pulling out.

When I first heard the news, I have to admit that I wondered what this would do to my investment portfolio. Would I be able to continue pursuing my dreams or would I have to get a day job and put my dreams on hold? That remains to be seen.

Once I got over the above selfish hump, my mind went racing. The stalwart British culture that we still kind of depend upon for civility was no more. So many immigrants were allowed to pour into England to the extent that the great city of London was no longer recognizable. Much of London no longer resembled the London that we grew up with…the Beatles, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, the Tower of Big Ben, and Piccadilly Circus. Instead, parts of London resembled the Middle East and the West Indies.

In April, President Obama spoke to the American people indicating that breaking away from the EU would be a huge mistake. The current president indicated that he only wanted to negotiate trade agreements with the EU and not separate countries. Before becoming part of the EU, Great Britain was an exceptional country, along with the United States of America. It’s obvious that Great Britain wants to return to being an exceptional nation. However the current president of the United States wants the USA to remain on a status quo with everyone else, no exceptionalism. So does presumed Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.

While the current president and the Democrat nominee for president want the United States to remain on even keep with other countries around the globe, presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump wants to make American great again. In other words, he wants this nation to once again become the greatest nation on earth.

With the good people of Great Britain voting to take back their country, how will the American people vote in November? Will they also vote to take back our country, to secure our borders, to insist that those immigrants who desire to come to America be prepared to assimilate to the American way of life? If you want to be a part of the United States of America and go through the process of becoming an American the right way, we want you, and we’re proud that you’re an American.

Will other EU countries follow suit? What will happen to the European Union as we know it today? Presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump commented on Brexit while in Scotland, indicating that there are parallels to the situation in the U.S. and people want to take their country back. Judge Jeanine Pirro or Fox Cable News agreed with Trump indicating that the vote means that people want a nation-state.

In addition  to President Barak Obama indicating  that he was opposed to Great Britain breaking away from the EU, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and British Prime minister, David Cameron were against it also.

As a Christian who follows scripture, including scripture about the end times, I’m wondering  how this incorporates into biblical prophecy? These are questions which have yet to be answered, and I am anxious to hear biblical scholar and expert, Dr. David Jeremiah’s thoughts on this. How will it affect our own presidential election in November?

As this scenario continues to unfold, I will be posting about what’s taking place as well as my own thoughts.



Could I be developing an ego? Something I’ve never had before, but always wanted.

When it comes to putting liberals in their place, I’m doing quite well. The more I study the nature of liberalism, the more I’m convinced there are millions out of touch liberals out there who need reigning in.

I’ve indicated in previous blogs that liberals think they’re so smart because they have the academic sector on their side. When I say the academic sector, I mean those who work in our educational institutes as instructors and professors. This ranges from elementary schools to the halls of the esteemed institutions of higher learning such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. I’ve always felt those in the academic sector were out of touch with the real world, but so what? It is what it is, life. It seems as though you have to take these out of touch liberals and tell them the truth one out of touch liberal at a time.

About 24 hours ago, I had an encounter with a left wing academic from Michigan who was responding to a negative article about the current president of the United States.

On how unusual, a negative article about a president! (sarcasm) From the rant of this academician from Michigan, you would have thought that he had never read a negative article about any president. From reviewing this left winger’s profile, it looks like he was old enough to have been an adult during at least part of the Reagan presidency. Did he not remember all of the vitriol that his party spewed against President Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, and then President George W. Bush? Guess not. Or is he like every other liberal and just doesn’t think being disingenuous means anything? In other words, it’s okay for liberals to disparage conservatives, but it’s not okay the other way around.

In his rant, Mr. Michigan Academic indicated that the article was racist. I’ve always said that liberals lacked reading comprehension skills because the article, while negative toward President Obama, said nothing about the color of his skin. Of course, we all know that liberals make up their own definition of racism to whatever fits their needs at the time.

Mr. Michigan Academic obviously lives in his own little liberal cocoon in one of the most liberal states in the United States. Maybe he was too busy trashing Presidents Reagan and the Bushes that he didn’t realize there was a whole other side.

Well here was my response to his rant:

“As Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” We’ve come to a point in this country where we no longer blame the criminals for their actions. Yes, this president and his liberal henchmen are using this tragedy to push their gun control agenda, and none of his programs would have prevented a shooting such as the one in Orlando. Among those being blamed are the Christian Right, the NRA, and church goers. HELLO, it was an Islamic Terrorist that shot these people. And this president, as he’s always done, doesn’t see a need to go after the actual perpertrator. Furthermore, I have read a number of articles today that indicated Omar Mateen may have been gay, himself. So, the liberals can’t very well blame those who they consider homophobes. But they will do it anyway. With respect to calling this racist, I’m a conservative political blogger and personally fed up with being called a racist just because I don’t care for the current president and don’t support his policies. Unless you can point to anything I’ve authored where I’ve indicated that I don’t like this president or his policies, or denigrated this president in any way because of his skin color, I suggest you not hurl the racist accusation at me or anyone else.”

I haven’t received a response to my comment. Furthermore doubt Mr. Michigan Academic has ever set foot in the state of Alabama, and he probably won’t. He’s probably thinking how dare a southern conservative Christian woman from the state of Alabama and a University of Alabama graduate at that, take him on, a northern elite liberal. Plus, she’s a writer of southern contemporary romance and an administrator of an Alabama Crimson Tide sports website. How dare she? Well, I did, and I think I shut him up.

And before I close, I just want to say to Mr. Michigan Academic, “We, as in the University of Alabama, own the state of Michigan in football.” Roll Tide!