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The current president of the United States is a “whiney baby.” Ever since he was elected to the presidency, he’s been a whiney baby. He whines about the Republicans because they oppose him on political issues. He blames the Republicans, George W. Bush, Fox News, and his skin color for all of his failures. He whines that people don’t like him because he’s black. Excuse me, Mr. President, but you’re only half black. Like I tell my black Obama zombie friends, I have as much in common with him with regard to racial make-up as you do. They don’t like to hear that, but it’s true.

Of course, his followers/zombies whine about how disrespectful Obama is treated. I often see photos pop up on my Facebook news feed about how the Obama family is so disrespected in spite of the class and dignity they have brought to the presidency. Class and dignity…my you know what!

Okay, you libs, in case you haven’t noticed it, every president since George Washington has been criticized and poked fun of by his political opponents. I confronted a liberal friend who is the originator of many of these posts and asked her why this president was so special that he couldn’t be opposed, criticized, or even poked fun at. After giving me a surprised, bug-eyed look, I told her to get out of the sixties and into the twenty-first century.

Fast forward to Donald Trump, international business man and candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for president of the United States. Just like Obama, Donald Trump is a whiney baby. He has thin skin and pouts when things don’t go his way. Even though my views on the issues are more in line with Trump’s than with Obama’s, I have concerns about a Donald Trump in the White House. Will he whine like Obama when Congress tries to block him? Will he use his pen to sign into place, executive orders like Obama does? Will he blame everyone but himself when he can’t implement parts of his agenda?

There is one difference between the Trump and Obama. Obama has the mainstream media on his side. His whining played right into the sympathies of our leftist media and the Obama followers/zombies. If Trump decides to employ the same tactics, he don’t be met by a sympathetic media. Instead, the media will hold him accountable for his failures and will also seek to blame Republicans and Fox News for anything in which they’re dissatisfied.

As I indicated above, Donald Trump is an international business man and runs a conglomerate of privately held companies. In his world, whatever he says goes. If things are going wrong, he is able to throw fit after fit. He can scare people and he can fire people. He is the big kahuna.

In the public/governmental sector, it’s just not that way. He has a duty to protect the American people and to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. He must operate within a government comprised of three separate branches. As president, Donald Trump will have no authority to pass laws or spend money. That’s the job of the legislative branch. A president Trump will also have no authority to interpret law, that’s the job of the judicial branch.

Does our current president acknowledge and respect our three co-equal branches of government? Of course not. But again, the mainstream media will not hold him accountable. You can bet your bottom dollar, though, that the mainstream media will hold a president Trump accountable.

So, there you have it. While their political ideologies are diametrically opposite, their personal traits are similar. They are both whiney babies. And the last think we need as the next president is a whiney baby.



While I’ve written on this topic previously, it’s a topic that needs to be regularly reinforced to the general public so that low information voters who would rather watch mindless TV rather than the news, be reminded that it is indeed the Democrat party that is the real party of racism.

How many times have we heard that we Republicans are racists, bigots, haters of minorities, haters of the poor, etc.?

How many times have we been told that we’re going to hell because we don’t support government programs that are designed to help the poor, because in the Bible, Jesus tells us that we are to help the poor? How many times have we been called names and had our intelligence insulted by Democrats? If you’re a political, semi-public figure who “puts your views out there,” you’re the victim of liberal vitriol.

I have a black friend who is very liberal and a big Obama supporter. This particular friend assumes that every white person she meets is racist. She once implied that about a friend of mine that I had introduced her to. Without getting into the details of our conversation, she indicated to me when he had left the table that, “he might be racist.” I lost my cool and suggested that she get over it, get out of the sixties and into the twenty-first century. “I guess I made a bad joke,” she said. I was mad and still am about that incident.

Of course, we all know that the current president of the United States is the king of racism. If there is a conflict or dust-up between someone white and someone back, the current president, without bothering to learn the facts, always takes the side of the black person, even though the current president is half black and half white. He even called his grandmother a “typical white woman.” If I had used the term, “typical black woman (or man)” in any of my conversations and someone black heard it, I probably wouldn’t be alive today.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, tells blacks to just vote Democrat and have some fried chicken.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, tells blacks to just vote Democrat and have some fried chicken.

And what about first lady, Michelle Obama? According to, Mrs. Obama, on TV One, a network operating under the motto, “Where Black Life Unfolds,” told News One Daily host, Roland Martin, “And that’s my message to voters, this isn’t about Barak, it’s not about the person on that ballot, it’s about you. And for most of the people we are talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on, regardless of who said what or did this-that shouldn’t even come into the equation.” Then, in the full audio of the interview, Michelle Obama gives everyone who votes permission to eat fried chicken.

Some of the conservative talking heads were upset about the first lady giving black voters permission to go out and eat fried chicken, because fried chicken is an unhealthy, but tasty, food consumed in large quantities by members of the black community. Fried chicken is a staple here in the south and everybody eats it. However, we don’t consume it as much as we did, let’s say, thirty years ago because it’s not really good for you.

While this southern conservative blogger didn’t get so much upset with Michelle’s fried chicken remark, I did get very upset with her indicating that you just need to vote Democrat. It’s not about the candidates on the ballot or the issues involved. Just vote Democrat and the Democrats will take care of you. And while Mrs. Obama didn’t use those exact words, that’s what she was implying. That remark made me furious. Talk about keeping them down on the plantation!

If the first lady felt that voting Democrat was in the best interest of her audience, then why didn’t she back that up with some facts and figures? Then, why didn’t she encourage those in the audience to be informed voters and research the political parties in order to decide for themselves?

Sounds like FLOTUS doesn’t want her fellow blacks to be informed and educated. She only wants them voting Democrat so the political elites in the Democrat party can maintain proper control over their constituents. Can’t have them getting too informed, can we? They just might revolt and vote Republican.

I previously devoted an entire blog post to Affirmative Action, but will take some time now to re-inforce that Affirmative Action is a statement to minorities by liberals telling them that because they are too stupid to make it in the real world, they need the help of the liberals. In other words, they need test scores lowered, credit scores lowered, etc. in order to gain entrance to college, purchase a home, etc. I just don’t think that’s true, but apparently the Democrats do and will continue to beat down minorities, making it impossible for them to climb upward. Of course, liberals will then blame the whites, particularly the white Republicans for the lack of upward mobility of minorities.

A black liberal friend who was in favor of Affirmative Action told me that she didn’t know anyone who had gotten a job through Affirmative Action programs. I promptly answered her as follows: “If that’s so, then why do we need it?” She was speechless.