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The Justice Department has determined that officer Darren Wilson, of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department, acted in self-defense and was not guilty of any wrong doing in the shooting of Michael Brown. In delivering this announcement, United States Attorney General Eric Holder looked like he would rather be in a room full of rattle snakes. It was definitely a force delivery. For the “Eric Holder” Justice Department to declare that Officer Wilson was acting appropriately and within the law and within police guidelines, anyone would have to come to the conclusion that Officer Wilson was so obviously innocent. If this Justice Department had found anything questionable, there is no doubt in my mind that Wilson would have been nailed.

In a separate report, the Justice Department described what it said was a “pattern and practice” of discrimination against African-Americans by the Ferguson police and municipal courts. That discrimination included racist emails. I haven’t looked into this report, but according to, the report states that while the town of Ferguson, Missouri is 67% black, 85% of those whose vehicles were stopped by the police were black. Furthermore, 90% of those who received citations were black and 93% of people arrested in Ferguson were black. There is some difference here, but for a town of just 21,000, it doesn’t exactly speak volumes to me. Several Ferguson municipal employees have resigned as a result of this report.

So, on one hand, the Justice Department finds that Officer Darren Wilson did not act in any way inappropriately, but finds the Ferguson Police Department has a pattern of discrimination against blacks. The current administration appears to be anti-local law enforcement. The current President never fails to take a shot at them when some sort of incident happens, even when he doesn’t know the facts of the case. In fact, liberals in general do this and typically root for the “so-called victim.” Again, what else is new? We all know that liberals don’t care about facts.

I do have a concern regarding this administration and our local law enforcement agencies. The current President, his administration, and the rest of his supporters are into putting everything they possibly can under the control of the Federal government. What’s to stop them from taking steps to impose regulations upon our local police and sheriff’s departments? Then what’s to stop them from doing away with local law enforcement and putting all law enforcement under the Federal umbrella? Can you say GESTAPO?

Do you know who the Koch brothers are, two men who name liberals spit out with hatred? The Koch brothers are majority owners of Koch Industries, an oil, gas, chemical conglomerate and the second largest private company in the U.S. Their foundations have provided millions of dollars to a wide variety of organizations, including the United Negro College Fund. Their foundations have also contributed to conservative and libertarian think tanks. But as I said, there is overwhelming hatred for the Koch brothers from the left.

Do you know who George Soros is, someone most liberals seem to revere? He’s a Hungarian-born American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is also a supporter of liberal/progressive political causes. He was the guy that said he would be willing to spend all of his money to see that George Bush wasn’t re-elected president in 2004, saying that removing George Bush from office was the center of his life. Recipients of his funding include ACORN, Planned Parenthood, The Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters, and, all suspected corrupt organizations. According to, Soros would like nothing better than for America to become subservient to international bodies. He wants more power for groups such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Soros has also commented that he seems himself as a messianic figure and admits that he has carried some potent messianic fantasies since his childhood. He admits to having to suppress these fantasies for fear of ending up in a loony bin.

George Soros is a very scary individual who is obviously an advocate of an eventual one world government. He has even been linked, through his foundations, to the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri. The Koch brothers are rich businessmen who have certainly contributed to conservative causes. They are great Americans who believe in American exceptionalism.

Whenever I hear liberals express hatred for the Koch brothers, I want to say to them, “What about your awful George Soros? Of course, liberals can say anything and when called down for it, they just start screaming and hurling insults which are about the only things they know how to do, other than muck up our nation. And they certainly have done that.



Over the weekend I saw a post on my Facebook newsfeed that stated the following: “the total amount of money that Wall Street handed out in bonuses last year was double the total income of all full time minimum wage workers.”

I did check this out and unlike the post I wrote about this past Friday, this one appears to be true and the liberals are just having a field day with it. Socialist/Communist Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren said that it was obscene. According to the Institute of Policy Studies, Wall Street bonuses for 1,625,000 were $26,700,000,000 while 1,085,000 minimum wage earners earned $15,134,665,000.

Also, according to the left leaning IPS, the nation’s economy would receive more of a boost if the minimum wage was increased by $1.00 because minimum wage earners tend to spend all of their income whereas high income earners tend to save more and so that money does not boost the economy.

I’m not sure where IPS is coming from on this. When money is saved by putting it in a savings account or investing in the stock market, that money does go into the economy. It may not be used to purchase a fried apple pie at McDonalds to top off that burger, fries, and drink, but it is being used somewhere. Does the left not want us to save? We’ve been taught all of our lives to save money. We save money for that rainy day, we save money for our retirement, we save money for a new car or for a down payment on a house, etc. But now it seems that the left is inferring that we should not save money because money in savings accounts or other investments does not boost the economy to the extent that just spending it freely does.

Liberals have already trashed the work ethic with Nancy Pelosi telling folks to quit that corporate job they hate to write a book or do whatever they have dreams about, since providing for their health care is no longer an issue with the implementation of Obamacare. Could they now be trashing saving money and being thrifty? The more folks that don’t save mean more folks having nothing. That means more folks will be dependent on the government. The government can then provide for them according to their needs.

Elizabeth Warren is not the only one gnashing her teeth over this. All liberals seem ready to go out there and fight for the little guy. They want to rip those bonuses right out of the hands of the Wall Street folks and give that money to those folks making minimum wage. They consider the U.S. economy a zero-sum game where the pie that never grows should be evenly split.

To this conservative, I see what should be an incentive for minimum wage earners to work hard with the hopes of one day getting a large Wall Street bonus. I guess liberals take this snapshot and assume that those minimum wage earners are always going to be minimum wage earners. In other words they are too lazy, too stupid, or both to work hard and succeed. But, of course, liberals think we are all too stupid to run our lives and make decisions.

In ninth grade civics, I learned about the phrase, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This is a quote from Karl Marx and is considered the basic philosophy of Communism.

I’m seeing this philosophy ingrained in more and more liberals each day. Just listen to an Elizabeth Warren speech sometime. In addition to the liberals that serve in high government positions, many local or grass roots’ liberals are gravitating toward this also.

With the ending of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union and Communism in the Eastern bloc countries, Communism isn’t the threat that it once was. Former Soviet Union Secretary General Nikita Khrushchev told our World War Two generation parents that their children would live under Communism. That turned out not to be the case, but I’m wondering if he should have said your grandchildren would be living under Communism.



A post appeared on my news feed of my Facebook page on Wednesday. It was a picture of three rather well-heeled businessmen having coffee and laughing. They were sitting around what looked to be a very nice table and were sitting in nice chairs. This could very well have been at a private club or in an executive’s lounge.

Below the photo, was a quote by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a self-admitted Socialist? The quote was as follows: “The Business Roundtable, a group representing CEOs that retire on an average monthly check of $88,576, is advising Congress to cut Social Security and Medicare. How does a CEO retiring on $88,476 a month tell a senior struggling to survive on $1,250 a month that they deserve less?”

I checked this out and according to my findings, the Business Roundtable group had recommended upping the retirement age from 67 to 70. 67 is now the retirement age for those born after 1959. They also recommended the age for qualifying for Medicare be raised. I could find nothing where this group was advocating the cutting of actual benefits. These recommendations were made in order to preserve Social Security and Medicare.

I didn’t spend a lot of time on this, so there may very well be a substantial amount of information out there that I haven’t seen. I did advise one of the Facebook friends who posted this to check things out before posting. I’ve posted things that turned out not to be true and I’ve been caught. So, I do make an effort to check something out before I post it, especially if it appears to be “out there.”

What was more upsetting, though, were the comments that were made. Here are a few.
• The Business Roundtable group members had no soul and were pure evil.
• I would love to strip these men of everything they have for 1 year and then see what they think.
• Pompous SOBs.
• Those CEOs are all A-holes.
• The only way I would become religious would be if someone would assure me there is a hell for people like them.
• If it wasn’t for their employees, they would be worthless.
• Hateful, selfish people.
• Greedy, awful human beings.

You get my drift. I’m sure some of these people are all of the above and more. But I’m just as sure that some of these individuals probably started in the mail room or on the assembly line and worked their way up the corporate ladder. Also, I’m just as sure that many are large donators to charitable concerns.

The people commenting on this post are obviously liberals and perhaps Socialists. Many of them seemed to adore Bernie Sanders who is anti-capitalism and pro-redistribution of wealth. These commenters also seemed to think they were entitled.

I’m here to tell you that none of us are entitled. This country was founded on the premise that the government would stay out of the lives of its citizens, giving individuals the freedom to create wealth and prosper. The United States economy is not a zero sum game.

Sure, I have made comments about those who have done better than me, saying, “It must be nice.” However, I was taught to be grateful for what the Lord has given me. If anything, when I encounter someone who has done better than me and a lot of folks have, it tends to make me want to work harder. I’ve always strived to get the corner office with a view. That hasn’t happened and at my age, I doubt it will happen. In the last three years, I really grew weary of working for corporate jerks and became burned out on corporate America. Now, I’ve started my own little business and have created this website, along with some others and have plans to develop others in hopes of making some passive income. I have also independently published my first novel, a piece of lite fiction. A sequel is planned.

I’m still trying to create wealth and while I could very well fall flat on my face, I might become as rich as those folks in the Business Roundtable group…Nah! I just want to be able to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle and not have to rely on Social Security in my elder years.

I guess I should be thankful to my liberal friends for posting this. It has given me fodder for this post and maybe another one next week.



While the definition of mixed marriage in Alabama means the union between an Alabama fan and an Auburn fan, I was the product of another type of mixed marriage, the union between a Republican and a Democrat. My Dad was an Alabama fan and so was my Mom. However, had my Mom married an Auburn fan, she could have just as easily been an Auburn fan. BUT SHE WASN’T. This is a bit unusual, but my Mom was the Republican in my family and my Dad was the Democrat. Even though Daddy would never admit it, I think he shifted Republican before he died.

When I was growing up and when I was a young adult, politics wasn’t discussed. Mama always indicated that politics was dirty on both sides. But she always thought that Democrats would get their way, no matter what. It was only after Daddy died that Mama and I would discuss politics. I got my political views from Mama, while I got my football from Daddy.
As a result of coming from a family where politics was off limits, I never sought to go into politics because I knew Mama and Daddy wouldn’t approve. I am what I am, a political junkie, and would have sought public office under different familial circumstances. I said that I would have sought, not necessarily obtained public office because I’m not sure that I have the personality or gravitas to get people to rally around me. So, here I sit writing about it with hopes that this blog might go national one of these days.

But I must confess that I could use some rest. With Hillary’s emails, BB’s visit, Selma, the letter to the Iranian heads of state, the negotiations with Iran, and so much more, I just want to bury my head in in my hands. I want to purge politics from my being for a while.

I want to debate the ACA and discuss what may happen with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in King vs. Burwell. I want to discuss foreign policy and the need to destroy ISIS. I want to discuss the economy and how best to balance the budget and pay off our unfathomable national debt. But my head is spinning and I need something for the migraine that is sure to develop.

I have written a lite fiction novel under a pen name. It’s published with Amazon. Should I concentrate on the marketing of that book for the next few days and hope that the political cobwebs somehow clear out of my head? No, I do owe my readers something during this very rich news week.

Hillary’s emails: Having the email server in her home and refusing to let an independent investigator have access to it is disturbing. As an IT professional, I’m reminding everyone that technology moves very fast these days. In fact, it moves way too fast for me and that’s the reason I’m trying to get out of IT. We do have to be cognizant of the times and what technology was available at the time. She assumed the job of Secretary of State in 2009. The first iPhone was released in June 2007. Hillary indicated that she used the personal email because she didn’t want to carry around two devices. Of course, now days, you can have multiple email accounts on your device, but could you then? I think you could, and surely the IT folks working for the state department could have fitted Mrs. Clinton with everything she needed on one device. I’m trying to think back to my phone history and it’s a blur. I didn’t run out and purchase an iPhone in June 2007 and had a blackberry for a while before purchasing an Android. I’ve used Android devices and will probably continue to do so.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech in front of Congress: Israel is our ally and we must stand with them. The Democrats are making a big mistake by turning their backs to him and Israel. The fact that the current President didn’t meet with the Prime Minister was disgraceful.

Selma: Selma is an hour and a half away from my home and I’ve been there many times. I didn’t attend the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, but I know some folks who did. In fact, I didn’t even watch it on TV. A friend from college grew up just outside of Selma and I also have some relatives that live outside of Selma. The family members of my college friend did tell some different stories about the day than what has been told on the news. I do find it interesting that Alabama Congresswoman, Terri Sewell, a Democrat from District 7, a carved out predominantly black district, chose to post on Facebook, a picture of herself with former President George W. Bush and former first lady, Laura Bush.

Letter from 47 Senators to the Iranian heads of state: Isn’t it convenient that the Democrats are forgetting about all of the letters sent by the late Senator Ted Kennedy to the Soviet Union during the Regan presidency? Also, practically the whole Democrat delegation in the House of Representatives was aligned with the Soviet communists in Nicaragua. Besides, the Senators were just warning that any agreement made by the current President without the approval of Congress would become null and void once this President leaves office.

U.S. Negotiations with Iran: I don’t trust this administration at all to make a sound deal with Iran. I’m scared and you should be also.

There you have it; my thoughts on some of the top news items of the week.



I’ve often said that it seems the liberals/Democrats change the definition of racism to suit themselves. When they can’t win an argument with a conservative, which is well over 90 percent of the time, they begin hurling insults at you and one of those insults is usually racist, even if your discussion did not even touch upon race. My conclusion regarding this is since the current President of the United States is half black, if you disagree with his policies, you’re a racist.

Well, now it seems that if you disagree with the current President’s policies that you are deemed a hater. I’ve told this story many times and I’ll tell it again and again. When I was a little girl, the cold war was raging and Nikita Khrushchev, the first secretary of the central committee of the Communist party of the Soviet Union, declared to American parents that their children would live under Communism. I didn’t know what Communism was, but knew it was bad. When I was about five, I asked my grandmother about Communism. I don’t remember that much about the conversation, but I do remember my grandmother telling me that here in the United States, if you didn’t like or disagreed with your elected officials, you could say it right out loud. In the Soviet Union and other Communist nations, you couldn’t say bad things about the government. Even though I’m sure that my grandmother talked about free elections and other things, being able to say that I didn’t like what the government was doing stuck with me. As you know, I do exercise that right.

Hate is a powerful emotion and we should not hate. I can remember my mother, whenever I said that I hated someone, would remind me that it was a sin to hate. Instead, Mama told me that I should say that I didn’t care for someone.
I remember all the hate that was directed to former Presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. When I saw liberals depicting President Bush hanging from a tree, I would wince. When I saw the left depicting President Reagan as a clown, I would wince also. But you go on with your life, it’s politics. Now, it seems that if you disagree with the current President on policies that you are automatically dubbed a hater.

In a Daily Kos article dated January 4, 2015, Bernard Pliers wrote an article entitled, “Dear Obama Hater – You Just Wasted a Decade of Your Life.” I’m not sure if this article was directed at someone like me. I do not agree with this President politically and there is not a single issue on which I agree with him. I believe that he is a racist, a bigot, an Islamic terrorist sympathizer, and a socialist bordering on communist. I agree 100 percent with Rudy Giuliani that this President does not love the United States of America and has as his ultimate goal, the substantial weakening of this country. He is certainly not a President to all Americans and doesn’t care at all about the middle class. But, he might be fun to party with.

With regard to the above cited article, Mr. Pliers trashes conservatives and Tea Party members and indicates that they have wasted ten years of their lives and have nothing to show for it. Mr. Pliers goes on to chastise those who he deems Obama haters, indicating that while they wasted time hating the current President, they could have accomplished many things such as getting a college degree, writing a book, running their first marathon, and learning a foreign language. Now, I earned a college degree quite a few years before the current President was first elected and inaugurated. But I did write book during his administration and hope to have several more while he is still in office. I’ve also started a business, even though, according to the current President, I didn’t build it.
Then Mr. Pliers infers that we conservatives wouldn’t have done any of those things anyway because we were waiting for impeachment and for the GOP candidates to “take off the gloves.”

Mr. Pliers, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a political junkie, nothing wrong with keeping up with current events, nothing wrong with disagreeing with your elected officials and letting them know it. In fact, that’s what our country’s forefathers intended us to do if we were to preserve our freedoms. Mr. Pliers, I’m not going to accept that the ACA was jammed down our throats utilizing every legislative trick the liberals could possible use. I’m not going to accept that this President or any President can, with the stroke of a pen, grant benefits to illegal aliens, change laws passed by Congress, shut down commerce, etc. I don’t like executive orders and think that they should be used sparingly, not when the President knows that something can’t get through Congress.

Furthermore, Mr. Pliers, I have a computer, in fact, I have three, and I have word processing software. I intend to make my feelings about our government officials known, whether I agree with them or not. I also hope to convey knowledge along the way. As Americans, we must hold our elected officials accountable, we must not accept everything they say and do. We must question all of them. Anyone that runs for public office should be prepared to answer questions and be held accountable. In fact, he or she should expect to be grilled and should welcome it.

You ended your article with this: “And the next time there is a GOP president, just remember that there will be fatal embassy attacks under the GOP president, just like the dozens of fatal embassy attacks that occurred under previous Republican presidents. Except Democrats won’t be working themselves into a frenzy of conspiracy theories when it happens, they won’ be cheerleading for the terrorists, and they won’t be trying to overthrow the U.S. government every time something happens.

Yes, Mr. Pliers, there will probably be additional embassy attacks, but it is my hope that any President, if embassy attacks occur under his or her watch, will be engaged and will take all precautions necessary to prevent the attack. If the attack does occur and Americans are killed, call the attack what it is and authorize the appropriate investigations into why the attack happened and how to prevent such attacks from occurring in the future. And then don’t lie to the American people about what actually caused the attack. If the current President and the “then” Secretary of State has been fully engaged before and after the attack and had not lied to the American people, telling them it was caused by a video, I doubt that many people, Republicans or Democrats would have said much of anything.

Conservatives are not cheerleading for terrorists. I don’t know where you got that from, but you are telling a lie. I don’t recall anyone making a prominent case for overthrowing the government. Again, that’s a lie.

Instead of trying to convince people who don’t agree with you, like me, with facts and statistics, you, like other liberals can only hurl insults. There are so many untruths in your article and I have only been able to get to a few of them. Hopefully, I will be able to address them in the future. Meanwhile, I have many other things to do, such as run my business, work on my next novel, and market my just released novel.