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For this, the last Wing Nut Gal post of 2015, I spend several hours about what I wanted to write. Do I want this post to be routine, sort of like most of my others, or do I want to do something different. We’ll see.

I’m a Republican woman and have been for most of my adult life. I don’t think I ever considered myself a Democrat, but in my very young adult days thought I was an independent. That was before I studied politics, learned the real differences in the two parties and decided the Republican Party was the party my views and values most aligned with.

Calling myself a Republican doesn’t mean that I think every Republican out there is great. That’s certainly not true. And just like there are many Democrats who call themselves Democrats without knowing what the Democrat Party stands for, there are many Republicans who call themselves Republicans without knowing what the Republican Party stands for. Much of my blog has been devoted to education in that area and if I’ve helped just one person determined the difference between Republicans and Democrats, I consider myself successful.

Do I hate Democrats? Of course not. But I do find common threads running among Democrats that are disturbing. It’s almost like every one of them go to the same seminar on a regular basis and come out of that seminar spouting the same old tired rhetoric. Forget facts. Liberals don’t care about facts.

The quickest way you know you’ve won an argument with a Democrat/liberal is when they begin to insult you personally. They’ve been unable to overcome your sensible fact based reasoning, so they resort to personal insults.

2016 is a presidential election year and at this point business man, Donald Trump, is leading nationally in the polls for the Republican nominee. A lot of folks have reservations about Trump, including me. However, it speaks his mind, is not afraid of the press, and makes it a point to be politically incorrect. On the other hand, too many mainstream Republicans are scared of their own shadows and make every effort they can to appease the press and the politically correct crowd. To those who have come out and supported Donald Trump, he represent a fresh face and new attitude. What’s going to happen? I don’t know. Can Donald Trump beat the likely Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton? Who knows.

Like many Republicans, I hope something will happen and the Republicans will put up a candidate that can beat Hillary. If Hillary is elected president or worse than that, Bernie Sanders is the nominee and is elected president, the United States is doomed. ISIS will certainly have a presence in the United States and terrorist attacks may become the new normal. There will be much physical suffering and a lower standard of healthcare because Obamacare will continue to be the law of the land. Taxes will be raised to new heights and most of us will not have enough money to eat out, take vacations, and engage in other activities that previously stimulated the economy. Political correctness will continue to rule and those who are brave enough to express political opinions that are different from the liberal/Democrat/progressive philosophy will be punished in some way.

I’m depressing myself with the above and I shouldn’t be doing that as we make our way into 2016. I’m scared, though. And I know many of you are also. Just remember that God is in control. Things may seem hopeless, and many of us would love to look to the east and see Jesus coming down from the clouds. Only God, the Father, knows when that will happen, but we know that it will happen. In the meantime, God is in control.

There will not be a Friday post because Friday is New Year’s Day. Thank you for your support in the 20 months that this blog has been up. I look forward to continued growth, with your help, in 2016.



According to, senior Obama administration officials are expressing concern that congressional attempts to tighten laws preventing terrorists from entering the United States could violate the Iran nuclear agreement and prompt Tehran to walk away from the agreement.

Congress is considering measures that would tighten the Visa Waiver Program to make it harder for potential terrorists to legally enter the United States by increasing restrictions on individuals who have travelled to countries with prominent terrorist organizations from bypassing security checks upon entering the United States.

Iranian officials have, in recent days, repeatedly issued threatening statements to the Obama administration, saying that such moves would violate the nuclear agreement, and the Obama administration last week conveyed the Iranian anger to American lawmakers.

Stephen Mull, the State Department official in charge of implementing the Iran deal, warned the Senate Foreign Relations Committee late last week that these congressional efforts could have a very negative impact on the deal.

Sources working with Congress on the Iran deal criticized the Obama administration for attempting to stymie increased action on terrorism due to its desire to preserve the nuclear deal.

According to the Obama administration’s latest interpretation, the nuclear deal allows Iran to test ballistic missiles in violation of international law, but does not allow Congress to prevent terrorists from coming into the United States, Omri Ceren, the managing director of press and strategy at The Israel Project, a S.C based organization that works with journalists on Middle East issues, told the Washington Free Beacon.

Seyed Araqchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister also warned that Iran is prepared to take action against the United States for implementing visa restrictions.

Now, isn’t this just great? The country of Iran is jerking the chain of the United States of America and the current administration is letting them do it. It looks like Obama and his henchmen are thwarting attempts of Congress to keep the American people safe because Iran doesn’t like what we’re doing.

The number one job of the president of the United States is to protect this nation and its people, and it doesn’t look like he’s doing that. This president appears to be deliberately putting the wishes of Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet, in front of his primary duty to protect the American people. This is straight forward intentional dereliction of duty. He should be impeached.

By Obama’s actions and the actions of his administration, the United States of American and its citizens have been put in danger.

You can’t impeach someone in office because you don’t like their policies or their philosophy of governing, but if that official deliberately puts the United States and its citizens in harm’s way, that’s grounds for impeachment.

I hereby call for the impeachment of the President of the United States, one, Barak Obama.



We all know how hard college students have it now days, especially if you’re from a wealthy family and/or a star football player at a Southeastern Conference school. If having to attend classes in a building that was named after a former slave-owner wasn’t horrible enough, students at the ultra-liberal Oberlin College in Ohio are in an uproar over sushi rice, Vietnamese sandwiches, and even the insufficient fried chicken served in school cafeterias. Apparently, the food served in the school cafeterias was not merely bad, but racially inauthentic, and this, is a form of microaggression.

According to the New York Times, via, General Tso’s chicken was made with steamed chicken, which is not authentically Chinese. Others were up in arms over banh mi Vietnamese sandwiches served with coleslaw instead of pickled vegetables, and on ciabatta bread, rather than the traditional French baguette. Furthermore, the sushi rice was undercooked in a way that was, according to one student, disrespectful of her culture.

Oberlin’s black student union joined in the fray by staging a protest outside Afrikan Heritage House, an on-campus dorm. They complained that the cafeteria wasn’t serving enough vegan and vegetarian options and had failed to make fried chicken a permanent feature on the Sunday night menu.

According to liberals, we shouldn’t be eating fried food at all. First lady, Michelle Obama, is an advocate eating healthy by consuming fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, not fried chicken. So, making General Sao’s chicken using steamed chicken would make sense from a health point of view. Also limiting the number of times fried chicken is served on Sunday night would accomplish the same things.

I guess the libs are pretty confused by now. What with Michele Obama advocating a healthy eating lifestyle; then on the other hand, Asians and Blacks griping about not having enough fried chicken which is not healthy. Which side do you choose?

Oberlin is an elite institution of higher learning. In other words, it’s not cheap to attend. So, I would imagine that most of the students are like the Missouri whiner, from somewhat well-to-do families. If you don’t like what they’re serving in the dorm, go somewhere and get something else.

Oberlin is located in northern Ohio and probably has at least one Chinese restaurant. Go out and get some real General Tso’s Chicken. Thinking that real fried chicken might be a little hard to find in the Oberlin, Ohio area, I check the KFC website and found a restaurant in Amherst and one in Elyria. Surely a privileged student with a car would be willing to take students craving fried chicken to one of these locations.

College and university dining halls aren’t exactly famous for serving delectable food to students are other patrons. In fact, hours of conversation have been spent “dissing” the food in the dining halls. That’s just part of how you passed the time back in those days.

As a general result of the bad food served in college cafeterias, various eateries and food delivery businesses generally “spring up” in close proximity to college campuses. These are small businesses, though, entities that liberals hate.

I’m telling the whiney babies at Oberlin and anywhere else, for that matter, to seek out other food options if you don’t like what’s being served in the cafeteria. But I’m really missing the point, though. The fact that college cafeterias would dare serve a dish originating from another country that is not prepared properly according to the standards of the country is being racially insensitive. In other words, it’s racism and it has upset the sensitive emotions of those students who may have eaten the food or even simply looked at the food and chose something else to eat.

If allowed to propagate, the actions of a few whiney babies at Oberlin College could have a major, major impact on food preparation and the restaurant business here in the United States. Authentic Italian pizza is tomatoes on a crust topped with cheese. And look what we Americans have done to pizza. Have we been guilty of racism all these years? The food that you are served in your average run of the mill Chinese restaurant is not authentic either. We’ve Americanized Asian cuisine, also. Oh, the shame of it all.

Once upon a time when I was in San Francisco on business, I was having dinner with someone who ordered raw oysters. I knew better than to order oysters in California, besides I wanted to sample northern California cuisine, not something that I could get close to home. The oysters were tiny and nasty looking. So, should I have been offended?

I also know better than to order barbecue outside the south. Besides, I’d rather order something native to the area I’m visiting. There are at least five barbecue restaurants within five minutes of my house. Why would I want to order barbecue when I’m outside the south knowing it’s probably going to be nasty? To get offended and have something to whine about, liberals might say.

What have we become as a nation? Have we become so politically correct that we can’t accept life’s little idiosyncrasies? Can we not have a sense of humor anymore? Can Asian students not accept the fact that a college cafeteria system in the United States will probably not serve delectable sushi? Can Black students not accept the fact that good fried chicken maybe a little hard to find in Oberlin, Ohio?

If students, in pursuing higher education, can’t leave the sushi and the fried chicken behind in their native areas, perhaps they should seek that college diploma a little closer to home.

There’s bad food and good food on this planet. While we always are in search of good food, every one of us have had to eat our share of bad food. We can’t always get what we want to eat and very often have to settle for something else that we don’t particularly want.

The above was meant to be humorous, but is it really? Who thinks this stuff up? Is there some ultra-liberal group that is encouraging students on certain college campuses to get offended and not feel safe when some drunk frat rat calls them the N-word at some off-campus party? Is this same ultra-liberal group telling college students to be offended because they have classes in a building named after some historic figure who was once a slave owner? Is this same group also encouraging Asian students to get offended when the sushi served in the dorm is not exactly the same caliber as the sushi served in the upscale restaurants of their native country? Nobody in their right mind should eat sushi that’s been prepared for serving in a college cafeteria.



According to, the current president of the United States didn’t realize how nervous Americans are about terrorism? He thinks he didn’t realize this because he doesn’t watch enough cable TV.

This president has said and done some unbelievably dumb and evil things during his reign of terror, but this “pretty much takes the cake.” In his meeting with the columnists, Mr. Obama indicated that he did not see enough cable television to fully appreciate the anxiety after the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.

If a Republican president had done some of the things that this president has done, the republican president would no longer be in office. He or she would have either been impeached or not re-elected for a second term.

When someone runs for president, he or she should know something about the history of the United States. By means of being a state senator and then a United States senator, he should have been fully knowledgeable about the many terrorist attacks carried out against the United States and other democracies on the planet. And he should have known by virtue of the briefings he supposedly gets every day and the information that his advisors should be giving him. To not know is inexcusable.

The current president apparently acknowledged privately that he “flubbed the dub” in his initial response to the Paris attacks. As a result, he is hoping to add more theater to his counterterrorism response, whatever that means. The actual strategy isn’t changing much. But with White4 House aides saying they feel like Americans are more worried about the immediate threat of terrorism in the wake of Paris and San Bernadino than any point since 9/11, there will be more events like Obama’s visits to the Pentagon and the National Counterterrorism Center.

Bottom line, we’re not change our strategy in the fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups. Instead, the president is going to attempt to publicly show the American people that he cares about terrorism, even though he won’t say the words, “Islamic Terrorism.” This is symbolism over substance, my friends.

This is more condescending to the American people than the president and other members of his administration telling us that by joining other countries to combat climate change, ISIS will see our sincerity and quit doing bad things.

This president has insulted and derided the American people so many times, and I consider the above his biggest insult.

This president doesn’t care about the United States of America. His purpose in life and as POTUS is to destroy the United States of America. He doesn’t care about the American people except to the extent that his followers will assist him in taking down the USA. That includes that main stream media. Sure, he took an oath twice to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America. Furthermore, the number one job of the President of the United States is to protect the American people. Oaths he has taken plus the job responsibilities that come with the office of the president mean nothing to him. He’s a liar and he’s evil.

A couple of days ago, a FB friend of mine who is an Obama zombie (yes, I have friends who are Obama supporters), posted one of those little “photo things” that read as follows: “Share if you’re truly grateful for the Obamas, who have led our country with class, grace, dignity, and perseverance in the face of unprecedented obstruction.”

The Obamas are anything but classy, graceful, and dignified. Every president to date has had to fight to get his programs implemented. This is the way the United States government was set up to operate. His healthcare plan was passed using every legislative trick in the book, including using threats and intimidation against those legislators of his own party who were hesitant to support such an evil piece of legislation that would not only ruin the best health care system on the planet, but would affect this nation negatively in areas other than health care itself.

After losing his majority in Congress and eventually the Senate, his power was not subdued. He simply indicated that he had a phone and a pen and he intended to go around Congress to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish, the legislative branch and the American people be damned.

When Barak Obama was running for president for the first time, I was having dinner with a friend and expressed that there was not a single issue in which I agreed with him. The only positive thing about him was that he might be fun to party with. Now, I don’t even have a desire to party with him. I don’t want to be anywhere near him. I don’t want him in my state ever again.



Since I was a young adult, I have always considered myself a main stream Republican. I believe that “things” should be handled in the private sector or the lowest level of government possible. I also believe that the best way to stimulate the economy is to give everyone who pays taxes a tax break and that includes lowering the corporate tax rate.

When businesses aren’t burdened with heavy taxes and regulations, they have more money to expand, create jobs, and give their employees better raises and benefits. This is what will increase revenue to the federal government, not the raising of taxes that liberals advocate.

When the Republicans kept the house and took the Senate in 2014, I was excited and hoped that they would put a stop to the actions of the current president in his attempts to destroy the United States of America.

I do understand that there are not enough Senate Republicans to over-ride a presidential veto and the current president has and will continue to veto numerous bills that are put on his desk by Congress. I also understand that this president considers himself a dictator, and whenever Congress refuses to address something he might want, he’ll just sign an executive order.

I also realize that the current president and his liberal henchmen have the mainstream media on their side. Low information voters, those who might, and I say might, watch snippets of the evening network news, Dancing with the Stars, and other imbecilic TV instead of news, might be swayed toward the left and never consider checking for other sides to the stories. Those voters have been led to believe that tax cuts implemented by Republicans are just tax cuts for the rich, which of course is a liberal lie. These voters also buy in to “soaking the rich” because liberals indicate to them that anyone who does well must have somehow cheated to achieve his or her status.

Having said all of the above, I acknowledge the fact that there have been roadblocks thrown up in front of Congressional Republicans that have blocked their efforts to stop this runaway administration. However, if we are going to stop the current administration’s goal to destroy the United States of America, the Congressional Republican have to “grow a pair.” Congressional Republicans have to should louder and make every effort to educate the electorate on just how it is.

Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, failed to lead Congress in stopping the evil deeds of the current administration. The Republicans got rid of Boehner and put former Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, in charge. Well, it didn’t take long for Speaker Ryan to break his promises to return to regular order and wipe the slate clean.

According to, in an article entitled, “Paul Ryan Failed the Omnibus Test,” if Ryan truly sought to define his leadership as the dawn of a new day for limited governance, the 2009 page omnibus represented his chance to reassert GOP priorities. Instead members will soon vote on a $1.140 trillion grab bag of special interest giveaways, liberal victories, and conservative concessions that they more than likely have not read.

The article goes on to indicate that a full year after the president’s lawless expansion of exe3cutive amnesty, Congress will once again cede its power of the purse and fund the programs as they are. Sanctuary cities will continue to violate federal law and the administration’s refugee program will continue to resettle foreign citizens who may well pose an undiscoverable security risk. Meanwhile, the Visa Waver Program will undergo only the most superficial reforms, in no way guaranteeing the protections our safety demands.

While I do call myself a mainstream Republican, this certainly does not mean that I agree with all Republicans. Nor does it mean that I endorse every move by the Republican Party. It simply means that I adhere to the Republican philosophy of how we should govern ourselves.

If we’re going to take our country back, the Republican have to demonstrate that they have a backbone. They must take on the mainstream media and seek to educate the public on why Republican leadership is better for all Americans.

I feel totally left behind by the members of the Republican Party. While I believe in the Republican philosophy of governance, it doesn’t appear that those Republicans for whom we voted in November 2016 do. And if beneath the surface, they actually do, they don’t have the “nads” to fight against the left and restore the United States of America to its greatness.