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Conservative Icon, Ann Coulter, has written many books about liberals. One of them is entitled, “How to Talk to a Liberal if You Must.” It was released in 2004 and I can’t remember for the life of me if I’ve read it, and trying to find it in my vast book collection is not on my current list of things to do.

Every boss I’ve ever had has told me that I lacked self-confidence and I do. One even said that he had more confidence in me than I had in me. I also have a tendency to let people take advantage of me or “roll over me.” The lack of self-confidence dates back to my early childhood years. Letting people “roll over me” or take advantage of me comes from being an only child. Not having siblings, I never learned the skill of taking up for myself.

Lacking self-confidence and letting others take advantage of me does not a political blogger/pundit make. I don’t blame family and friends who I grew up around for my short comings. It is what it is and I just have to try a little harder.

The first time I was attacked by a liberal after setting myself out as a political blogger, I was very upset. I realized, though, that as long as I put my feelings and opinions out there, I would be subject to more attacks. Could I stand the heat or did I need to get out of the kitchen. Now, over a year and a half later, I’m still blogging, but do have to remind myself that my stand on the issues is solid and liberal stands on the issues can be refuted.

Liberals think they’re so smart. In fact, most educators/academicians are liberal. That includes your elementary school teachers all the way up to those with doctorates who occupy the ivory towers of institutions of higher education.

Since becoming a political blogger and a utilizer of social media, I have had encounters with numerous liberals. If they’re so smart and so much better than us unenlightened oafs, how come they can’t read something and understand its meaning. I often post something, only to have a liberal make comments that are unrelated to the subject of the post. Sometimes I will have to ask them to go back and re-read what I said.

Liberals also love to accuse conservatives/Republicans of hating minorities and the poor. I can and do regularly deep-six those accusations. It isn’t hard to do.

I’ve also had experiences where I wasn’t discussing politics at all, only to have a liberal inject themselves in a conversation because he or she heard some kind of buzzword or phrase that they didn’t like. When this happens, I never fail to point out that the conversation or thread had nothing to do with a political concept. This is again, an example of liberals not being able to comprehend what is written or said.

Talk about short memories; “liberals, they got em.” On June 17, 2015, a lone gunman who was a known racist and had been pictured in a photo holding up a Confederate battle flag, shot and killed nine black members of a Charleston, South Carolina church. All of a sudden the responsibility for the shooting did not lie with a deranged young man, the responsibility, instead, was the fault of the Confederate flag. Liberals, in their ever continuing rush to judgment, started demanding that Confederate flags cease flying over government buildings. Of course, removing a few flags from a few southern state capitals was not going to satisfy them. They began attacking statutes of military men who fought valiantly for the South. Then, the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP demanded that the historic carving on Stone Mountain, just outside of Atlanta, showcasing Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson be sanded away. That struck a nerve with me and apparently it stuck a nerve with a lot of people.

The City of Birmingham has voted to remove a monument honoring Confederate soldiers and sailors who died during the Civil War.

On Monday, July 15, 2015, nine Alabama state senators introduced a bill at the beginning of a special legislative session that is designed to protect monuments on publicly owned property. The bill would outlaw the removal or relation of any statute or monument on public property honoring individuals or groups which participated in seventeen different military campaigns. Any group that wants to be exempt from the law would have to get permission from the Alabama Historical Commission. So, the state of Alabama is scrambling to keep the Feds and their wrecking balls from descending upon us and destroying history. I don’t know if other southern states are following suit. This is all well and good, but with the way the current dictator is taking us, those wrecking balls may be headed this way and states’ rights and the U.S. Constitution be damned.

Now, an alleged Islamic terrorist has killed five Marines in Chattanooga and I’ve heard very little talk regarding whether or not we should get rid of all symbols and statutes relating to Islam. Liberals who claim to be fair-minded and caring aren’t saying a word. While both liberals and conservatives lamented the shooting of the nine Charlestonians, I haven’t seen one liberal condemn the shooting. Instead, they are playing a waiting game to see how the investigation plays out. They didn’t do this in the shooting of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, nor did they do this in the death of Freddie Gray of Baltimore.

The current President has often lectured the American people, stating that we should not judge the religion of Islam by the acts of a few, but I haven’t heard him say anything about not judging southerners by the actions of one who was obviously deranged.

Could liberalism be a pre-cursor to Alzheimer’s? Ann’s book was published in 2004. Maybe I should read it or re-read it.



It keeps getting worse and worse. I celebrated this past November when the Republicans won a majority in the Senate and maintained their majority in the House of Representatives. Maybe some of this ridiculous stuff forced upon us by the liberals/Democrats/progressives or whatever they want to call themselves would be stopped or severely restrained. It hasn’t happened, though. The Senate and House Republicans seem to have turned into wimps. It seems they’re so afraid of another government shut-down and being blamed for said shut down by the current administration and the mainstream media.

The current President has indicated that he has a pen and a phone and he plans to use them to force his agenda on the America people. He attempts to justify his actions by indicating he’s only doing what he thinks is right for the American people, but knows that the Republican controlled Congress would never allow him to do it.

I’m not going to say much about the nuclear weapons deal with Iran. You can read about that yourself. But the fact that we didn’t bargain on bringing the four Americans that were political prisoners in Iran home, is unfathomable. Bringing home these men should have been the first thing out of the gate. But no! What’s going on?  While Congress will have an opportunity to vote up or down on the Iran deal, the current President can veto whatever Congress sends to him. It will take 67 votes in the Senate to overturn a Presidential veto. What’s the likelihood that’s going to happen? There’s so much wrong with that deal.

The family of Katie Steinle, the young woman who was shot in cold blood by an illegal alien who had been deported at least six times and was back taking cover in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, has received no contact from the President or anyone in his administration. However, the current President has time to correspond with convicted felons. Furthermore, local officials won’t respond to questions about the shooting. Apparently though, the current President of the United States, would rather write letters to convicted felons than send his condolences to Katie Steinle’s family.

After having been out of pocket for most of today (July 16, 2015), I’m trying to catch up with then news coming out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that four U.S. Marines have been shot and killed by a young man named Muhammed Youssef Abdulazeez. As I’m writing this, I don’t know if the current President has weighed in on these shootings. I wonder if he’ll lecture us to the effect that we should not judge all Muslims because of the actions of one individual. Of course, when a lone individual who was a disturbed racist, murders nine members of the Emanuel AME who were black, the current administration disparages the south because a picture of the murderer holding Confederate flag surfaced. Now liberals/Democrats/progressives are calling for removal of the Confederate flag from public buildings. Liberals are accusing all those who defend the Confederate flag as racists and will not give any credence to those who say the flag represents their southern heritage. That’s bigoted, don’t you think? This is going to have to play out. Chattanooga? This is getting a little close to home.

When the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP called for the carvings on Stone Mountain of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson be removed. I love Stone Mountain and this struck a nerve with me. If this is attempted, I will drive three hours to protest. Of course, I’ll probably be labeled a terrorist. Of course, I’m probably considered one now since I’m a Christian and pro-life.

I hope these killings will stop and I hope that somehow, someway, Congress will stop this Iran deal. It will take 67 votes to override a presidential veto, which this president has promised.

As I bring this post to a conclusion, we’re not sure if the Chattanooga shootings will be deemed terrorist attacks. We also don’t know if ISIS was at the root. We’ll see.



If I didn’t know I was reading liberal rag, Politicus USA, I would have thought the article I was reading was talking about liberals. Politicus USA indicates in the first paragraph of an article, entitled “With a Stroke of His Pen, President Obama Renders Hobby Lobby Ruling Obsolete,” written by Rmuse and published on July 13, 2015, that in 21st Century America, evangelical Republicans are those who demand it is “their way of the highway.” WHAT? This is pure nonsense. It’s liberals that always demand their way and most the time get it. If there’s a close election between a Republican and a Democrat, most always the Democrat wins. There’s always that box of ballots in the trunk of some car with just enough votes cast for the Democrat candidate, and the ballots from military overseas didn’t arrive in time to be counted. Republican Scott Brown winning the Senate race in Massachusetts to replace the late Senator Edward Kennedy, giving the Democrats a 59-41 majority in the Senate, should have been the end of ACA. However, the Democrats used every legislative trick in the book plus threats and intimidation to pass ACA. They were not going to be denied. I could sight many more examples of Democrats demanding and getting their way, but that’s not the subject of this post.

Rmuse goes on to write that there is no greater example of Republicans having it their way than the religious Republican crusade to control women’s reproductive health; or better put, to force every woman in American into being perpetual birth machines. According to Rmuse, a popular evangelical talking point to support their demand for control over American women was they would not tolerate any woman, married or single, having “consequence free sex.” Then Rmuse stated that restricting birth control was the religious right’s method of punishing women who failed to tow the evangelical line and remain celibate of perpetually pregnant. The above is some of the most outrageous garbage that I’ve ever read that was authored by a liberal and as a political blogger, I’ve read a lot of garbage.

In Hobby Lobby v. Burwell, the United States Supreme Court ruled that: “As applied to closely held for-profit corporations, the Health and Human Services regulations imposing the contraceptive mandate violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. HHS’s contraceptive mandate substantially burdens the exercise of religion under the RFRA. The Court assumes that guaranteeing cost-free access to the four challenged contraceptive methods is a compelling governmental interest, but the Government has failed to show that the mandate is the least restrictive means of furthering that interest. That’s a mouthful and makes you think.

Rmuse rants and raves in this article and I have to admit that this unenlightened oaf had some trouble ascertaining what he was talking about. But it does appear that the author of this article believes that companies should provide all forms of birth control, including abortion, to its employees. He or she (I can’t tell by the name) also states that religious fanatics, and particularly Republican religious fanatics, are at the forefront of the war against any woman who believes that they have a right to choose when they give birth. How can this writer say such things with no basis?

First of all, there were only four types of birth control that Hobby Lobby did not want to cover: abortion, the morning after pill, IUDs, and one other. These forms of birth control kill the fertilized egg/ovum or the fetus. The other types and there’s a long list, including birth control pills, diaphragms, sponges, etc. are covered by Hobby Lobby’s insurance contract. Somehow, this writer translates an employer’s desire to cover a long list of birth control methods except for four into a war against women where religious fanatics, including Republicans want to restrict women’s reproductive right, forcing them to become birth machines or celibate. WHAT A CROCK!

I went to the Huffington Post for information on what was rendered with the current President’s pen stroke because Rmuse was so outrageous in his statements. According to HP, the Obama administration on Friday, July 10, issued its final rules for employers who morally object to covering birth control in their health insurance plans. The accommodation insures that all employed women, unless they work for a place of worship, will still have their birth control covered at no cost to them, even if their employers refuse to cover it.

So, the current President found a way around the Supreme Court ruling with his pen. He changes the law without going through Congress. So what else is new? We don’t have a President of the United States anymore, the current President is a dictator. He justifies his actions by indicating that he’s only doing what is best for the country because the Republicans in Congress won’t pass pieces of his socialist agenda. Well, I got news for you, current President! That’s not how this country works. We have three equal branches of government, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The changes you made with your pen needed Congressional approval. Of course, the liberals area all in favor of it. But wait until we get a Republican president and he or she does the same thing?

WANT TO SEND A LIBERAL INTO A RAGE? Just make comments to the effect that this administration, particularly the current first lady, in her quest to emphasize living a healthy lifestyle, encourages us to watch what we eat and exercise regularly. In other words, we should demonstrate some discipline and restraint when it comes to what we eat and how we treat our bodies overall. But when it comes to sex, just do it with anyone or anything whenever you feel the urge. We’ll provide you with birth control, antibiotics, and even abortion. If you’re trapped in a body that clashes with your hormonal desires, we’ll take care of that also.

In this post, I’ve attempted to cover some of the lies that liberals tell and showcase their rants and raves. I’ve also tried to demonstrate how the current President has become a dictator who ignores the U.S. Constitution and does whatever he thinks is right or good for the country, even though our government is not set up in that fashion.

However, I don’t believe that the current President, with his pen, feels that what he does is best for this country. His job, after being elected President, is to destroy this country, taking it down to the level of a socialist/communist nation. And he’s doing just that.



I’ve been critical of Americans, both conservatives and liberals for continuing the discussions on the Confederate flag while the United States of America continues to burn. As a Christian, I don’t believe in coincidences. Instead, I believe that things happen because of God’s will. So, while we’re mired in discussions about the Confederate flag, the erasing of history surrounding the splitting up of the nation and the ensuing civil war, and the coming together of the American states after the war, things are happening that will soon have us all wondering about what happened to the United States of America.

A couple of months ago, I was talking to a low information voter friend who said she thought all issues with Iran had been resolved and we didn’t have to worry about that country any longer. I just about choked. I had to resist telling my friend that it was because of people like her that we have a President like the one we have. Thank goodness we live in Alabama where her democrat vote for president doesn’t count.

According to USA Today, the United States wants to ensure Iran’s nuclear program is just for peaceful civilian purposes with Iran saying it wants to produce its own nuclear fuel for domestic energy, scientific and medical purposes. Iran also indicated that would accept certain limits to a fuel production program it considers it considers its sovereign right, in return for the lifting of international sanctions that have crippled its economy.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu sees a potential Iranian nuclear weapon as an existential threat to nearby Israel, so he worries that any deal allowing Iran to produce nuclear fuel poses the risk that Iran will be able to create a secret weapons’ program.

Congressional Democrats gave the current president a March 24 deadline to reach a framework agreement. At that point, they will join Republican colleagues to consider increasing sanctions on Iran. Those favoring tougher sanctions say they are needed to prod Iran into an acceptable accord, but the current President says increased sanctions would derail the talks. As such, the current President asked Congress to hold off on new sanctions until after the deadline for a comprehensive agreement of June 30.

It’s now July 13. According to Huffington Post, negotiators at the Iran nuclear talks plan to announce today that they’ve reached a historic deal capping nearly a decade of diplomacy that would curb the country’s atomic program in return for sanctions relief, two diplomats told the Associated Press yesterday. A senior U.S. official declined to speculate as to the timing of any agreement of announcement, but said “major issues remain to be resolved.”

The pact is meant to impose long-term, verifiable limits on nuclear programs that Tehran could modify to produce nuclear weapons. Iran, in return would get tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

The current President has indicated that he would not allow Iran to procure a nuclear weapon. I don’t know about you, but I feel so comforted. Has this President every told us the truth about anything? Is the rogue regime of Iran going to abide by any agreement? Of course not!

However, a nuclear deal will face serious scrutiny from members of Congress. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Bob Corker, said that he remains skeptical about a possible deal. This is something that those of us who consider ourselves politically astute must keep watching and not get distracted by what’s offending who and why.

Another issue that is taking place while we’re distracted is the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). The TPA has passed in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. According to Senator Jeff Sessions’ website, it eliminates Congress’ ability to amend or debate trade implementing legislation and guarantees an up or down vote on a far-reaching international agreement before that agreement has received any public view. Not only will Congress have given up the 67-vote threshold for a treaty and the 60-vote threshold for important legislation, but will have even given up the opportunity for amendment and the committee review process that both insure member participation. This applies not only to the Trans Pacific Partnership, but all international trade agreements during the life of the TPA.

According to a USTR outline of the TPP, the TPP is a living agreement which the President could update as appropriate to address trade issues that emerge in the future as well as new issues that arise with the expansion of the agreement to include new countries. The living agreement provision means that participating nations could both add countries to the TPP without Congressional approval and could also change any of the terms of the agreement.

The Congressional Research Service reports that if the United States signs on to an international trade agreement, the implementing legislation of that trade agreement would supersede conflicting federal, state, and local laws. When this occurs, U.S. workers may be subject to sudden changes in tariffs, regulations, or dispute resolution proceedings in international tribunals outside the U.S. Can you say bye-bye to our sovereignty?
Information on Senator Sessions’ website further indicates that the biggest open secret in the international market is that other countries are devaluing their currencies to artificially lower the price of their exports while artificially raising the price of out exports to them. The result has been a massive bleeding of domestic manufacturing wealth.

The above is a smattering of information regarding TPA/TPP, and it is my hope that you will be motivated to learn more about TPA and TPP. Senator Sessions’ has a summary on his website that is understandable.Senator Jeff Sessions

Having elaborated on the above, there are some disturbing items arising out of this Confederate flag controversy. We all know that the “tolerant left” is never satisfied when they get something they want. They wanted the Confederate flags removed from where they were flying over government buildings. I’ve also heard that they are wanting to make flying the Confederate flag a criminal offense. Each day the liberals come up with something new that should offend certain segments of society. For all intents and purposes, we have lost our freedom of speech. Now it seems like the left desires to erase the history surrounding the Civil War. Remember how Stalin erased history?

Yes, we should be mindful of everything coming out of the Confederate flag controversy, but there are other things going on that we must be mindful about also. If we get passed the Confederate flag controversy, we may very well discover that our leaders have accomplished their goal of the destruction of the United States of America.



I haven’t said much about the Confederate flag because there are more important issues such as the Trans Pacific Partnership where the current president has the authority to further destroy our sovereignty and take us several giant steps forward to one world government. Since I can’t seem to generate interest in TPP, I guess I’ll have to discuss the Confederate flag and the reason the Civil War was fought.

On June 29, I posted what I was taught in school about the Civil War:  You might want to review the article before you read the following.
What I remember being taught about the Civil War

It’s a fact that people in other parts of the United States have historically looked down their noses at the South and southerners. I grew up with this and accepted it. And yes, I have personally been treated as though I somehow wasn’t as good since I was from the south. Decades ago when I was living in Atlanta, I was playing bridge with three ladies who were from up north. One of the ladies said something bad about the south, then realized she shouldn’t have said what she said in front of me. It could have been awkward, but I chose to pretend I didn’t hear what she said.

After I started travelling to mostly major U.S. cities, I discovered that while those outside the south looked down on us, I had no reason to feel inferior. In fact, I started to feel superior and to this day still feel superior. A lot of women outside the South don’t wear make-up or fix their hair on a daily basis…ewwwww! Plus, many of them don’t take the time to dress properly. Even if I’m doing manual labor outside, if other people are going to see me, I make sure that my work clothes are coordinated. Of course, not all women outside the South are like that, and not all southern women take pains with their appearances like I do.

While I don’t especially get into the North vs. South thing, there are some attitudes and assumptions I don’t like to hear coming from someone who lives outside the South:

1.The assumption that all southerners eat grits three times a day, seven days a week. This   is not true. I can be dining with folks who aren’t originally from the south and if there’s a grits entrée on the menu, they will surely ask me if I’m going to order it. I’ll generally say, “No, are you?” That is unless I’m going to order the grits entrée.
2.Making snarky comments about the city shutting down when there’s an inch of snow on the ground. First of all, we don’t get that much snow down here and it doesn’t make sense to invest in snow plows to clear the roads. Also, the Birmingham area is mountainous and hilly, so it’s that much more difficult to drive in snow. I’m not comfortable driving in it, but if I lived up north and had to drive in it, I’m sure I would learn and probably become quite proficient at it.
3.If something is different than what they’re familiar with outside the south, making a huge deal of it and saying, “That must be a southern thing.” If I’m in another part of the country and something’s different, I certainly don’t make a big deal of it and probably won’t mention it. If it’s something related to food, I’ll probably try it. If I like it, fine; if I don’t, that’s okay too.

With respect to the Confederate flag, I don’t think of it as a symbol of racism and hate. I see it as one of the flags of the Confederacy which is a major part of American history. I don’t object to taking it down where it flies over certain government buildings. The Confederate flag no longer governs the south. What I don’t like is the rush to remove the flag from anything and everything. Yesterday, I ran upon something indicating an Alabama legislator was suggesting that we re-design the Alabama coat of arms because a Confederate flag appears in it.

Liberals have an unyielding view that the flag is a symbol of racism and hate. Anyone that has a differing opinion is a racist. Could we possibly be seeing liberals as intolerant and bigoted? What has been the theme of so many of my Wing Nut Gal posts?

There are also “back and fourths” regarding the reason the Civil War was fought. Some say it was 100% over slavery and some say that slavery was a side issue and the root issue was states’ rights. I don’t know anyone who was there at the time and I don’t think any of you, my readers, do either. I remember it being mentioned that the Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” had a lot to do with the starting of the war. Also, I remember being taught that when Stowe met President Lincoln, he said, “So you’re the little lady who caused this war.” Even though I remember this from my childhood, I have not been able to verify its truth. So, I don’t think we know and I’d like to see us leave it at that. There’s evidence to support both sides. Liberals, in their quest to further divide this nation on the basis of race insist that the war was fought over slavery and if you beg to differ, you’re are a racist.

In my history classes, reconstruction was emphasized and I was taught that the South was sorely mistreated. Yes, the South was mistreated and the United States of America was hurt. One thing I did learn in studying the horrors of reconstruction is that we don’t ever want anything like this to happen again. I see some things about threats of secession. I hope these articles are tongue and cheek.

The current president, along with his liberal henchmen, have sought to divide the United States of America by race, by class, by income, and by political ideology. Could they also be seeking to divide us by region? I’ve seen things with this administration that I thought I would never see, and at this juncture, nothing is going to surprise me.

I pray that we will put the Confederate flag and all this other silly stuff behind us, and focus on preserving the United States of America and taking our country back to when it was the land of the free and the home of the brave.