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In addition to being a political blogger, I’m also the owner, designer, and administrator of an Alabama Crimson Tide sports website, With Alabama playing its cross-state rival this past Saturday, November 28, 2015, I’ve been extremely busy with keeping that site up to date. There’s competition, you know, and I have to be more on top of things than my competitors.

So, when the Planned Parenthood shooting happened in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I thought, oh no. The liberals are going to have a field day with this. And sure enough, they began denigrating Republicans and Christians because they were sure that the suspect, Robert Dear, was a conservative/anti-abortion zealot. One post by a liberal that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed indicated that conservative Christians were nothing but terrorists and as dangerous as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Then they came out with the rhetoric that none of the Syrian refugees had committed a mass shooting, but a Christian had. This all came out within hours of the shooting before anyone knew the facts. Of course, liberals don’t care about facts. If there’s an opportunity to smear conservatives, Christians, etc. they’re going to go after it with gusto.

Meanwhile, here in the southeast, we’re hearing rumors of head football coaches at certain universities being fired because the team they coach had lost three games this season. As of this writing, LSU Coach Les Miles has been retained, but University of Georgia head football coach, Mark Richt, is out. Coach Miles lost three games in a row before winning this past weekend against Texas A&M. Georgia also lost three games before beating its in-state rival, Georgia Tech this past Saturday. For both LSU and Georgia, one of their losses was to Alabama.

Of course, I’m prejudice, since I attended and graduated from the University of Alabama. But no one can deny the fact that they are good, perhaps the best team in the nation. If Alabama is on your schedule, you’re most likely going to have at least one loss. Now, Alabama can be beat. But you have to play your best game of the season and hope that Alabama is having an “off day.” Even if the “perfect storm” comes together, the game is going to go down to the wire. Beating Alabama is not easy and more than likely, you’re not going to beat Alabama.

I’ve had to listen to coaches, players, fans, etc. from opposing teams say how they’re going to manhandle Alabama, how Alabama doesn’t have good players and coaches, etc. Well, I think this year, Georgia and LSU had to be the worst offenders. With Alabama coming off a loss to Ole Miss, Georgia was so sure that they could take Alabama at their home stadium, Sanford Stadium. We know how that worked out. LSU was no different. They were so sure they could come into Tuscaloosa and take Alabama. Again, we know how that worked out.

The point I’m trying to make is that teams that play Alabama need to learn that they’re probably going to lose, except under certain conditions. Not that teams should chalk up Alabama as a loss, but they should be aware that Alabama currently has a great team. No coach should be fired or put on the hot seat because his team couldn’t beat Alabama. Opposing teams should look at Alabama in proper perspective and not just assume that they can take Alabama. When will they ever learn?

It’s the same with liberals. So many times they jump to conclusions without waiting for the facts to come out. They blame conservatives, George W. Bush, Fox News, Christians, the Confederate flag, etc. and most of the time they end up having egg on their face. But seeing that liberals care nothing about facts or the truth, they just go on with their rhetoric. Even though they are wrong, maybe there will be enough low information voters who blindly get their news from the major networks and think that taxing the rich and punishing corporations with high taxes and burdensome regulations will cause the middle class to prosper.

According to, hardly a conservative outfit, the Planned Parenthood shooter was not affiliated with any political party, and while he appeared to be conservative, he wasn’t a talker of politics. Liberals are going to do everything they can with this tragedy to insure that conservative Christians get a black eye, further turning Americans against conservative Christians.

Once again, instead of promoting their big government, totalitarian policies and making sound arguments with respect to how these policies are best for America, they content to beseech conservatives, George W. Bush, Fox News, Christians, etc. They will continue to be embarrassed, but what do liberals care? They don’t care about the truth or about facts. They certainly don’t care about low income and middle class individuals.

To you liberals, I wouldn’t be so quick to want to do away with white conservative Christians, especially southern white conservative Christians. Without us, you will have no one group to disparage. All the other groups are protected. When will you ever learn?



According to an article on dated November 27, 2014, University of Massachusetts students who were upset by an image of a Confederate flag sticker on another student’s laptop were offered counseling services at Framingham State University. The offer came after the university’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, Sean Huddleston, described the display of the small Confederate flag sticker as a “bias incident.”

According to Metrowest Daily News, students filed two “bias reports” within the past month as a result of a student displaying the flag in some way. The most recent bias incident, reported on November 19, was a report of a student having seen a Confederate flag sticker on another student’s laptop. In an email to students, Huddleston did not declare a ban on displaying the flag, but claimed that it upsets some students.

Huddleston said the Confederate flag and other symbols are not condoned by Framingham State University, as they violate the core values of our institution and not considered consistent with our desire to maintain a safe, respectful and welcoming campus community for all. The primary goal continues to be to expeditiously address and resolve incidents of bias that impede our progress toward a welcoming and inclusive campus community.

Huddleston further described “bias incidents” as situations that may not rise to the level of a criminal act, but still clearly communicate offensive or derogatory behaviors.

The article goes on to state that observing that students on campus in general may have suffered a traumatic reaction from seeing an image of the Confederate flag, Huddleston continued, “We recognize that bias incidents are upsetting for the entire campus community, but especially for the targets and witnesses of these incidents. Therefore, Huddleston is encouraging students who may have been traumatized by these incidents seek counseling.

Huddleston then indicated that the university may hold a campus-wide form on the history of the Confederate flag, so that students can discuss the reasons why they either defend or reject it.

This is about the most ridiculous thing that I have every read. If a small sticker on someone’s laptop traumatizes you to the point that you have to seek counseling, my feelings are that you should be put away forever in a mental institution and never be allowed out in public. I’m serious.

It looks like our college campuses are turning into safe places for spoiled whiny babies. And these are the folks that are going to be taking care of me when I go to the nursing home. With my current health problem and our wrecked healthcare system, I’ll probably die early and won’t have to go to a nursing home and be subjected to these imbeciles.

So, it looks like liberals are advocating making life perfect for everyone once they come out of the womb. There will be no bullying. Plus diversity and inclusion will make every child feel welcome at all times, so that child won’t have to suffer the trauma the children have had to suffer in the past for various reasons.

I think everyone who has gone from an academic environment to a working environment will tell you that they underwent a rude awakening when they got to the real world. The real world is not always pretty. However, I shudder to think how going to the real world is going to affect these whiny babies who had to go to counseling because they saw a Confederate flag sticker on someone’s laptop. How are they going to handle that first difficult customer or client? How are they going to handle a difficult boss? How are they going to handle the criticism that comes on a performance evaluation? Will companies start having to set up trauma departments where a distraught employee can go to get counseling whenever something unpleasant happens to them on the job?

Most of us who have had to go through employee evaluations know that there is always something negative on them. It’s just standard custom and practice. What’s going to happen to the whiny babies when they get their first employee evaluation and it says that they need to be more courteous to lower level employees? The rest of the evaluation may be glowing, but that one little negative item may send them into deep depression. I guess the government will have to pass a regulation on employee evaluations that nothing negative about an employee can be put on an evaluation. And how is this going to help the little whiny baby? It won’t help the little whiny baby one damn bit. In fact it will, in the long run, hurt the little whiny baby because the little whiny baby will have no chance to develop as an employee and as a person.

I’m getting so tired of the words diversity and inclusion. How many of us have been to social gatherings where it seemed like everyone knew everyone and you didn’t know anybody? It’s tough and you sometimes feel awkward. But an experience like that will sometimes force you to be more assertive by walking up to people, introducing yourself and starting a conversation. Also, how many of us have been to dinner or to an event with friends and the friends worked together or their occupations were similar? The friends had their own little conversation going and you were left out. It happens and you have to grin and bear it. I guess when that happens to the little whiny babies, they’ll be so traumatized they will have to seek counseling. I guess the government will have to establish the “Inclusion Police.” That way no little whiny baby has to sit and be silent for twenty or thirty minutes.

It seems like liberals, after having attempted and being somewhat successful in taking God out of our society, are trying to establish heaven here on earth. And when it can’t possibly happen, they blame George W. Bush, Fox News, and conservatives.



There’s so much in the political world taking place and you can read all about it with just a few mouse clicks. Of course, we’re all on edge after the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, especially since ISIS has more or less, indicated that we’re next.

ISIS is going to strike us, I have no doubt. But we don’t know when. In making those threats, they know we’re right upon a widely celebrated American holiday, Thanksgiving. Throughout this long holiday weekend there are going to be many events taking place. There will be parades, sporting events, shopping, parties, and the list goes on. Many, many people will be taking to the streets for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. There are going to be so many sporting events taking place including, but not limited to the Iron Bowl that will take place in my home state of Alabama on the campus of Auburn University at Jordan-Hare Stadium. All of the malls will be open to Black Friday shoppers and those stupid enough to get in the fray (I’d rather be boiled in oil than go shopping on Black Friday). In addition to what I have mentioned, people will be traveling and going through our nation’s airports tomorrow, the biggest travel day of the year.

America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is continuing to communicate the message he gave to the nation after the 9/11/2001 attacks. That message is don’t let those evil terrorists tamper with our traditional America celebrations. Stare down those evil ones who seek to disrupt our way of life. We have our way of live because our values are based on the Ten Commandments and Judeo/Christian principles and our capitalist economic system causes us to prosper like no other on the planet. Thus, we have beautiful shopping malls for those who wish to get in the fray can get in the fray on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We also have magnificent sporting events where over a million Americans gather to cheer their favorite teams onto victory. If you’re not lucky enough to have a ticket to your team’s event, you might choose to check out the many sports bars and restaurants to watch your game.

Bottom line is that millions of Americans are out and about on this glorious weekend where we give thanks to God for setting us down in or bringing us to this great country. While many of us disagree with what this administration is currently doing and sincerely believe that it’s the administration’s goal to destroy the United States of America as we know it, we’ll continue the fight to take back our country as we celebrate all of the wonderful things our country has to offer.

When my Mom and Dad were alive, Thanksgiving was always a big thing at our house. Often, we had family and friends over, but sometimes it was just the three of us. Mama and Daddy loved Thanksgiving and so do I. What’s not to live about a holiday where you get to eat wonderful food, but don’t have the stress of having to spend lots of money on gifts and worrying about getting the right gift for the right person? Eat, sleep, watch football, shop, etc. Who could ask for anything more?

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported me as I continue to work to get my messages across to as many folks out there as possible. I hope each and every one of you have a joyous and happy Thanksgiving. I love you, I really do!



The Paris attacks of November 13, 2015, of which ISIS has claimed credit, seem to have unleashed many disturbing things. The current president’s response to these attacks is unprecedented for any past leader of the free world. He has done nothing to insure the American people that he intends to carry out the oath he has taken twice where he swore to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, therefore, protect the Unites States and its citizens from harm. I’ve never commented on this, but I’m going to now. I am convinced that the president of the United States is either a Muslim or a strong Muslim sympathizer. There’s just too much evidence point the above. Every chance he has, he disses Christianity and tells us that we shouldn’t judge the Islam by the actions of a few. However, he has indicated that all conservatives/Republicans are his enemies and seems to be more energetic when disparaging conservatives/Republicans than when talking about the fight against terrorism as Rush Limbaugh opined when he was a guest on Fox News Sunday, November 22, 2015.

Also, on 11/22/2015, I read an article on by Paul Bremmer that further disturbs me and furthers my opinion that the current president of the United States is evil.

According to a recent study by a team of Italian researchers, if you think there might be something wrong with homosexuality, you may have a mental disorder. Discussing the study, lead researcher Emmanuele A. Jannini stated: “After discussing for centuries if homosexuality is to be considered a disease, for the first time we demonstrated that the real disease to be cured is homophobia, associated with potentially severe psychopathologies.”

According to Mr. Bremmer, the research team specifically found that psychoticism, immature defense mechanisms, and a fearful attachment style were associated with a greater homophobic attitude in individuals.

Bremmer goes on to indicate that award winning journalist and author David Kupelian was not surprised by this new study because he predicted exactly such developments in his latest book, “The Snapping of the American Mind.”

Kupelina predicted that the current obsession of the looney left, which dominates the social sciences, with pathologizing conservatives and Christians as ‘disordered’ would only accelerate.

We all know that those on the left would welcome any study that indicated conservatives had a mental disorders by the fact that they are conservative. They would say that study was sound and irrefutable. Then in order to protect conservatives from themselves and protect liberals from conservatives, perhaps conservatives should be rounded up and required to undergo various methods of treatment that could include sensitivity training, medication, and perhaps incarceration.

Kupelina has also revealed in his book that some researchers have endeavored to prove conservatives’ brains are structured differently. A 2010 study in the United Kingdom reported conservatives’ brains with larger amygdalas, the part of the brain associated with fear, anxiety, and emotion. In 2012, a University of Arkansas professor released a study linking conservative views to low brainpower, writing, “When under time pressure or otherwise cognitively impaired, people are more likely to express conservative views.

However, Kupelian revealed that contrary to what liberal social scientists might prefer, solid research has shown that those on the political left are far more likely to suffer from mental illness than those on the right.

Mr. Kupelina opines that the Obama administration seems most concerned about protecting the rest of the country from conservatives. And while conservatives had not yet been declared mentally ill, but the Department of Homeland Security released a report in 2009 warning of a rising domestic terrorist threat from rightwing extremism. Rightwing extremists, according the report, included returning military vetrans, people concerned about illegal immigration, constitutionalists, second amendment supporters, and pro-lifers, among others.

The old Soviet Union, as well as other communist/far-left governments demonized their ideological opponents and would put them in gulags for torture and eventual execution. While I believe that this is a long way from happening in the United States of America and I think a revolt would occur long before any of this would ever happen here, the left certainly does everything it can to destroy those who don’t tow the liberal line. And to be able to commit conservatives to mental institutions, medicate them to the point of submission, and taking away their right to vote and bear arms, is certainly a liberal’s dream.



After the 9/11/2001 attacks on the United States of America, I was ready to get out and show those Islamic terrorist cowards that they couldn’t stop me from living my life and doing what I do. I went to shopping malls, sporting events, movie theaters, etc.

Fast forward to today. A week ago, ISIS, an evil Islamic terrorist organization, attached an entertainment center in Paris France. ISIS didn’t go after government buildings and government personnel. Instead, they went after innocent civilians who were out on the town on a Friday night to have a good time. A soccer event was taking place, a rock concert was taking place, and people were having dinner and drinks at the many outdoor Parisian cafes for which Paris is so famous.

ISIS has indicated that intends to attack the United States of America and the cities of New York and Washington D.C. have been mentioned. While that’s a far cry from the Birmingham, Alabama area, an attack anywhere in the USA will affect everyone in the USA.

Why do I not feel the same vigor I felt after the 9/11 attacks? I’m fourteen years older and have developed some health problems? Maybe, but I doubt it. As soon as the 9/11 attacks took place, the president of the United States, George W. Bush, informed the American people that Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended. President Bush was doing what he pledged to do when he took the Oath of Office of the Presidency of the United States. The American people expected nothing less. Under the same circumstances, any president would have been expected to do the same thing. At an impromptu meeting of Congress shortly after the 9/11 attacks, all members started singing “God Bless America.” The administrative and legislative branches of government were together committed to fighting the evil that had attacked the Unites States of America. I felt safe and cared for because I knew the United States government was committed to protecting the citizens of the United States of America and fighting for the freedoms that our forefathers made happen.

Fast forward to November 2015. Another free country, France, has been attacked by ISIS, the most evil Islamic terrorist group to date. Also, ISIS has promised to attack the United States of America. And what does our current president do to defend freedom and protect the American people? Pretty much nothing. He has said zero to the American people that he intends to fight the scourge that is ISIS and preserve the freedoms that our forefathers established for us. He won’t even say the words “Islamic Terrorist.” He continues to dictate to the American people not to judge Muslims by the actions of a few. Yet, he continues to denigrate Christians and has refused to help the many Christians that are being persecuted and killed in Muslim countries across the globe. He has turned his back on America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

The current president has done nothing to indicate to Americans that he stands with them in the fight against terrorism. Instead, he leads the way in admitting thousands of Syrian refugees, many of which are members of ISIS. Furthermore, he has indicated that those who oppose the influx of these Syrians, particularly the Congressional Republicans are afraid of widows and orphans. However, when I looked at the pictures of these Syrians, I saw mostly young men who looked to be in their late teens/twenties.

I feel like a sitting duck and so do most of the people who I have talked to following the Paris attacks. I’m not inclined to get out and demonstrate to the terrorists that I’m not afraid of them like I was in 2011. In 2011, the United States had a president who promised to fight back in order to protect the United States of America and preserve freedom across the world. This president, on the other hand, seems to be looking forward to an attack on American soil.

President Barak Obama, now I’ve said his name, has no intention of bringing the American people together to fight ISIS. I believe he wants America to be attacked. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he, even as I’m writing this, if planning, with ISIS, an attack on American soil. I’m convinced that he is a Muslim and sympathizes with the terrorists, and has as his goal, to destroy the United States of America. He’s poised to do it.

The mainstream media does seem to be coming around, even though at a snail’s pace. But the Obama zombies still blindly worship him and will probably continue to do so unless they are hit with some type of cosmic baseball bat.

Y’all, I so hope I’m wrong. I really want to be wrong. As a political blogger, I’m called many things by the left in the form of insults and accusations. If I’m wrong, bring it on liberals. I doubt you can call me anything you haven’t already called me or accuse me of anything you haven’t already accused me of.