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In my newsfeed on Facebook, there was a post by Newsmax asking for folks to grade the President of the United States. As in schools, the grade range was from A to F. Your response was to go in the comments section.

In my response, I gave him an F- (f minus) and said that he was the worst President in my lifetime. There isn’t one major issue with which I agree with him. While there were over 1,200 comments, I only reviewed 106. Out of that 106, 77 gave him an F, 1 gave him a D, 7 gave him a B, and 21 gave him an A.

I do acknowledge that Newsmax is a right leaning publication and this poll is nowhere near scientific. There were, of course, some smart-aleck comments. Some folks were giving him 0s and Zs while some folks were giving him A+++. What this says to me is that this President is a very polarizing figure and either you adore him and are what I like to call an “Obama Zombie” think he can do no wrong, others despise him. In other words, there’s no in-between.

Liberals are going to say that he is despised because of his race. And let me tell you, it’s just not true. I live in the Birmingham, Alabama area and most, not all, of my friends dislike him. However, I have yet to hear anyone say that it’s because he’s half black. Sorry, liberals, I’m not letting you get away with screaming RACIST. I’ve had all of that I can stand, and I suggest you not even go there.

I’ve always maintained that the majority of Americans are Republicans. They say they’re Democrats or Independents because they don’t really know the difference. Most people don’t want big government or a government that is intrusive. However, they may be pro-choice, pro-affirmative action (but probably don’t know the real definition of affirmative action and confuse it with equal opportunity), or feel that the government needs to do more for elderly and the less fortunate. I’ve actually known a few women who have voted for Democrat candidates only because they were pro-choice.

Back to the grading of the current President. Yes, I gave him an F-. I’ve always said that if socialized medicine took hold in this country, it would be the beginning of the end of this country. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ACA has hurt more people than it has helped. There will be separate post on that later. According to, the national debt has nearly doubled since this President was elected in 2008. It stands at about 74 percent of the economy. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects that mandatory spending and interest on the debt is projected to consume 94 percent of all federal revenues ten years from now. Since 2009, the percentage of working age Americans who are not in the labor force has reached near record levels. During that time the number of adults outside the labor has increased by twelve million. Most American workers have not seen their incomes increase. Between August 2013 and August 2014, real average hourly earnings increased only 0.4 percent, failing to keep up with inflation. The CBO projects that Social Security will go bankrupt in 2032, a year earlier than the Social Security Trustees predicted last year. The Disability Insurance Trust Fund is in the direst condition, as the CBO expects it to be bankrupt as early as October 2016. In addition to the above middle class income is falling, too many Americans of retirement age are working to pay bills, and a large number of trained workers are unable to find jobs that match their skills. Nearly a third of those between the ages of 18 and 34 are still living with their parents. And the average American citizen is more likely to be receiving a disability check than working in a manufacturing job.

And let’s not forget his joke of a foreign policy. A year ago, he called ISIS JV. This is the most brutal organization in my lifetime. The atrocities they commit are just unfathomable. Still, this President thinks they’re weak and not a threat. He thinks that climate change is a bigger threat than ISIS and Islamic terrorist groups. He let a decorated Marine Sargent suffer in a Mexican jail because he made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico with legal firearms. The President could have had that Marine released with a single phone call to the President of Mexico, but he wouldn’t do it. Instead, he chooses to trade five dangerous Gitmo detainees for one Sargent who is alleged to be a deserter. When he or any of his senior administration officials say that the United States of America is safe from attack and that the terrorists aren’t interested in attacking us, I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind believing it. And then there was Benghazi. I still want to know where the President was when four Americans were being killed and drug through the streets.

Due to the length of this post, I’m not going to touch on his environmental policies or his energy policies. I have, though, discussed them in length in previous posts.

I was and am a supporter of George W. Bush. I really believe that he will be considered by history as a very good, if not great President. How would I grade President Bush? I’d give him overall a B. There were some things in which I didn’t agree with him. I consider myself a politically astute individual and I spend a lot of time thinking about things. I don’t blindly follow anyone on this planet, not even Nick Saban. In his eight years at the University of Alabama, there have been some calls that I didn’t agree with. What grade would I give Bill Clinton? Probably a C-. He wasn’t a total failure. He didn’t interfere with a booming economy that was the result of the technological revolution. However, policies instituted by him in his quest for every American to own a home, did directly result in the housing collapse in the early 2000s. He also had a chance to get Osama Bin Laden, but turned it down.

With his record and his political philosophy that government can solve all of your problems and provide for your every need, I don’t see how anyone but the Obama zombies could give a grade other than F.



A fisherman fudges a little on the size of his or her catch. After the fish have been cleaned, cooked, and eaten, no one can dispute the fact. Our seats for the football game were on the 50 yard line; when in fact, it was more like the 35 yard line. I’m making six figures; when in fact, I’m making $98,000, but if I get a bonus, it could be six figures. I woke up with a migraine headache this morning and will not be able to get to the office until around noon. Actually, you stayed up a little late last night and need to sleep a few extra hours. How much do you weigh? 135 pounds when it’s closer to 150 pounds. The dog ate my homework.

Lies. And we’re all guilty of telling a few every now and then. Women tend to lie about their age and their weight. Men tend to lie about their sexual conquests. Everybody does it, and even though it’s not right, we’ve almost come to expect it. Lie about your experience in order to get a job? It’s done a lot, especially in my former field, Information Technology. I had a boss who lied about her experience when interviewing for a job in the late nineties. She said she had cold fusion experience when she didn’t. She got the job and the day of reckoning did come. She had her desk cleaned out so all she had to do was pick up her purse and a shopping bag of stuff and leave. When she went to her boss and confessed, he told her that it was okay and that she could have the opportunity to learn cold fusion. She was indeed lucky. Flat out lying on your resume shouldn’t happen. Saying you have five years of C# experience when you’ve only had three is not good to do either. On resumes, a little exaggeration might not be fatal, but it’s still something that you shouldn’t do.

A friend one time told me she was making close to seven figures. When I mentioned this to another friend who worked at the same company as the first friend, the second friend said no way. She knew what her job classification was and the money for that classification was nowhere close to seven figures. When you tell lies like my friend told, maybe you will be found out and maybe you won’t. I had another friend who claimed that she got big on the leg by a copperhead when she was about ten years old. I shrieked and asked her if she had to go to the hospital. She said she only went to the emergency room. Her leg swelled up, then the swelling went away. And guess what? I don’t believe her, I think she’s lying. For a child to get bit by a poisonous snake is traumatic. The area around the bite usually turns black and amputation of a bitten appendage is not uncommon. She didn’t recall any of this. I later came to the conclusion that this friend was a goof.

We’re all familiar with the Brian Williams lies and his subsequent six month suspension from NBC news. According to, Williams claimed that in 2003 he was in a helicopter that was forced down by enemy fire in Iraq. He claimed that it was a mistaken recollection. He said that it was the result of constant viewing of video showing him inspecting the impact area of the helicopters downed in the incident and the fog of memory over twelve years made him conflate the two.
Hillary Clinton claimed she came under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia in 1996 when she was first lady. In 2008, she described how she and her daughter, Chelsea ran for cover under hostile fire after her plane landed in Tuzla, Bosnia. And guess what, this didn’t happen either. The truth was that she and her entourage were greeted by a young girl during a small ceremony on the tarmac. There was no sign of tension or anger, according to Reuters.

Hillary lied and she knew she lied. Why did she lie? Probably to make people think that she was a brave first lady and not afraid to go into dangerous places.

Do I think the lies of Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton make them pathological liars? No. Do I think they were merely exaggerating when they told these lies? No. I think they were telling the lies for personal enhancement. Yes, yes I do. I just don’t believe that you could get that mixed up.

Now we all know that whenever the national media comes south to cover a big event, they will make every effort to find, for an interview, the absolute biggest goof they possibly can. They particularly like people who don’t have teeth, but have huge beer guts.

I remember Brian Williams coming to Birmingham to cover the April 8, 1998 F5 tornado that ripped through parts of West Jefferson County, but pulled up before it got to the highly populated and very old section north of the city of Birmingham. Brian must not have been able to find anyone without teeth to interview because he interviewed a young girl about sixteen years old who attended Oak Grove High School. She was cute, well dressed, very polite, and said “yes sir,” and “no sir.” Brian looked very uncomfortable during the interview. Guess he was upset that he was unable to locate some goober head to interview.

Brian is off the air for at least six months without pay, but I doubt he will suffer financially. Hillary may get dogged some about her lie of getting fired upon in Bosnia, but it will slide off eventually. For Republicans going after Hillary, there is a lot more fodder that you can use against her that’s much more damning that her sniper fire lie.

What happens to the left-leaning journalist and the far left former first lady and presidential candidate? Brian Williams may be on the air again, but it’s doubtful. Hillary will run for President unscathed by her lie.

Now what if a conservative journalist tells a similar lie? He or she will be destroyed. What if a Republican presidential candidate tells a lie similar to Hillary’s? He or she will be destroyed also.



I read the current President’s speech for the National Prayer Breakfast taking place on February 5, 2015. And while I certainly didn’t like his comments where he brought up atrocities committed during the crusades, many, many years ago, I’m not as upset and vocal about it as some of the talking heads and I think that we need to move on to more pressing issues such as current President’s stance on ISIS and other terrorist groups that have the United States of America in their crosshairs.

He should not have brought up the crusades or the inquisition. Nor should he have brought up slavery and Jim Crow. February 5, a national day of prayer, is to honor our faiths and promote living in the spirit. Slavery and Jim Crow were wrongs that our great nation recognized and righted. Our continued faith plus our constitution has allowed for the righting of our wrongs.
Now that he has said what he has said, we’ll all continue to wonder what he meant. Was he speaking to Christians when he said, “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place.” Was he attempting to remind us who are also conservatives that atrocities were committed by Christians during the crusades and the inquisition, so the fact that atrocities are currently being committed by groups who are Islamic, makes us no better than them? That’s what it did say to me. But again, I think his comments were uncalled for on the National Day of Prayer. Instead of replaying these comments over and over again, we need to address the real problems which include the threat to the United States of America and this administration’s lack of attention to it.

I don’t think there’s anything that I can say that I’ve agreed with this President on anything since he’s been in office. I didn’t like some of the things that he said at the National Prayer Breakfast, but I generally don’t like anything he says. I wish this President would call Islamic terrorism what it is, Islamic terrorism. But I’m more concerned about what this president is doing or not doing about what most of us do call Islamic terrorism.

Do I think this President knows the Lord? I don’t know. Do I think former President George W. Bush knows the Lord? I think he does. The current President seems uncomfortable talking about Christianity, but does tout the religion of Islam. I remember back to September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of 9/11, the President was reading from the Bible at ground zero. He really seemed uncomfortable that day and his delivery of God’s Word was choppy. Other people noticed it also. I grew up reading from the Bible as did most of my friends and when we do read the Bible out loud, it flows. It didn’t flow when the current President was reading it on 9/11/11. That disturbed me and it still does.

I am worried about more about Islamic terrorists having us in their crosshairs and the current President’s lackadaisical attitude toward terrorism. On Friday, February 6, 2015, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, at the Brookings Institute, said the following: “But, too often, what’s missing here in Washington is a sense of perspective. Yes, there’s a lot going on. Still, while the dangers we face may be more numerous and varied, they are not of the existential nature we confronted during World War II or the Cold War. We can’t afford to be buffeted by alarmism and an instantaneous news cycle. We must continue to do the hard work of leading a complex and rapidly evolving world, of seizing opportunities, and of winning the future for our children.”
Since the Friday conference, the President has espoused Rice’s words and has indicated that he feels that we are indeed overplaying the danger of Islamic Terrorism and the Islamic State/ISIS. He instead feels that the greatest threat to our nation and to the world is climate change. I skimmed the remainder of Ms. Rice’s speech and found it to be mostly drivel.

I don’t agree with him or Ms. Rice at all. If we don’t stop the threat of Islamic Terrorism, climate change will become the least of our worries. Get a grip, current President, the terrorists have already declared war on the United States of America. What is it going to take for you to take this treat seriously? I think Justice Jeanine Pirro’s opening on Saturday, February 6 on Fox News, said it all. The Judge asked the current President why was it so easy for him to throw a rock at Christians, but never speak of Islamic Terrorists. She further indicated that he boasts of a security policy of strategic patience and asks what he’s waiting for while Iran gets closer to nuclear enrichment. He’s opened our borders, reduced our military, and continues to apologize for the actions of the United States of America. Judge Pirro challenges the President to stop defending Islam and start protecting Americans. The crusades were like a thousand years ago and Islamic Terrorism is now.

What the President said at the National Prayer Breakfast was uncalled for, but right in line with what he’s been saying about Islamic Terrorism. Let that embarrassing moment go and focus on his strategic patience security policy. It’s shallow, it’s wrong! The current President obviously hopes that the threat of terrorism will just go away or does he?



In my Friday, February 6 post, among other things, I outlined how the current administration was screwing not only the state of Alaska, but most all of us by their egregious actions of designating most of the Arctic Nation Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) as wilderness, thereby disallowing any oil and natural gas exploration in the area. In addition, the current President limited our presence in the Arctic Ocean on the Outer Continental Shelf to the Chukchik and Beaufort Seas.

Now, enter Russia. According to, Russia is feeling the pain of increased U.S. oil and gas production. Surging U.S. oil production has been the major cause of the 60% drop in oil prices since June 2014. Russia’s budget depends on oil revenues and the loss of income from oil sales in putting the country into a recession. The natural gas production boom in the United States is also causing Russian heartaches, as Russia controls most of European gas sales and is dependent on that revenue. The fact that the United States is building liquefied natural gas export terminals that can provide natural gas to Europe is making Russia uncomfortable. Both the oil boom and the natural gas boom in the United States are due to hydraulic fracturing used in conjunction with directional drilling.

The Institute for Energy Research goes on to indicate that Russia has been funding environmental groups in the United States who are against fossil fuel production and against hydraulic fracturing in order to promote policies against the U.S. production of oil and gas and against their export to foreign countries. In other words, hydraulic fracturing poses a direct threat to Russia because it has the potential of making European countries independent from Russian energy exports. Also in Russia’s crosshairs is the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would supply Gulf Coast U.S. refineries with heavy crude oil from U.S. ally Canada, instead of Venezuela. Furthermore, reduced oil and natural gas production in the U.S. would benefit not only Russia, but it would benefit Venezuela and Iran.

The Environmental Policy Alliance has produced a well-documented report that shows tens of millions of dollars from Russian interests flowing to major environmental lobbying organizations, including the influential Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the League of Conservation Voters, through an intermediary company in Bermuda.

According to the Washington Times, there have been a number of press stories on Russian support of American environmental groups, including a very detailed description of the money flows, by Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon.

Both the House and the Senate have now passed a bill to allow the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the current President has indicated that he will veto the bill, even though its construction can only have a positive effect on jobs plus being environmentally safe. This is in line with the administration’s own studies. If the pipeline doesn’t get built, heavy crude will still get produced by the Canadians and shipped by rail or truck to the United States, China or both. The cost will be higher and the environmental impact could be greater in a negative way. So, who is really going to benefit from the current President’s veto? The Marxist government of Venezuela and its Cuban, Iranian, and Russian allies.

Does anybody remember the current President promising the Russian President that he would be more flexible after his re-election? Could this be viewed as a request for help in getting re-elected? It looks like the Russians may have done this by facilitating the flow of money to the current President’s environmental allies.

This does not appear to be a conspiracy theory, folks. It sounds all too plausible to me; especially when you factor in the current President’s comments to Putin about being more flexible after his re-election.

The current President does all these bad things to us, the American citizens. None of his policies have worked to the betterment of the United States of America. I often hear conservative talking heads express frustration in what the President is doing. They further question why he would do the things he does when what he does is obviously having a negative impact on the United States of America and the American people.

Let me make it perfectly clear, this President is in office for one purpose, and one purpose only. That is to either destroy the United States of America or to render it a much weaker socialist leaning, Islamic sympathizing nation. The more harm that he can do to the United States of America, the more successful he will be considered by those who are manipulating him even as I write this. After he does his dirty work and leaves office, he will be taken care of and will be taken care of well. And what’s going to happen to the rest of us?



Within the last week, the Administration’s Interior Department designated nearly all of Alaska’s 19.6 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as untouchable wilderness lands, making it off limits to oil and natural gas exploration. And if that wasn’t enough, the administration has put in place oil and gas restrictions, reducing Alaska’s Arctic Ocean presence to one exploration site each in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. The United States is now left with the lowest number of prospects in the history of the Outer Continental Shelf leasing program.

Republicans, including Alaska’s two U.S. Senators and its Representative, have vowed to fight the President’s offshore decision. Yes, Alaska has been screwed by the current President and his administration. Alaska’s not the only one screwed, though. I think all Americans are screwed by these moves.

I hear over and again how Republicans/conservatives hate the poor and are racist bigots. I have a liberal friend who used to talk about nothing but “rich Republicans.” That stopped when it was finally determined that Democrats are richer than Republicans. I haven’t heard her say “rich Republicans” in years. I have another friend who is an Obama zombie and anything anyone says against the current President is racist. You can say that’s not true until you’re blue in the face and liberals will not believe you. Yes, liberals, who are supposed to be so tolerant and open minded, will not believe a person when that person says that the reason they do not support the current President is because they don’t support his policies.

The current President of the United States along with his liberal henchmen are not only anti-middle class, they are anti-American. They hate the United States of America and they hate you and me. Furthermore, their purpose is to destroy this country. When the current President, during his campaign, said that he wanted to fundamentally change the United States of America, my blood ran cold. And while my blood was running cold, the liberals/Democrats were worshipfully slobbering all over themselves. The goals of this President are to turn this country into a socialist, Islamic leaning nanny state.

The current administration’s actions toward Alaska should signal to any reasonable and prudent person that this was a direct hit on the good people of Alaska, especially the middle/working class residents of that state. Jobs will be lost and people are sure to suffer. Furthermore, it is most likely going to be a hit on everyone else.

The current administration, along with the extremist environmentalists, claims that the ANWR is one of this country’s treasures and shouldn’t be damaged. Furthermore, oil and gas exploration is this area would only exacerbate global warming or climate change, depending on what the liberals want to call it on any given day. From my research, the arctic ice sheet is thickening. Also, I’ve read that the caribou population has increased. In fact, I also read that they like the drilling rigs. It’s warmer there.

We’ve all seen pictures of the rigs and they are not unsightly. Furthermore, protecting the environment has been a major factor in oil and gas exploration for decades. Oil companies and various other corporations do strive to develop safe and effective ways to extract oil and natural gas from beneath the earth’s surface.

The ANWR is not exactly in the same category as the Grand Canyon or Yellow Stone National Park. It’s not a big tourist draw. Visiting there is not on my bucket list. It makes perfect sense to use the vast resources present in the ANWR and on the Outer Continental Shelf to continue to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

If the current President was really a champion of the middle class, he would examine both sides of the coin. Instead, he is against fossil fuels of any kind and continues to take steps to destroy our way of life by eliminating our usage of these vast resources which God has provided for us. Sure, there’s going to be an accident every now and then because we’re human. When there is an accident, we clean up our messes. Also, planet earth is a living organic thing. Just like our bodies do when we’re injured or sick, the planet has built in mechanisms that enable it to heal itself. God created the earth and he created crude oil and natural gas that is beneath its surface. I believe that he created the crude oil and natural gas for us to use. Do you think that our God was so short-sited that he didn’t anticipate that humans would err?

As a Christian, I believe that God put these substances in the ground for us to extract, refine, and use for the enhancement of our lives. Obviously, this President doesn’t agree.

The above is just another reason why this administration, when it says that it’s a champion of the middle class is lying. Again, they want to destroy the United States of America.

Earlier this week, there was an article on, a website that is a compendium of several newspapers across the state of Alabama. In this article, it was indicated that contributions made to a college or University for the purpose of then being able to order game tickets after the contribution was made, would no longer be tax deductible.

For those that may be a bit confused, I’ll use my school, the University of Alabama, as an example. Other schools such as Auburn, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Southern California, Oregon, etc. do have similar programs. In order to be able to purchase season tickets for football games at my school, you first have to make a contribution to a foundation called Tide Pride. The amount of your contribution depends upon how many seats you have and the location of those seats within the stadium. After making the contribution, you are then entitled to purchase season tickets for the home games and perhaps for certain away games. Generally 75% of that initial contribution is tax deductible. This is what the current President wants to do away with in his 2016 budget. This is an important deduction for me. I got news for you, current President; it’s not all rich people who attend major college football games. I certainly consider this an assault on the middle class.

Why do liberals continue to be liberal? Why do they incorrectly think that this administration and the Democrat party are champions of the middle class and the poor? Why do they think that just because someone works hard and creates wealth, that person doesn’t deserve to enjoy his or her wealth and doesn’t have the right to do with it as he or she pleases? Why do they think that big government is the answer to all problems? When the top 1% of wage/salary earners pay almost 40% of all income taxes and the bottom 50% of all wage/salary earners pay 1% of all taxes, why do they think that everything that this administration wants to do can be paid for by further taxing the rich? WHY? WHY? WHY?

How many times have our parents, our teachers, our aunts and uncles, our ministers told us to think things through, don’t accept anything at face value, don’t believe everything you hear, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, etc. The current president is going to further tax the rich to pay for all of the things he wants to do for the middle class. We’re going to give you two free years of college tuition, we’re going to give you access to health care, we’re going to make it possible for you to have a house, we’re going to provide you with free birth control, we’re going to give you forty (or was it twenty?) acres and a mule. And do you know why? Because we’re your friends. Yea, right!