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The year was 1980 and I was going to the Alabama-Auburn game with my Dad. The game was still being played at Legion Field in Birmingham. Even though we had lost two games already, one to Mississippi State and the other to Notre Dame; we were good. I don’t remember what Auburn’s record was that year, but fourth year coach Doug Barfield was walking on thin ice. Alabama won. I don’t remember the score and I don’t think it was a real nail-biter.

We had parked at what was the old Big B Warehouse at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Highway 11/the Bessemer Super Highway. Walking to the car after the game, Daddy and I got to the intersection of Hwy 11 and Eight Avenue where a policeman was in the middle of the intersection directing traffic. We were standing right at the curb and there were some folks right behind us. The light changed for us to walk, but the policeman had not stopped traffic on Hwy 11 for us to cross. So, we were a little hesitant to begin crossing.

Well a couple of Auburn fans behind us started yelling for us to go on ahead and cross and said, “it looks like we’re going to have to teach these Alabama fans how to cross the street.” The policeman did stop traffic and we crossed. When we got to the other side I turned around to the Auburn fans and said, “You can teach us how to cross the street and we’ll teach y’all how to play football”. The guys, who were cute, started laughing and said, “you got yourself a deal”. They were very anxious to get rid of Barfield and talked to us for a minute or two before we went our separate ways.

In the car, Daddy laughed and said he thought I was going to get us in a fight. When Daddy got home, he called everyone he knew just to tell them about our experience.

Daddy’s been dead for a while now, but that is a memory I will always cherish.




Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, an American holiday that originated in this nation’s early years. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for a number of reasons.

It was always a big holiday at home when I was growing up and continued to be a big holiday as long as my Mama and Daddy were alive. Sometimes it was just the three of us for dinner and sometimes we would host family and friends. It was always a cozy, unhurried holiday. All we did was prepare a big meal and eat. There were no presents to buy or no parties to attend. While dressing up was not required, it was always understood that you didn’t go to the table looking like something the cat drug in. A nice sweater, pants, and shoes was the standard wardrobe. For most of my adult life, I had the day after Thanksgiving off, so I didn’t have to rush back from Cullman to be at work in Birmingham the next day.

Except for the years from 1994 to 2006 and a few times when it was played on Thanksgiving Day or on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Iron Bowl, the annual college football game between the University of Alabama and Auburn University took place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Up until 1989, the game was played at Birmingham’s Legion Field and the tickets were divided equally between Alabama and Auburn. Beginning in 1989, the series changed to a home/away series with the first game of this nature was played in Auburn. Until 2000, Alabama continued to play the game when it was the home team at Legion Field. Alabama now plays the game at its home stadium, Bryant Denny Stadium, when Alabama is the home team. So, in addition to Thanksgiving Day, the Thanksgiving weekend also meant the Iron Bowl and it still does. This combination makes the whole weekend very special to most of us residing in the state of Alabama.

Now that Mama and Daddy are gone, I have made new traditions and will be having Thanksgiving dinner at the house of some friends. Because the Iron Bowl will be held this year at Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, I will be attending.

Of course, Thanksgiving is a special time to give thanks for all the God has given us. It can also be a time of sadness because death and sickness don’t take a break. This year a friend of mine and his family is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. They have welcomed a great granddaughter into the world and my friend’s daughter has just found out that her cancer is in remission. What a joyous celebration they are going to have.

On the other end of the spectrum, I was shocked to find out about the death of a young woman who I considered an acquaintance. She was way too young to die and is leaving behind a one year old child. Needless to say, this Thanksgiving and many to come will not be celebratory for her family and close friends.

Of course, I miss Mama and Daddy and long for our past Happy Thanksgivings, but I do enjoy the new traditions that I have made and look forward to tomorrow when I can be with friends.

So, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving! Forget that diet, eat until you are miserable! I intend to. And it’s not too early to get in a ROLL TIDE!



I read yesterday on Drudge Report that former Washington D.C. mayor, Marion Barry had died at age 78. In the AP article, author Ben Nuckols called Mr. Barry a controversial, tireless, advocate for the nation’s capital. The article further goes on to extol the virtues of Mr. Barry with many who knew and worked for him indicating that he was an inspiration and role model for many people, including youth.

In the article, Mr. Nuckols laments that Mr. Barry’s arrest for drug use in the midst of a cocaine epidemic often overshadows his accomplishments. The article also hints at wide-spread corruption and bloated unaccountable government during his time as mayor. A six month term in federal prison didn’t seem to hurt Barry. While some perceived him as a pariah and an embarrassment, many low-income residents saw him as a hero who was persecuted unfairly for his personal failures.

As I indicated above, the article extoled Mr. Barry’s virtues and played down his high rolling, fast and loose lifestyle.

On the same Drudge Report, there a link to a Washington Post article about actor/comedian Bill Cosby. The article was written by Manuel Roig-Franzia, Scott Higham, Paul Farhi, and Mary Pat Flaherty. The article contained many in depth descriptions of Mr. Cosby living large in the 60s and 70s. It brought out that he often partied with Hugh Hefner and was a regular at the playboy mansion. The lengthy article goes on to trace the life and “good times” of Mr. Cosby. And yes it does discuss the award winning 80s sitcom where Bill stars as Cliff Huxtable, husband, father, son, and beloved doctor.

After the Cosby Show, the article states that Bill transformed into an elder statesman in the entertainment industry who was a scolding public conscience of the African American community. Scolding public conscience of the African American community? Not really sure what that means, but I have an inkling that it may refer to Mr. Cosby’s statements to members of the African American community indicating that they should work hard, do the right things, and quit blaming white folks for their shortcomings.

According to the same Washington Post article, sixteen women have publicly stated that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them with twelve indicating that he drugged them first.

Having outlined the above, the purpose of this article is not to discuss the activities of these two very public characters and pick one over the other. Instead, the purpose of this article is to show how each is treated differently by the main stream media.

Mayor Barry was a liberal and a democrat. While the political affiliation of Mr. Cosby is not known, he did embrace conservative values and suggested that his fellow African Americans do the same.

In his treatment by the media, the late Mayor Barry is a hero, a long-term politician who worked tirelessly for the benefit of low-income citizens. Even though there was strong evidence that he was a corrupt individual, his service as mayor of DC was one of corruption, and had served a six month jail term, he was a great man who had a few personal issues.

In his treatment by the media, actor/comedian/philanthropist Bill Cosby, a guy who made many people laugh and forget their problems, even if only for a few minutes, throughout his storied career, is being destroyed by the main stream media. Some women have now come to the forefront after a generation and accused him of sexual assault. Mr. Cosby will probably not be able to tell his side of the story and if it does, he won’t be believed like Mr. Barry was when he uttered the famous words, “The bitch set me up.” The feminists will come after him with loaded guns while ignoring the former escapades of former president Bill Clinton. The liberal African Americans will come after him because how dare he encourage them to do the right things and quit blaming others for their failures. In the meantime, all of the good that Mr. Cosby did will be forgotten about and we may never get to watch Cosby show re-runs for a very long time.

Mayor Barry will surely have a grandiose funeral and the current president may even speak at the event. Mr. Cosby, on the other hand, at age 77, will probably be shunned by the left and those who get their information from leftist media outlets, and when he dies, any articles written about him will be about his alleged womanizing and large living.



In January 2008, before he was elected president, the current president of the United States indicated that as a result of his proposed cap and trade policy that utility rates would necessarily skyrocket. Since that time he has indicated that he wants energy prices to increase so we, the American people, will use less energy. He wants automobiles to be built that will be more energy efficient, even if they are unsafe to drive and it takes forever to travel from point A to point B in one of them. He wants to discontinue the use of fossil fuels, natural gas, and coal in favor of green energy, which has really not proven that it can do the job. Can you imagine what would have happened if a Republican president had said the same thing?

The worst thing that our government has wrought upon the American people is Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act. I have always said that if this country ever allowed socialized medicine; that would be the beginning of the end of our country. With the Jonathan Gruber tapes coming out, it’s obvious that the administration knew that Obamacare would be bad for the American people. Health insurance premiums would rise and deductibles would go up. Also, the promise made by the current president indicating that if you liked your plan, you could keep you plan turned out to be a bold-faced lie. The current president and his henchmen knew this was bad for the American people, but still pulled out all the stops to get it passed.

Now the head of state and his or her administration is supposed to promote policies that are for the good of the citizens, especially in a democratically ruled nation where leaders are elected. Obamacare is not good for the majority of U.S. citizens. Many are seeing their premiums and deductibles rise dramatically and the quality of care they are receiving dropping dramatically.

Now, the current president is indicating that he will sign an executive order distributing 5 million work permits to illegal aliens already in this country. According to, this will create a new inflow of college graduates seeking prestigious jobs and high salaries. This again is not good for the American people, especially the low-wage earners.

I’ve said this in previous posts and I’ll say it again. And if it takes it, I’ll say it many more times…this president wants to hurt the American people, this president hates the United States of America, this president wants you to suffer, then maybe after suffering, you will accept his policies and become beholden to him. That’s what this president and his Democrat henchmen want. They don’t want you to have a good life.

As Jonathan Gruber has indicated, this country’s leaders think you’re stupid. They think you exist for their benefit, not the other way around. Everyone who was responsible for cramming Obamacare down our throats knew it was a bad thing for the majority of American citizens. They knew the lies they told were lies.

This president and the Democrats want to destroy the United States of America as we know it. They want every single man, woman, and child to be dependent upon government for livelihood. They want everyone to live in cookie cutter houses, to drive cookie cutter cars, to wear the same slovenly outfits that are worn in other socialist countries, to eat what they want you to eat, and so forth. They don’t want everyone to have access to quality healthcare; they just want to control every aspect of your life. And the sooner you realize and accept this, the sooner we can put a stop to their evil ways.



A liberal Facebook friend posted the following quotes from Senator Bernie Sanders, Socialist, from Vermont recently.

  • Democracy is one person, one vote, and a full discussion of the issues that affect us.
  • Oligarchy is billionaires buying elections, voter suppression, and a concentrated corporate media determining what we see, hear, and read.

Notwithstanding the fact that socialist, Bernie Sanders, said the above, why would a liberal want to post this? I’m confused. Or maybe they’re being truthful. A liberal being truthful? How oxymoronic is that?

Liberals certainly are not in favor of one person, one vote. They’re all against voters having to show a proper ID to  vote. So it’s obvious that they’re okay with anyone being able to vote anywhere and vote as many times as they want to vote.

Liberals in favor of full discussions on the issues? That is so laughable. How many times have you tried to have a reasonable discussion with a liberal and failed. If you try to have an online discussion with one, they won’t read what you have to say. Sometimes I wonder if they’re just too stupid to read and comprehend. But then they claim they’re so smart since most since most of your educators are liberal. A little over a year ago, I had a back and forth with a PHD who did not appear to read what I was saying and failed to respond, in what I considered, an intelligent manner. Instead, this woman started accusing me of things that all liberals accuse conservatives of when they are backed into a corner and can’t win the argument. Furthermore, they change the subject and accuse you of racism, sexism, and every other ‘ism’ they can think of in hopes of putting you on the defensive so that you will forget the real issue at hand. There is only one liberal that I have been able to have a reasonable discussion with in the last several years, a guy that I used to work with. Liberals are definitely not into having an open dialog on the issues.

Liberals love to trash the Koch brothers, but in addition to being unable to comprehend what they read, they also have bad memories. Remember when liberal billionaire George Soros said that he would spend every penny he owned to see that George Bush was not re-elected president in 2004? I do, but the liberals can’t. I have spent many hours in the past twelve years raising money for Alzheimer’s research. Hopefully my efforts will make a real difference. It would also be great if my efforts will help liberals to remember things.

When it comes to voter suppression, I’d like the liberals or anyone for that matter to provide me a list of people who attempted to vote and were not allowed to vote and the reason they were not allowed to vote in any of the elections since 2000. In 2000, I had a liberal friend to tell me that hundreds of thousands of people in the state of Florida were not allowed to vote in that year’s presidential election. She further informed me that these folks were  black and would have voted for Al Gore. I told her that if this were so, please get me a list of 500 who weren’t allowed to vote. Surely there was a list somewhere. If you’re going to make an allegation such as that, you’re going to have to back it up. After several prompts to check on the status of her obtaining the list I requested, she never was able to produce a list. Why? Because her allegations just weren’t true. There may have been a problem with a handful of voters, but her allegation of hundreds of thousands was just not true. Of course, I realize that the definition of voter suppression is like the definition of racism. It’s what the liberals want it to be at a particular time. And it’s subject to change at all times with intervals as short as maybe one hour. Voter suppression could be defined as a voter accidently going to the wrong voting place and not being allowed to vote there and having to drive a few extra miles to the correct voting place. Again, it’s whatever the liberals want it to be defined as.

However, you can bet your first born child on this. If there’s a close election where the Republican candidate is barely edging out the Democrat candidate, there will be some ballots found in the trunk of a car somewhere and after those ballots are counted, the Democrat candidate will have come out on top.

With regard to concentrated media determining what we hear, see, and read; just who has demanded that Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other conservative media be silenced? The Democrats, of course! I have never known of a conservative to demand that MSNBC, Chris Matthews, Dan Rather, Rachel Maddow, etc. be silenced. I, along with other conservatives believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press. But how many times have we heard liberals calling for the silencing of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. The liberals have the big three networks, most of the major newspapers in the country, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, and some talk radio. Talk about concentrated media.

Get a grip, liberals; take a look at yourselves! You don’t support one person, one vote. You don’t support reasonable discussions of the issues. You have your billionaires throwing their money around in order to influence elections, and you control the majority of the media.

But who am I kidding; liberals aren’t capable reading and comprehending. With all of those academic elites out there, it seems strange, doesn’t it?