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This past Tuesday, July 28, 2015, the current president said he felt he had been a “pretty good” President of the United States and was confident that he would be elected again if he could run again. Most conservatives responded to this saying no way. These are the same folks who were so sure that he would not be re-elected in November 2012. And look what happened!

If he was able to run for a third term, my prediction is that he would definitely have an excellent chance of being re-elected. He has majority of the media on his side, low information voters have generally supported him, and of course, everyone from the far left to the slightly left of center support him.

In 2012, I felt good about Mitt Romney’s candidacy after the first presidential debate. The current president seemed week and off-balance. Furthermore, candidate Romney did blow holes through the president’s socialist policies. Then came the debate on foreign policy when candidate Romney questioned the President about his labeling of the Benghazi killings as acts of violence and not terrorist attacks. Mediator Candy Crowley indicated that the President did call them acts of terror. However, it wasn’t until two weeks after the attacks that the President admitted they were terrorist attacks. Initially, the current President, through U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, publicly blamed the attacks on an anti-Islamic video. Candidate Romney seemed off-balance and no longer pursued Benghazi. When this happened, I thought to myself, Romney has just handed the election to the current President. Romney had his chance to expose the President for actions taken/not taken by him and his administration regarding Benghazi, but he blew it.

Enter Hurricane Sandy that traveled up the east coast wreaking havoc on densely populated areas. The President seemed genuinely concerned about the plight of the affected Americans and the loss or property. So, people who were undecided and might be leaning toward Romney, did an about face and voted for the current President.

Come election night, every toss-up state went for the current President. I thought that a bit strange because in most Presidential elections, the candidates split the toss-ups. Am I insinuating that there may have been some fraud? Yes, I think that’s a possibility, especially in Ohio. Can I prove it? No.

Conservatives do have a better message than liberals. If I had the chance to debate a liberal and had at my fingertips, all the facts and figures, I have no doubt that I would win the debate. However, in all likelihood, my liberal counterpart would get frustrated and emotional and start yelling all sorts of things at me, including racism, sexism, hater of the poor, hater of minorities, hater of the elderly, and the list goes on. I would find myself having to disprove the allegations. Of course, I can to that. But having to do that would derail the message I was attempting to deliver.
I have a huge imagination. In fact, it’s too big for my own good. But it’s proved useful for my fiction writing. Currently, I’m imagining that all of Hillary’s scandals come home to roost. Because Senator Bernie Sanders is an old white guy and not very exciting, it looks like the Democrat party may be down on their luck. Then in some unimaginable way, the current President is able to qualify and run for a third term, and comes in to save the Democrat party. Unfortunately, I know some Obama-zombies who would literally weep with joy should that happen. Sickening, isn’t it?

While I’ve always said that if most people really knew the difference between Republicans and Democrats, most people would be Republicans. In the summer of 2015, I’m not so sure. A liberal friend of mine, in failing to win an argument with me on Obamacare, indicated that the American people would get used to the increased premiums, diminished quality of healthcare, and the fact that the Federal Government, in forcing the American people to purchase something, is unconstitutional. I guess that will become part of the liberals’ mantra…”you’ll soon get used to it.”

The United States of America seems to have lost its moral compass. People are more outraged over the killing of a lion in Africa than they are over the illegal harvesting of organs from aborted fetuses. Twenty-five years ago, most American were pro-choice, but most of those pro-choice folks were against partial birth abortions and were pro-choice because they felt, that in the early stages of pregnancy, an embryo was not yet a human being. Liberals are set to ruin the life of the Minnesota dentist that killed Cecil, the lion. They are demonstrating outside of his closed office seething with hate. It seems okay for liberals to do this to the dentist, but not okay for pro-life groups to conduct organized protests outside various Planned Parenthood offices. It’s okay to have that awful George Soros pay protesters to destroy property and lives in the towns of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland, but if there’s a sign at a Tea Party rally that may not be in the best of taste, those people are all dubbed terrorists and subjected to being called lots of bad names.

I don’t know that there’s any one person or group of people who can save the United States of America. But the United States of American can be saved and I believe it will be saved. Only God, at this point, can.



While I have never heard him say this, I have read many times where the current president has said he doesn’t believe that people should be able to own guns. It has also been documented that one of his frustrations in being president is that he has not been able to pass stricter gun control legislation.

I recently read an article on a conservative website where the author was speculating on measures that the current administration might take to further limit the second amendment rights of the American people, perhaps through executive orders. One such measure that was speculated upon was limiting those who had trouble handling their finances from purchasing guns. Another measure that was offered up was limiting those on Social Security/senior citizens from purchasing guns. Also, it has been speculated that gun ownership might preclude those who have been treated for common emotional maladies such as depression. The author felt that the president would do anything he could to limit gun ownership. A liberal reading the above would probably say these statements are idiotic.

Because this president has done so many bad things already, I don’t put anything past him. He promised to fundamentally change the United States of America and he has done it. While we haven’t reached the point to where folks are being taken from their beds in the middle of the night and transported to a gulag and tortured to death, could that be coming in the future? Before that happens, I certainly hope that the American people will wake up and take this country back.

So, he doesn’t want private citizens to have guns? Guns are dangerous and require a special kind of handling and respect. I remember the first time I shot a gun. I realized the power that I had in my two hands. I do own a handgun and while I don’t use it, I would feel vulnerable without it. Kind of like most of us do if we don’t have our seatbelts fastened.

I wonder why liberals are against gun ownership or feel that it should be severely restricted? Before the invention of gun powder, the physically weak did not have much power over the physically strong. If there was conflict, the physically strong usually prevailed over the physically weak. The invention of gun powder and guns changed all of that. Gun equalized the strong and the weak. Redistribution of power? With liberals so into redistribution of everything, how come they are so against gun ownership?

With liberals desiring to take our gun rights away, even if they are doing it a smidgen at a time, will they stop when all of us are defenseless? Have liberals ever stopped at anything? What about automobiles? Aren’t they dangerous, also? In fact, I’d say they’re more dangerous than guns. When you’re behind the wheel of an automobile, you have the power to run over people and destroy property. You have the power to ruin your life and the lives of others.

Yet, anyone who has the money or the credit can purchase an automobile. You’re not asked to show your driver’s license when test driving an automobile. However, you might have to show your driver’s license when arranging for financing. In other words, I don’t know of any requirements you have to meet to purchase a car, except to have insurance when you’re financing. I’ve known of situations where elderly people have purchased automobiles with no intention of driving them. They purchased the car so that their children could drive them wherever.

What’s my point, you ask. If liberals are successful in taking away our guns, do you think they might go after automobiles next? Do you think the government might try to limit the purchase of automobiles to those within a certain age range? Then could they limit you as to what type of vehicle you could purchase according to your age, sex, occupation, etc.?

There have been numerous instances when someone driving an automobile rammed onto a crowded sidewalk and crashed into a restaurant or other public place. However, “automobile control or violence” has never been discussed among liberals. If I were depressed enough or wanted to get even with someone who had wronged me, I could walk out to my enclosed garage, start up my vehicle, and open the windows. It wouldn’t take long.

As I said above, liberals will never stop. They will claim their policies are for your own good because you are not capable of looking out after yourself. They know best, but all they really want is as much control over your life as they can get.

In spite of the fact that we have a republican controlled Congress, we are losing freedoms and rights every day. I do believe, though, that the United States of America is an exceptional nation and at some point Americans will rise up against the tyrannical government that has been elected to power, not once, but twice. When will that be? I don’t know. How much of our freedoms and rights will we have to loose before it happens? Again, I don’t know. But it’s something that every American should be thinking about.



There’s a liberal out there, Ta-Nehisi, Coates who has disparaged the America dream. In fact in an article in, he says that the American dream is a lie. Being a southern white conservative Christian, and according to liberals, an unenlightened oaf, I had some trouble with this liberal-authored article and had to read it several times. Even after reading it several times, I’m not real sure what the article was intended to mean.

I was able to grasp that Coates believes that there is no American Dream without the right to control, exploit, break, or kill black bodies. Coates further believes that without this right, Americans would tumble out of the dream. Then they would have to determine how to build their suburbs on something other than human bones.

There’s so much garbage in this article that I skipped over some sections and dwelled on sections that this unenlightened oaf could understand.

There’s someone named David Brook, who is a liberal and a worshiper of Ta-Nehisi Coates. Brooks feels that Coates is the heir apparent to someone named James Baldwin who was the racial conscience of America. Again, not sure what that means. But again, I’m just an unenlightened oaf.

In reading further down in the article, there has apparently been a debate some fifty years ago that the American Dream is at the expense of the American Negro. The article went on indicate that America’s unwillingness to acknowledge that the Dream was built on the exploitation and destruction of black bodies was the seed of its own negation. Baldwin went on to say that the entirety of American infrastructure, harbors, ports, and railways, and its economy would not be what it is if the country had not had expendable black labor, and that American’s power in the world would not have been possible without “my sweat and the violation of my women and the murder of my children.”

Baldwin has concluded that Americans must accept the fact that blacks were the ones who build this country and until that moment comes, there is scarcely any hope for the American dream.

The American Dream is a concept whereby, as an American, you have the opportunity to succeed with hard work and dedication. Some will succeed with little effort, some will succeed with boat loads of effort, and unfortunately, some who work hard and are dedicated will not succeed. Success for anyone is not guaranteed. And yes, luck may be involved.

When this James Baldwin person who I’ve never heard of, but you liberals may know exactly who he is, said that the entirety of the American infrastructure would not have been possible without his sweat and the violation of his women and the murder of his children, I would certainly have asked for examples. How were your women violated and how were your children murdered? If he had instead said, the entirety of the American infrastructure would not have been possible without the labor of the black man and the black woman, I would certainly agree with him. Many races and nationalities were involved in the building of the American infrastructure. I would also make the statement that before the barriers were lifted for blacks in the sixties, there were probably a disproportionate number of black laborers to white laborers and there may still be.

According to the article, Ta-Nehisi Coates works the Atlantic magazine. While I can’t be sure, I would imagine that his salary is enough to afford him a better than average life style. As was indicated above, David Brooks and others consider Coates as America’s racial conscience. I’m not sure what racial conscience means, but again, as a southern white conservative Christian, liberals consider me too stupid to live. Maybe I should ask a liberal what it means.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, in this cryptic article, seems bitter and intent on sending a message to other blacks that because their ancestors were once exploited that they don’t have a chance to be successful in the United States of America.

Granted, many liberal/Democrat/progressive policies aimed at blacks have hurt blacks and kept many from achieving success, Ta-Nehisi should be a champion for the black community. He should let them know that if he can become a writer for a national magazine, they have a chance at fulfilling their dreams also.

Liberals are too busy hating the United States of America, hating white people, hating Christians, and hating people whose political views differ from their own, that they can’t see the harm they are doing to this country and all of us Americans. Or maybe they can and they’re purpose is being fulfilled.



When I was very young, much too young to understand the workings of government, I know my country, the United States of America, had a President. I can’t remember how this conversation got started, but Mama, Daddy, and I had a talk about the President of the United States and the powers he has as President.

Mama and Daddy were quick to point out to me that the president was not all powerful and could not do anything he wanted as president. To get something done, he had to go through Congress (the Senate and the House of Representatives). Congress had to vote on and approve bills that the president wanted passed. From this long ago conversation, I gleaned that the president didn’t have much power at all, instead, he was charged with the responsibility of enforcing the laws that Congress passes.

I later, in school, learned about the separation of powers, the three branches of government, and the principle of checks and balances. The above were put in place by our founding fathers in order to preserve our republic and not allow us to evolve into a totalitarian state.

Being a baby boomer, I readily admit that I have taken our freedoms in the United States of America for granted. I grew up with the following:

  • Free, open elections of our political officials.
  • Freedom of speech to criticize our elected and appointed officials through different mediums.
  • Freedom to travel anywhere in this country and abroad.
  • A free and independent press to hold our government officials accountable.
  • Freedom of religion to worship as we saw fit or not to worship at all.
  • The freedom to pursue happiness and success.

We enjoyed these freedoms for so many years because no one particular person was in charge. The president was deemed the most important person in our governmental structure, but there were limits in what he could do fostered by a three-branched government and the system of checks and balances. Plus, there was that document called the U.S. Constitution that gives powers to the states that are not specifically outlined in the Constitution.

Sure, presidents have always had the power to implement their desires through executive orders. Some have used them more than others, but presidents in the past seemed to use them for more mundane things and the executive orders have not affected our day to day lives. Fast forward to today where we have a president who has indicated that he would go around Congress to put into place anything he wanted to implement. He says he’s doing things that he feels are right for this country, but he knows that Congress won’t pass these things.

This is not the way this country was set up to function. But this president’s followers seem to be mesmerized by him and think anything he does is wonderful. Plus, the press is on his side, not free and independent. Of course, the press has been in the tank for the left for decades.

According to in an article dated March 5, 2015, Obama publicly announced his supreme authoritative dictatorship. Confirming what I said above, our Founding Fathers purposely established a three branch government so that no one person or group of people would end up with absolute power. To pass a new law, it would take both the House of Representatives and the Senate to pass the same bill and then it has to be signed into law by the President.

The current president has repeatedly taken it upon himself to declare law, eliminate law, and change law without going through Congress as required by the U.S. Constitution. He took it upon himself to instruct the Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act and what immigration laws he wanted ignored and which ones to obey, among others.

Obama has also bypassed Congress and decided to change the federal welfare laws in an obvious attempt to buy votes among America’s poor. In a move that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich refers to as illegal, the current president has taken action to completely gut the work requirement from the Welfare Reform Act that was passed in 1996 and signed into law by former President Bill Clinton.

Obama has continued to act without the consent of Congress. Congress froze all federal aid to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government because of their terrorist activities and inhumane treat of the Egyptian people. Without any congressional approval or court order, Obama took it upon himself to release millions of dollars in money and weapons, including a number of fighter jets to the terrorist regime. Remember, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has called the United States an enemy like Israel that needs to be destroyed. That constitutes treason according to the U.S. Constitution.

Obama has also used a number of executive orders that would allow him to take over every form of communication, banking, and commerce in the declaration of an alleged national emergency. Furthermore, Internet regulations were established that would also give Obama complete control of the Internet if he wanted it.

Notice that Obama did not say that what he is doing is legal, but just the right thing to do according to him. He defies Congress to try and stop him from doing anything they believe is illegal.

By all of the above, he has established himself as a dictator, a king, a monarch. How could this have happened in a country where all precautions were taken to insure that something like this wouldn’t happen? President Ronald Reagan, in one of him most famous quotes once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spending our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

I wake up every morning wondering what Barack Obama is going to do today to further destroy the United States of America. With zombie-like low information followers who literally worship him and have ceded to him the power to control their lives because they view him as some sort of messiah, plus a main stream media who will not hold him accountable, we have not protected the freedoms our Founding Fathers established for us.

At this point, what can we do to preserve and protect our country? We’ve allowed an evil man to take control of our country. That evil man promised us hope and change. That evil man said he wanted to fundamentally transform the United States of America. Because folks were dissatisfied with the current administration, without stopping to think, they bought into this silver-tongued charlatan’s vile message and elected him not once, but twice.

What do we do now? What do we do now? When you think you have nowhere to go, think again. You do have somewhere to go; go to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray to him every night and every morning, and many times during the day to have mercy on the United States of America. Take everything to God in prayer. God is our refuge in perilous times. He will take care of his children.



Occupy Democrats, a far left website which almost always gets things wrong, posted a photo on Facebook indicating that Denmark is the world’s happiest country because:

  • $20.00 minimum wage
  • 33-hour work week
  • Free university
  • Free childcare
  • Free healthcare

At the bottom of the photo, folks are asked to share if America should follow their lead.

This sounds great, doesn’t it? I’m going to have lots of extra time and maybe I can take more weekend trips since I’m only working four days. I don’t have to pay for childcare or healthcare and my children will go to college for free. I just might write that novel that I’ve been wanting to write for years. Minimum wage is $20.00 an hour, due to our benevolent government insuring that every citizen is able to afford food, clothing, and shelter.

Wait a minute, though. My taxes will surely increase and how much will they increase? Just how much will my paycheck be? Looks like I can’t afford to take those road trips that I was going to have time to take because I don’t have to work as much. Road trips were a pipe dream anyway. Even though the country has not made the full conversion from fossil fuels to green energy, the price of gas is so high that I can’t afford to drive extra miles in my car. Furthermore, my automobile, while being very fuel efficient, is not capable of high speeds. While it used to take about 4-1/2 hours to drive to the beach, it now takes about 7 hours to drive to the beach. Guess that extra time I have because I only work 33 hours a week is going to be offset because it takes everyone longer to drive anywhere. Besides, I can’t afford to eat out at restaurants anymore. With the minimum wage at $20, eating out is a luxury of the past.

Oh well, I can write my novel. My laptop is getting old and my word processing software is out of date. While it’s time for an upgrade, electronics have become so expensive due to the $20.00 minimum wage, I can’t afford to get a new laptop and upgrade my word processing software. I’ll just have to make do with my current system. But as I begin to write the novel, I realize that some research is involved. I can do this on the Internet, but my internet connection is very slow and because the cost of 24/7 high speed Internet is outside by budget, I’m limited in what information I can get from the Internet at home. I guess I can go to the public library and do my research on their high speed Internet. However, the lines to use the library’s computers are long and the time you can stay on one of their computers is limited. I’m not able to write that novel either. Guess I’ll have to find something else to do with my time.

Since I can’t take those road trips or write that novel, I’ll stay at home and watch TV. Since I like movies, I’ll watch all those movies that I didn’t get to go to the theater and watch because the $20 minimum wage has increased the price of a movie so much that I can’t afford to go to the movies any longer. But wait, I can only afford basic cable. Again, due to the $20 hour minimum wage I can only afford the basic package.

Books! That’s what I’ll do, I’ll read books. I have lots of books that I purchased before our transition to socialism. Even though I can’t afford to buy more books, I can still download books on my electronic reader. Even though the price of downloaded books has increased, I think I can find it in my budget for a book or two each month.

Maybe I’ll expand my cooking skills. Since we have fewer restaurants because so many had to close due to the $20 minimum wage and the ones that are still open are so expensive that few people can afford to patronize them, I’ll cook. However, groceries have gone up so much because of the $20 minimum wage that I can barely afford to purchase chicken, vegetables, and bread. I can’t afford beef or seafood, much less ingredients to prepare desserts. Guess cooking more won’t happen either.

Well, I can still sit in my house and read my books. Again, though, we can’t drill for oil any longer and coal has been wiped off the face of the planet, the cost of lighting and heating our homes has increased dramatically. As we attempt to transition from fossil fuels to green energy, we’re never sure when the power will be on. The government often turns the power off at night when they feel that most people should be asleep they will then turn it on in the morning when they think people should be waking up. However, during times of extreme heat and cold, the government has the right to turn off your power if they think too much energy is being consumed. My reading may be limited.

I could go on and on and on about the Occupy Democrats photo, but it’s time to bring this post to a close. I hope you get my drift. And for you liberals who will say that I’m exaggerating, I might be a little. How many times have your parent told you the following:

  • If it appears too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • There is no free lunch.
  • You get what you pay for.

Yes, this jumps out at you and sounds good. But you must think things through. Sadly, many liberals don’t seem capable of doing that these days. They’re too busy turning over every rock looking for racism, sexism, and every other kind of “ism.” They’re also spending a lot of time trying to zap the Confederate flag and destroy history. Of course, this has only made the Confederate flag all that more visible.