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In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law major civil rights legislation. This piece of legislation ended segregation in public places and ended employment discrimination on basis of race, religion, color, sex, or national origin. This piece of legislation lifted the barriers for minorities, particularly blacks, and gave them the right to apply for college admission, housing, employment, etc. They could no longer be denied the right to pursue such things.

In 1970, the women’s movement began and the term, “women’s liberation,” became a household phrase. I’ll be the first to admit that I probably wouldn’t be sitting her at this computer trying to make my business profitable if it hadn’t been for the women’s movement which lifted the barriers and allowed women to compete for jobs that were traditionally held by men and that’s a good thing. I have been accused of taking advantage of the women’s movement and then being a traitor to my gender.

Working to open the doors for those who had been traditionally is a good and noble cause. However, liberals can’t seem to stop and enjoy their victories, they insist on pushing the envelope, and that pushing of the envelope is the reason that we’re in the mess we’re in today. Instead of, after getting the barriers lifted, saying, okay brothers and sisters, the world is your oyster, go out there and get that education, get those jobs, get that house in an upscale subdivision; they continued on, to this day, with their rhetoric. Racism, sexism, you would think that no progress had been made since the barriers were lifted.

I once attended a meeting for a women’s group hoping to get some pointers on how to succeed in the workplace. However, all the women did was trash men and talk about how horrible men were. Sadly, I think this is what it’s all about. It’s not about succeeding, it’s about declaring war on men, war on whites, war on heterosexuals.

After signing civil rights legislation into law, President Lyndon Johnson, instead of encouraging blacks to mix it up, apply for that college, apply for that job, etc., showed his disdain by insisting that blacks weren’t good enough to prosper in the white man’s world and therefore needed extra help. Supposedly, he said, “We’ll have all of these n*****s voting Democrat.” What a disgusting racist statement! Victory should have been his, but he had to push the envelope. While blacks are certainly prominent in our world today, far too many are on the welfare rolls and in prisons. Instead of letting the blacks get out there and compete, then succeed, Lyndon Johnson relegated them to another type of oppression that some may argue is much worse than segregation.

And then there’s the women’s movement. Women have jumped in and done very well. At first, a woman had to be just like a man to be accepted. Baking cookies and taking them to the office was a “no-no.” Now, that’s perfectly okay to do. I enjoy making my Christmas fudge and taking it to the office. Also, after the women’s movement, women were discouraged from accepting traditional women’s jobs such as teacher, secretary, and nurse. It seemed that you were considered second class if you pursued these occupations. I’ve had what were previously considered men’s jobs for a while and frankly I’m ready to do something feminine for a change. So, I’ve started writing romance novels and I enjoy doing that.

So, liberals have screwed over blacks and women. We’d all be much better off today if they had disappeared off the face of this earth after lifting the barriers for blacks and women.

Thanks to liberals, our healthcare system is messed up. Most of us who don’t have health insurance through an employer have had to procure insurance through “the marketplace.” My premiums have increased by 50% and I’m getting less and paying more.

Thanks to liberals, we no longer have free speech in this country. Half the time, I’m scared of what to say. Liberals change the definition of racism and sexism, sometimes as often as hourly, to suit their whims. Screwing up because of ignorance is no excuse. If you don’t tow the liberal line, they’ll do whatever they can to destroy you. You might not be hauled off to a gulag, but you can be destroyed in other ways.

When it comes to foreign policy, we’ve turned our back on our allies, especially our main ally in the Middle East, Israel. Now we’re negotiating with Iran, a country that sponsors terrorism, with regard to their quest to possess nuclear weapons. So, we promise to lift the sanctions and they guarantee that they will halt the building of nuclear weapons. Also, Iran is supposedly going to allow regular inspections. Due to my limited vocabulary, I cannot express the egregiousness of this.

Of course, the liberals have a goal to take away our right to bear arms and protect ourselves. I guess we’re supposed to let the perpetrator(s) attack us. If we’re fortunate enough to be able to call 911, then we have wait on the police.

Our borders are porous and the liberals want to take from American citizens and give to the illegal aliens. Of course, we have to pay for all of this. The goal is to make all of them citizens. Of course, they’ll vote Democrat.

We have a President who implements executive orders when he knows that Congress won’t give him what he wants. In other words, we’ve turned into a dictatorship. For those liberals who love this President and think the means justifies the end, you are wrong, dead wrong. When this country was founded, three branches of government were established with no branch being superior to the other branches. A system of checks and balances was established. This President has made a mockery of that.

As I write this, I’m watching Baltimore burn. The current President is responsible for this. I agree with Kevin Jackson of, he created the conditions for violence. His goal, the destruction of American, whether from within or without remains on schedule and it gets worse every day.

Our country is a mess and as I watch and read the news, I sometimes can’t believe that this is the United States of America.



This past Friday, my post was on bullying, the new liberal crime. I indicated that bullying is going the way of racism. It’s a heinous act that should definitely be punished and the definition changes according to what the liberals want it to be at the time. While my Friday post concentrated on childhood bullying, I’m going to take this post a little farther into childhood bullying and also talk some about adult bullying because it does exist.
The liberals have done their best to take God out of our society and have instigated all of this sensitivity related bull crap. We have anger management, cultural sensitivity, sexual harassment, etc. Thanks to liberals, most schools and workplaces have zero tolerance for insensitivity.

Bullies are aggressive individuals and may need to exercise that aggression to let off steam at times. Of course, they shouldn’t let off steam against another person and make that other person uncomfortable. The liberals, of course, have a solution to this, anger management classes. Instead of telling a person that he or she has to control his or her temper and if he or she makes another student, employee, etc. cry, then he or she will be written up with the possibility of termination. The threat of losing a job will probably whip that person into shape.

We didn’t have to deal with all of this BS until the Clinton presidency in the nineties and political correctness became “in vogue.” Someone loses their temper, they need to be sent to anger management. It was suddenly decided, even though thirty years had elapsed after the signing of the Civil Rights bill, we needed sensitivity training programs because of cultural differences between many groups, including, but not limited to blacks and whites. And let’s not forget sexual harassment training. That’s the only training that I had to go through and again, it was BS. Practice a little common sense and decency and you should be fine.

At one point, I was walking out of the building and into the parking lot with my Vice President, who had lost quite a bit of weight through hard work and dedication. I told William that he was really looking great. And then I remembered my sexual harassment training. Did I cross the line? Why can’t I tell someone that they look good, especially when they had been working hard at it?

How is this related to bullying? With all of our political correctness and making everyone a victim of some kind, the liberals can then control a substantial portion of our lives. The liberals make the bullied a victim who doesn’t have to face his tormentors and therefore becomes week and helpless, a liberal’s dream.

Whether the child is successful or not, having to face the playground bully makes you stronger and will serve to better prepare the child for challenges he or she is sure to face as an adult. While no parent wants their child to be sad or afraid, making the child go on that field trip or to that class party where he or she may be bullied is not such a bad thing for the child. On the other hand, now that God has been taken out of our society, and Judeo Christian principles are no longer valued and taught, bullies are now crossing the line and a child could get seriously hurt and in an extreme case could die.

Bullying, though, doesn’t stop on the playground or in the gym class, it carries on into adulthood. Adult bullies are probably not going to steal someone’s clothes out of their gym locker or give someone a wedgie, they can intimidate and make life miserable. And most of us, including myself, have had to deal with them. In most instances, when dealing with an adult bully, you can give it right back to them and they will back off. You have to be careful, though, if the bully’s your boss. Depending upon other circumstances, you can choose to look for another job. If the bully is a friend, you can end the friendship.

So much focusing on the bullied child and making him or her a victim is not preparing our young people for the difficulties they will face as adults. As a result, they will become weak adults and more likely to become dependent upon the government.

With taking God out of our society, people have nothing to depend on, so the government becomes their god, their savior, and their provider. God tests and will continue to test his followers while the government doesn’t even want to test welfare recipients. God takes care of his followers and promises them eternal life when their time on earth has ended. Is government always going to be there for those dependent on it? I think we know the answer to that.
The liberals have spear-headed taking God out of our society and have implemented various forms of political correctness. All of the stuff they do has one goal in mind. I’ve said it many times, and will continue to say it many more times. This is all about controlling every aspect of our lives as they possible can. Everything they do eventually comes down to it.

Before the invention of gun powder, those inclined to be physically strong overcame those who were physically weaker. The invention of gun powder served to further equalize the difference between the weak and strong. The weak now had a weapon that they could use against the strong. Now the liberals are desirous of taking our guns away from us so that equalizer no longer exists and creates additional weak individuals dependent upon government.
While the liberals want to have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, they are also promoting the taking away of a great equalizer between the strong and the weak.



Bullying is not new. In fact, it’s been taking place since the beginning of time, and in our imperfect world, it will continue to take place until the end of time or whenever we’re all turned into milquetoasts and the government has complete control over us.

During the last seven or eight years, bullying, as bad behavior, has gone the way of racism. It’s held out by the liberals as an inexcusable crime and whoever is guilty of it should be demonized and, if possible, destroyed. While you can’t, as of now, give the death penalty to someone who is guilty of bullying or racism, their lives can certainly be ruined in various ways. As I’ve said many times, liberals change the definition of racism on a dime and we unenlightened oafs must fall in line. If we slip up and plead ignorance to the definition or racism at that moment, we’re not excused. The tolerant left seems to be doing the same for the definition of bullying.

When we think of bullying, out thoughts generally move toward school children. There are the bullies, there are those who are being bullied, there are those who, while not actual bullies, are on the side of the bullies, and there are those who take the side and stand with the bullied. It’s wrong and as we were growing up, we knew it was wrong. Our parent told us it was wrong, we learned in Sunday School that it was wrong, and our school teachers told us that it was wrong. This was before God was taken completely out of our schools and out of our lives. Children who were disadvantaged were often bullied by “advantaged” children. A child might be bullied because he or she wasn’t physically attractive or perhaps because he or she came from a poor family. And yes, a lot of children who were physically and mentally challenged were bullied.

Before God was taken out of our schools, children were bullied. Back in the day, though, kids were made to go to Sunday school and church, made to listen to devotionals at school, and were disciplined by their parents and teachers. Sure, the kids didn’t listen and often made fun of church and devotionals. However, I firmly believe that even though kids were rejecting these teachings, Judeo Christian principles that were taught to them slipped through the cracks in their brains and kept these school bullies from “going to far.” When God was still very much present in our society, victim children might have water or food thrown at them, they might be embarrassed in ways, they might have had their clothes hidden while they were in the shower during gym class, but I don’t remember any situations where anyone was physically maimed for life. Some children may have been taunted to the point that they carried grudges into adulthood; but again, this pales in comparison to what we often see on the news today.

So many people, on the left and on the right, have come out against bullying. Parents are given guidelines in order to determine if their child is a victim of bullying. Children are told to report any types of bullying they observe. Also, victims are told to report any bullying to their teachers and parents. The victim, the victim, the victim. That’s all we hear about.

How about the bully? What if it’s your “little darlin” that’s the bully. He or she needs their butt worn out. But wait, we can’t do that anymore, can we? Maybe parents need some guidelines so they can determine if their child is a bully.

If a child is a bully, that’s not good, either. That child could very well have issues as he or she grows up and gets into the real world. The child bully could very well have issues in interacting with other people in an adult environment and could potentially have problems holding a job, problems in relationships, problems in marriage, and problems raising his or her children. That bully could also become a lawbreaker and end up in jail.

The speaker, one evening, at a service club to which I belong, was some kind of social worker and spoke on bullying. The program, of course, was all about the victim. During the question and answer session I posed the question, shouldn’t a parent also look for signs that their child may be doing the bullying and if he or she is, wear their butt out? The speaker, who looked like her hair had never seen the likes of a brush or comb, who had obviously never heard of make-up, and who had obviously never been taught how to dress properly, said to me, “Oh, we don’t advocate the wearing out of butts. Yes, that can be an issue.” She was clearly caught off guard.

In focusing on the victim, only, we’re not cutting off the head of the snake. We’re not properly dealing with the problem; instead, we’re creating a society composed of victims and aggressors, who in time, will also be considered victims. In other words, we’re continuing to create a society of misfits where bad behavior will continue to be excused because of trauma experienced as a child.

Maybe this is what the tolerant left wants in their quest to control every aspect of our lives they possibly can. As we continue on this planet, more and more victims are created and with all these victims who are not strong enough to exist on their own, the left has a perfect opportunity to swoop down on these unfortunates and give them a place at the government trough.

I’ve witnessed bullying in all forms and I’m sure you have too. In many instances to date, God has judged and dealt punishment. With God, there are no coincidences.



Because the term, income inequality, to this unenlightened oaf, seems vague and ambiguous, I Googled it and here’s a definition: Income Inequality refers to the extent to which income is distributed in an uneven manner among a population. In the United States, income inequality, or the gap between the rich and everyone else, has been growing markedly, by every major statistical measure for some 30 years. This whole definition or concept is disturbing, particularly the part that says, “to the extent to which income is distributed in an uneven manner.”

First and foremost, income is money earned by an individual or a business. The individual or the business is totally responsible for the income it receives. For simplicities sake, I’m going to focus on the individual. An individual can choose to train for a job or career. Hopefully, that individual will get a job and earn a desired income with a goal to grow in the job, get promotions, and earn as much money as possible.

I have a few friends who say that they’re in the high income bracket and love their job and love their employer. I have one friend, in particular, who I don’t think has ever been happy with her job or the salary she receives. This person, though, has never taken steps to change her work situation. While she certainly has control of her job situation and could make changes, she chooses to stay put and complain incessantly, making everyone miserable when they are around her.

Most of us are in the middle. There are some aspects of our jobs that we like and some aspects of our jobs that we don’t like. Furthermore, I suspect that most of us would like to make more money. It’s a world of give and take. While we may consider ourselves “stuck” in a job, there is now decree that says you have to stay in that job and earn the salary that comes with it. Circumstances may keep you from making changes, but again, there is no decree forcing you to remain at your job.

My point in having said all of the above: The money you make or the income you earn is something that you, the individual or you the business, control. When the individual controls his or her income, how can something like income inequality be a mantra for the left and something they must eliminate?

If someone choses to drop out of high school, gets a job sweeping floors, and can only afford to rent a room in a boarding house in a high crime/low income part of town, why is that anyone’s problem or anyone’s business? On the other hand, if someone else, chooses to go to college, then to medical school, then becomes a successful doctor, and earns a huge income, again, why is that anyone’s problem?

The liberals are going to make a victim out of the floor sweeper. He had to drop out of school because he was bullied, he left his parents’ home because he was abused. To add insult to injury, his intelligence level is such that he can probably do no better than sweep floors for a living. The doctor, on the other hand, came from an upper middle class family and his intelligence level is that of a genius. He had the means to attend college and medical school and while there, he received top grades. He was then hired into an established practice and when the time came, he established his own practice. “It’s just not fair, they’re going to cry. We have to go after that rich doctor and make him pay.”

I feel sorry, and I think we all do when we see someone like the floor sweeper who will probably be stuck in a menial job for the rest of his life. No two people are alike. Never the less, we must take what talents that God has given us and do our best with those talents. Our planet is not a perfect place and won’t be a perfect place until Jesus returns and sets up his one thousand year reign.

As my Dad used to say, “There are sad stories all over.” As individuals, we should certainly help those less fortunate. The United States of America was founded on the principle that government would be limited, thereby giving individual citizens freedom to achieve with no limits. Some may choose to live a simple life where their income is limited, but there is more time to spend with family and do other things. Others may choose to work seven days a week, earn a high income so they can drive luxury cars, purchase multiple luxury homes, and take European vacations two or three times a year. In the United States of America, it’s our right to choose.

The liberals are always going to go back to the floor sweeper whose life is always going to be dismal, and ask us conservatives what we’re going to do about him. Just as the liberals crammed Obamacare down our throats, screwing up the health insurance for 85% of Americans just for the sake of the 15% of Americans who did not have health insurance, they’re going to continue to seek out and destroy everyone who they consider has done well for the sake of a small number of individuals who, according to them, were kept down by the evil rich.

While I realize that I’m preaching to the choir because very few liberals read my blog, we all know that the liberals don’t care about the floor sweeper and his menial existence. That’s not it at all. Their desire is to control as much of your life as possible. Pontificating about income inequality is just a smoke screen for the ultimate goal, an economic system which has at its core concept, from each according to his ability, to each, according to his need.



Democrats/liberals/progressives or whatever they want to call themselves have coined the phrase “Income Inequality,” something they must address, a terrible wrong that they must right. I’ll be the first to admit that this unenlightened oaf has been confused as to what the left actually wants. Do they want everyone to make the same amount of money? In other words, do they want people who sweep floors and clean toilets to make the same amount of money as one who performs delicate brain surgery or writes the code to launch missiles with nuclear warheads should the United States comes under attack? Surely not! With the tolerant left, you never know.

To you liberals, I may be an unenlightened oaf, but doesn’t the individual have control over his or her own income? Doesn’t the individual have a choice on his or her education and training? Doesn’t that individual have control on how far he or she goes, once hired, by the value of his or her work as an employee?

Having said the above, I realize than not everyone is cut out to be a brain surgeon or a high level software engineer. I could never do brain surgery, but have managed to do mid-level software engineering in the manufacturing and financial sectors. I do recognize that there are individuals out there who are probably not cable of much more than sweeping floors and cleaning toilets.

Because this concept of income inequality puzzles this unenlightened oaf, I researched the definition. According to most sources, income inequality refers to the extent to which income is distributed in an uneven manner among the population. The definition goes on to indicate that in the United States income inequality, or the gap between the rich and everyone else, has been growing markedly, by every major statistical measure, for some 30 years.

According to this definition…okay, I’m stumped. I was raised to believe that in this country, an individual takes control of their life at some point. For some, it is when they are a mere child, and for others, it may come much later. But you eventually take control and assume responsibility for yourself and those that may be dependent on you.

I had a boss in the early 2000s who admitted that the age of 39, he was married with a two year old daughter and playing in a rock band in a small town at a dive for people who didn’t have teeth. At 39 years of age, he realized that he didn’t want to do this anymore. He went back to school and radically changed his life.

At one point in my life, I worked with a guy who was somewhat lazy in high school. Upon high school graduation, he married his high school sweetheart, got a job in a factory, and lived with his wife in a trailer. After a few years, he decided that this wasn’t the life that he wanted. He went to college and earned his degree. He turned his life around, but unfortunately died from cancer when he was way too young to die.
The above two gentlemen took charge of their lives and did what they had to do in order to transition from a life that was, in their eyes, unacceptable, to something they considered acceptable considering their responsibilities. THEY DID WHAT THEY FELT THEY HAD TO DO!

That’s what we all hopefully do. Yes, we make mistakes and yes, we have regrets. I often wonder what if I had done this instead of that. Never-the-less, I have worked with the talents that God gave me in order to not only survive, but to have a few shiny toys and some good memories.

The money we earn through the utilization of our talents and through hard work is a result of the blessings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What we earn and what we have is on loan from God. Through God, and only through God, we have what we have.

The Democrats/liberals/progressives pontificate about income inequality and it seems as though they feel like what we earn as individuals is not ours nor is it God’s, but it belongs to the government. Somehow, through their twisted way of thinking, those folks who earn a substantial income and are able to afford nice things, are somehow lucky. The fact that they took charge of their lives through training and hard work means nothing.

Furthermore, again through twisted liberal thinking, they cheated the minimum wage worker who spends his or her money on drugs and alcohol; and therefore cannot make his or her car payment or rent payment. Thus, what they earn should be sucked up by the government and re-distributed equitable to everyone, making everyone “equal.”

For the person who earns slightly more than minimum wage working at a convenience store and is getting a subsidy from the government so he or she can afford a nice car and a nice apartment (maybe even a house), eat at nice restaurants and take frequent trips, where is the incentive to train for a higher paying job, then work hard to advance? For the middle-aged professional who works 50 to 60 hours a week at a stressful job to be able to afford a luxury automobile, a nice home in an upscale neighborhood, to send his children to college so they won’t be saddled with student loans, and to take nice vacations, what’s the use of continuing working so hard if the government is just going to take a huge chunk of what he or she earns and distribute it to the convenience store clerk, thereby making his or her lifestyle comparable to that of the convenience store clerk.

Congratulations current administration, congratulations Bernie Sanders because this is your central theme, and congratulations to all Democrats/liberals/progressives. You’re well on your way to destroying one of the most important pillars upon which this country was founded. You love to pass out your shiny wrapped packages and tell us we must open them to see what’s in them and when we do, the vipers those packages contain strike with fury.