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This election cycle has been a joke and I don’t think that anyone is more upset about it than I am.

There have been too many Republican debates where the debate monitors, instead of attempting to determine where each candidate stands on the issues, seem to desire to “pit” the candidates against one another and start low-class brawls. I don’t like this and most of my conservative friends don’t like it either.

Of course, the Democrats, when not concerned about a possible indictment of their person, Hillary Clinton, are enjoying every minute of this.

They can’t say enough about a divided Republican party while patting themselves on the back because they perceived of themselves as united. On the other hand, though, liberals, who claim to be so tolerant and open-minded, love to hurl insults at conservatives. They love to insult our intelligence by saying all we do is watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh and are incapable of doing just about anything. And as always, liberals are wrong.

I’ve spent time on this blog outlining the differences between Republicans and Democrats. In summary, Republicans believe that “things” should be handled in the private sector or the lowest level of government possible. With a definition that wide, it stands to reason that there could and should be some disagreement between members of the party on possible government over-reach. Should something be handled by the state government or the local government? Democrats, on the other hand, desire a large central government and welcome any and all legislation at the federal level, especially if it involves raising taxes and hurting the private sector, which they all acknowledge that they hate.

So, yes, the Republicans do have disagreements among themselves because there’s lots of areas where intelligent, thinking people can disagree. However, when your one goal is to make government all powerful and destroy the United States of America as we know it, it’s pretty easy to fall in lockstep and that’s what Democrats do.

Candidates Donald Trump and Marco Rubio square off in one of the many Republican debates.

Candidates Donald Trump and Marco Rubio square off in one of the many Republican debates.

Liberals love to call us conservatives names like moron, idiot, retard, etc.

They think they’re so smart because they have most of the academic sector in their camp. Doesn’t it make you wonder about the folks that are teaching our children? I had a liberal elementary school teacher point out to me several years ago that the higher level academic elites do believe in growing the government and shrinking the private sector. Her attitude was that the higher level academic elites are all knowing and therefore should be listened to and revered. Business and professional persons like myself are just too stupid to make decisions about how we should run this country and run our lives.

I was so hoping that the Republicans would nominate a strong, solid conservative who would unite the United States of America under the principles of which this great nation was founded. As each day goes by, though, it appears that won’t happen. If the Democrats win the presidency, we can kiss this country and the principles under which it was founded good-bye.

Compared to the countries of the eastern hemisphere, the United States of America is a young nation founded less than 250 years ago. It is an experiment in a new type of governing by the people instead of by a strong central government. 240 years later the liberals philosophy of big government seems to have infiltrated over half the population so that we have elected a far-left anti-American Islamic terrorist sympathizer two times. Not only is he an Islamic terrorist sympathizer, he’s lawless and doesn’t support our military, nor does he support our local police forces.

In 1972 and 1988, the American public overwhelmingly voted against George McGovern and Michael Dukakis, two far-left candidates. By the year 2000, virtually 50% of the votes in that year’s presidential election went to far left candidate, Al Gore. Then eight years later, we overwhelmingly elect the most liberal president ever.

What’s happened to the United States of America?