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We’ve heard these things a million times from liberals…Conservatives hate the poor, conservatives hate minorities/are racists, conservatives are bigots, conservatives stereotype, etc. But, liberals are as, if not more, guilty of these things than conservatives are.

A liberal friend once implied that I had no respect for differing points of view.

I turned it on her and said that was the pot calling the kettle black and that it was liberals that had no respect for views that differed from theirs. And it was the liberals that were the real racists, bigots, etc. This friend was taken aback. She obviously thought that since she was an avowed liberal and liberals accuse conservatives of the things I mentioned above, that she couldn’t possibly be any of the things that conservatives are.

Every now and then, the Dixie Chicks are brought up by liberals.

Their fan base, which was mainly comprised by southern conservatives, quit purchasing their CDs, quit going to their concerts, and quite listening to radio stations that played their music. And there were some folks that said mean-spirited things about them. However, President Bush, taking the high road, said that they had their right to express their opinions.

When a couple of liberals brought up the Dixie Chicks a couple of weeks ago on a forum, I indicated that the Dixie Chicks certainly had the right to express their opinions and that their fans also had the right to express themselves in not purchasing their music, going to their concerts, etc. Subsequently, I was told that it was about labeling, exaggeration, and distortion.

I replied that perhaps liberals should look inward. Was it okay to label someone who believed that marriage should be between one man and one woman a homophobe? Was it okay to label someone a racist because they disagreed with the Obama administration’s policies? Was it okay to label someone a bitter clinger because they believed in God and in the second amendment? I was then labeled close-minded and one that thought that Fox News was real news. I think I won that little back and forth. When liberals begin person attacks, it generally means that the conservative has pinned them to the wall.

Several months ago, I was on a liberal forum and suggested that, instead of name calling and insult hurling, that they might want to re-enforce their points of view with facts in hopes that you might be able to win someone over to their side. I then indicated that they probably wouldn’t win someone like me over. Being a political blogger, I’m secure in my political philosophy and am able to refute liberal facts. I guess I shouldn’t have typed in that last sentence. I was then called the usual litany of names. My bad.

Most liberals I know have an air of superiority about them and when their faults are pointed out, they get very angry. Most want God taken out of our society because they think they can establish heaven here on earth. As liberals they are perfect and can make things perfect for everyone. So, who needs God?

I’ve witnessed liberals indicating that conservatives are not Christians and are going to hell. Isn’t that being judgmental? Liberals are supposed to be “free thinkers.” Kind of live and let live and respectful of differences. And they’re anything but…




Monday, January 4, 2016, the first workday of the new year began with a bang. The stock market in China collapsed, causing the Dow, here in the U.S. to drop also. As a result, we’re all a little poorer to begin 2016, an important presidential election year.

An important presidential election year? It seems like every presidential election is more important than any of the previous presidential elections.

That’s so true and the 2016 presidential election is certainly no exception. When the current president was running for re-election in 2012, conservative friends and I felt that the United States could not possibly survive another four years of far left leadership.

Well, here we are, having survived three additional years of far left leadership. Yes, we’ve survived, but how are we actually doing?

Those of us who have to purchase insurance from the Obamacare market place have seen our insurance premiums sky-rocket to the point that we have had to make substantial changes in our life styles. We’ve had to cut back on restaurant meals, travel, clothes, etc. As such, we’re not pumping as much money into the economy. Most of us are holding our collective breaths that we don’t have something catastrophic happen to us because our deductibles are so high that we’re sure to take a hit financially, if called upon to pay that deductible. In fact, health insurance may cause some of us small business owners to have to go back to work just to have health insurance.

Right before our eyes, an evil terrorist group, ISIS, took over the countries of Syria and Iraq as the current president, against the advice of his military advisors pulled American troops out of Iraq. Then the current president called ISIS, JV. The fact is they are the most evil organization on the planet. ISIS has a presence in the United States and has promised to carry out attacks on American soil, killing as many Americans as they can. And what does the current president do? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Gun Control is trending at the moment with the current president who plans to sign executive orders with provisions, according to as follows:

  • Close gun show loophole
  • Close loophole related to trust and corporate purchases
  • State participation
  • Streamline background check system
  • Lost or stolen guns
  • Mental health services
  • Gun technology
  • Increased personnel, other measures

The second amendment to the Constitution of the United gives Americans the right to own and bear firearms. This amendment was put in by our founding fathers in order that Americans would be able to protect themselves from criminality and tyrannical government, the type of government we live under with the current administration. Furthermore, the current president is not a dictator, though he sure acts the part. He is violating the provisions of the Constitution with his executive orders and should be impeached. And none of what he is doing would have kept the recent gun violence incidents from taking place.

The Republicans still have a plethora of candidates seeking the party’s nomination for president. How it eventually shakes out is anyone’s guess. On the other side, Hillary Clinton will most likely be the nominee for Democrat party. Sadly, there are folks out there who will vote for her. Which Republican candidate(s) will be able to beat her? Sadly, we don’t know if any of them can.

The job market has still not recovered and while unemployment figures are down, many people have simply given up looking for work. Liberals are telling us to accept this as the new norm, which is typical “liberal speak.”

Foreign policy by the president has been a disaster.

We’ve turned our backs on our allies, especially Israel. God has said that he will punish those who turn their backs on his people, Israel. In an article dated October 2012 in, the author cites Bill Koenig, author of “Eye to Eye” where Mr. Koenig points out that hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and even terrorist attacks have hit American often within 24 hours of calls by U.S. officials for Israel to withdraw from Jewish land.

Hurricane Katrina struck when George Bush forced Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza. Just days after Obama insisted Israel must give up lands it won through military victory with its enemies, some 200 people were killed by a tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Koenig goes on to point out that six of the seven costliest hurricanes in U.S. history followed calls by U.S. officials for Israel to make land concessions in bids for peace with its neighbors, and three of the four largest tornado outbreaks followed such calls.

I truly believe that as Obama continues to widen the gap between Israel and the United States, while seeking to appease those countries which sponsor Islamic terrorism, we will continue to see more natural disasters here in the United States. Of course the liberals will say this is a result of man-made climate change and blame it on Congressional Republicans and Fox News.

Of course, any liberal who reads what I just wrote will be calling me a crazy and other things, though I doubt I will be called anything that I haven’t been already called by the left.

As I conclude my second post of 2016, I’m wondering if we can survive another year of this administration. What is our country going to look like in one year? Will I still be writing articles for this blog in one year? How many more Islamic terrorist attacks will be have taken place on American soil and will the current president continue to tell us not to judge all Muslims by the actions of an isolated few, while blaming all southern white conservative Christians, George Bush, the Confederate flag, and Fox News for incidents of gun violence that may take place or probably will take place?



According to, President Obama is expected to take executive action on gun control, possibly as soon as next week, according to gun control advocates.


The specifics of Obama’s executive order are still unknown as the plan is still not finished, CNN reported. However, gun control advocates are prepared for the actions to be unveiled sometime next week. The plan is said to be a unilateral action that will close background check loopholes.

Federal law currently requires that all licensed gun dealers conduct background checks. However, this rule does not apply to firearms sold online or at gun shows.

The president has frequently expressed frustration over the mass shootings occurring in the United States and has attempted to pass legislation restricting the sale of guns. However, his attempt to require universal background checks was rebuffed by Congress in early 2013, following the Sandy Hood Elementary School massacre that left 26 people dead, 20 of whom were children.

Following the October 1 mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Obama said, “We are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. Obama is expected to announce the plans prior to his January 12 State of the Union Address.

While the National Rifle Association, which has fought hard against Obama’s gun control efforts, currently has no comment, NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker was previously quoted as saying, “The fact is, the President’s gun control agenda will only make it harder for law abiding citizens to exercise their right to self-defense.

According to other sources, the current president has admitted that his additional gun control measures would not have prevented the mass shootings that occurred at Sandy Hook and San Bernadino. If his recommended measures are not going to prevent the kind of gun violence we have witnessed in the last few years, then why are we putting in these measures?

I think we conservatives know the answer to that. It’s not about diminishing incidents of gun violence, it’s about gradually disarming the American people. Once that is done, along with universal health care, the left is in total control of this country and can do anything it desires, including the setting up of a dictatorship, signaling the end of the United States of America.

Whenever additional gun control measures are proposed, conservatives usually call the additional measure, “gun confiscation.” Over the last couple of months, I have notice more and more liberals responding, indicating that it is not their desire to take our guns away from us. The simply want to take more preventative measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

While I certainly am in the opinion that additional gun control measures will not minimize acts of gun violence and will make it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their second amendment rights, I do believe that grass roots liberals probably don’t want to completely disarm the American people. Furthermore, some liberals seem to be very defensive about this, claiming conservatives are exaggerating their motives. So, are we conservatives embellishing when we say that the lift wants to disarm the American people? I would say yes, we are.

HOWEVER, liberals have been known to call tax cuts where everyone who pays income tax gets a cut, “tax cuts for the rich.” I’ve heard that phrase from liberals so many times that I’m sick of it. Because there are so many American that do not pay income tax, liberals aren’t satisfied with a tax cut that everyone who pays taxes receives. Instead, they want some kind of entitlement program where those who don’t pay income tax get something for nothing.

Also, liberals love to accuse conservatives of racism if they don’t agree with the policies of the current president. I even read an article sometime back where liberals were saying that conservatives were proponents of Bill Clinton’s policies in the nineties, but were against those same policies when proposed by the Obama administration. Now that’s a flat-out lie. Conservatives fought Clinton’s policies with the same vigor they have fought Obama’s policies. To accuse anyone who doesn’t agree politically with the Obama administration of racism is labelling and stereotyping, and bigotry. Three things of which liberals accuse conservatives.

Thirdly, liberals often accuse conservatives of hating the poor because conservatives are mostly against certain entitlement programs that purport to help the poor. We already know that the poverty rate has increased dramatically since President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” initiative in the 1960s. Only a small portion of each tax dollar paid by the American people actually gets to the cause. I don’t know of any conservative that “hates the poor.” In fact, most conservatives I know give willingly to help the poor. Churches and civic organizations spend time and money to help those less fortunate. Many individuals spend a portion of the Christmas gift budget to buy presents for those who otherwise wouldn’t receive any Christmas presents. There are food drives, clothing drives, private shelters, auxiliaries, etc. designed to assist those less fortunate. Many people give their time and talents on a regular basis to assist the poor. Do those who are less fortunate not benefit more when they receive assistance from someone’s hand to theirs?

You will never convince liberals that a government entitlement program helps no one and generally propagates poverty rather than diminishes it. But could we possibly get liberals to stop saying that conservatives hate the poor?

In other words, I would be willing to stop saying that liberal gun control initiatives are confiscation of guns if liberals would quite hollering “tax cuts for the rich,” quit accusing those who don’t agree with Obama’s policies of racism, and quit accusing conservatives of hating the poor.