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Liberals/Progressives/Democrats…I’m sick of you!

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It seems as though the worst thing you can be in today’s United States of Amerika is a racist. If you say something that the liberals/progressives construe as racist, you’re labeled a racist, your life is destroyed, and the rest of your days on earth will be torturous. And you deserve it. How dare you opine that the Washington Redskins is a proper name for an NFL football team! How dare you demand to hear the facts when someone white commits a crime against anyone whose skin is not white! How dare you question the policies and political philosophy of a president who is half black and half white? If you don’t like the idea of the government taking over 1/6 of this nation’s economy, you’re a racist. If you want to know where the current president was when four Americans were being killed in Benghazi, you’re a racist. If you want to know why so many conservative groups seeking tax exempt status were forced into months or even years of waiting to be approved as tax exempt, you’re a racist.

Liberals, progressives, democrats, whatever you want to be called these days, I’m so sick and tired of you. Sick and tired of your lies, sick and tired of your rhetoric, sick and tired of political correctness, sick and tired “oh, I’m so offended,” In other words, I’m sick and tired of everything about you. Grow up and grow a pair!



A chicken in every pot, access to healthcare for all, for a few dollars a week, we can end poverty! This sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So does “for each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” The New Deal, Great Society, and Hope and Change are three mantras on which democrat presidenst campaigned and democrat presidents won.

In the late eighties when Rush Limbaugh first made the scene, there were folks that thought he was great and folks that didn’t think much of him. A lot of moderate Republicans thought he was too right wing. Because I worked during the day, I was not able to listen to his radio show. But when he started his TV show and it was broadcast in the middle of the night, I would record it and listen the following day.

One of the first things that Rush said about liberals and democrats was that their goal was to control every aspect of your life. When I first heard this, and not being very politically astute, I said no. Liberals aren’t like that; they just think that a bigger, more centralized government is the best way to govern ourselves.

Then along came the change in the Federal School Lunch program. The Republicans wanted the money earmarked for this program to be block-granted to the states. In doing this, more money would be able to go for school lunches, but the liberals/democrats were vehemently against this and why?  Because it took the program out of the hands of the Federal Government.

So, for the past twenty-plus years, I’ve become more politically astute and follow current events faithfully. Sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that Rush was right. It’s all about controlling every aspect of your life they possibly can. Furthermore, they will continue in their quest until one day they will totally control everything about you. What you eat, what you drive, what you wear, what kind of house you live in, etc.

For my first example, I’ll take everyone’s favorite, ObamaCare. If you think ACA was all about helping people, about giving healthcare access to those 15% of uninsured Americans, there’s some swamp land in Louisiana that you might like to buy. It’s about the government nationalizing 1/6 of the nation’s economy and gaining more control over your life. We already know that the government can now tell you what doctors you can see and what doctors you can’t see. And it’s going to get worse.

While the current president and his comrades have told us that everyone will be insured and that our insurance costs will go down at least 25%, we know that certainly hasn’t been true. This law has hurt or will hurt every one of us. The only ones that will benefit are the ones who didn’t have health insurance to begin with and have incomes low enough that they would qualify for subsidies.

One of the few things that the federal government does well, and I’m beginning to doubt even this after our current president became its commander in chief, is the military. It is the feds’ role to protect its citizens.

I’ve never felt so vulnerable to attack in my life as I feel now. Also, I have no desire to travel abroad. What if something unfortunate should happen to me? Would this administration intervene to help me? It doesn’t look like it. That poor Marine in a Mexico jail should have been released shortly after his arrest. If George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, or Ronald Regan had been president, he would have already been home.

This administration doesn’t care about its citizenry. All this administration cares about is the fundamental transformation of this country into a hapless European Socialist type nation. In other words, a nation where “cradle to grave” care is provided and you don’t have to do a damn thing. You can sit on your butt and collect benefits while a few of us poor working schmucks provide for your needs.

I’m not planning to travel to a foreign nation for fear that this administration would not provide aid to me should I inadvertently find myself in a foreign prison. This administration doesn’t care about its citizens. Instead, it just wants to control every aspect of your life.

As I write this, I have to fight to stay awake, trying to earn enough money so I don’t have to be on the government dole. I’m fearful, though, that I’ll be squeezed so much that I’ll have no choice. Will I still be able to get my medicine? Will I still be able to get the medical care that I might require? Maybe, I would be better off if the government denied a procedure for replacement of my mitral valve. I’ll die and won’t have to fight my country that has so strayed from the vision of our forefathers.



              Technology is moving so fast that it seems like only the very smart and the very young can keep up with all that’s taking place. We’ve gone through social media and have accepted that a common platform for communication and sharing. Now, it looks as though we’re going through another mini tech revolution, the evolvement from email as a means of primary communication and document distribution to cloud computing.

               A few years ago, we started hearing the phrase, “cloud computing.” I was reluctant about it and didn’t rush to get the latest information about it, nor did I rush out there to acquire cloud space. There’s just something I like about having my stuff on my hard drive, even though the biggest of hard drives do fill up and they can also crash. Everyone needs his or her important documents backed up, even if only on a flash drive. When transitioning to a new computer, there are programs that will assist you in doing this, but there are also the versatile flash drives, most of which contain eight gigs of space.

            Now that I have just purchased a new combination laptop/tablet that’s running Windows 8, I have cloud storage available to me. I was first exposed to cloud storage when I purchased by Kindle Fire. The books I then purchased were downloaded to the device, but were also kept on the cloud. If I didn’t want the book on my device, I could delete it off of my device, but it would still remain on the cloud. Music was automatically downloaded to the cloud, but I could choose to download any music to my device. I think it’s better to have as much music on your device as possible because you can listen to it without being online and using up your minutes. For books, keep them in the cloud and download only the one that you’re currently reading. When you’re finished, upload it. I also experienced real cloud computing with a former employer who purchased Google Apps. Part of Google Apps was Google Drive, a file sharing piece. You could prepare documents, spreadsheets, etc. on your hard drive and upload to Google Drive; or could prepare your file while sitting in the cloud. Also, you could share these documents with others who might need to see them. You could also give folks who you shared with, editing privileges. All versions of the document were maintained by Google Drive. No more emailing documents or putting documents in a shared network drive.

            With Windows 8 and the smaller laptops and laptop/tablet combinations, cloud computing is coming to us all and we’re going to be forced to use it whether we like it or not. The smaller laptops and laptop/tablet combinations have less hard drive space, so you just might need that 5 gig cloud to store stuff such as your documents and photos. The sharing feature allows you to share your documents with others. This is especially good for storing photos. You can share with friends and they can view the photos online at their leisure; or not view them and tell you they did. J Also, this could very well do away with the other photo sharing applications out there.

            Having said all of the above, it is my opinion that in the next year or so, text messaging will replace short emails with no attachments. Word documents, spread sheets, photos, Visio documents, etc. will be uploaded or created in the cloud and shared with other users. Of course, the freebie DriveOne that comes with Windows 8 and can be put on other devices will not have the capabilities of the much more robust Google Drive.

            For a meeting for a small organization where the secretary can take minutes in whatever application he or she chooses. Before the next meeting, the minutes can be loaded into the cloud and shared with the rest of the membership who can read them before the meeting. At the meeting, the members can access the minutes with their smart phones or tablets. If any changes are to be made, the secretary can make them on the spot.

            This, of course, is being done a lot, but it sure would be nice of the few organizations to which I belong would adopt this simple process.



In 2010 after the government took over GM, I posted to a previous blog an article regarding what might happen with such a government takeover. The following is a facsimile of that article after making a few tweaks to make it more pertinent to 2014.

In the year 2014, I get a notice in the mail from GM, Government Motors, telling me that it’s time for a new car because my 2006 Chevy Equinox is getting old and the mileage is creeping up. In fact, I’m ordered to come to the Birmingham office of GM on a certain day and a certain time.

On the designated day I pull up to the building and a security guard checks my identification, waves me through, and directs me to an area for SUVs. I pull into a parking area and am met by another uniformed officer who tells me to take my purse and get out of my car. As soon as I get out of the car, a large crane dips down and picks up my vehicle and transports it to an area where it is immediately crushed. Because I had other stuff in my car, get upset; but the uniformed officers tells me that’s too bad. I should have my stuff out of the car before I arrived at GM.

I’m directed to a holding area where I’m told to wait for another Government Motors representative who will assist me with a new car, a car that is more suited for someone like me. I wait for about 2-1/2 hours before my name is called and I’m escorted to a small office where yet another uniformed person tells me to have a seat in his tiny office. First I’m told that I owe Government a $1,000 fine because I chose to drive an evil SUV for eight years. I reluctantly produce a credit card to pay this. I’m then told to go back to the waiting room and wait for someone else to assist me with a new car.

After about forty-five minutes, my name is again called and I’m taken to see yet another GM bureaucrat. I’m told that the government has been studying my driving habits and of course they know that I’m single and live alone. Government Motors has thus concluded that I do need to drive to and from work, a journey of about 25 miles per day. While I used to travel to Cullman, Alabama about once a month to visit my elderly mother, I won’t be doing that anymore because she passed away three years ago. I won’t be traveling to Tuscaloosa, Alabama anymore to attend Alabama football games because the federal government has decided to completely shut down all competitive sports. Competition is an evil thing, and teams such as the University of Alabama football team had to be stopped from beating up on teams that were not as good as they were. This includes almost every other college football team. You also won’t be driving to the beach anymore. We’ve decided those trips are completely unnecessary for folks like you, and the government knows what is best for you.

Finally I’m shown a picture of the car that the government has picked out for me. It’s orange with blue upholstery. I tell them that I hate orange and pairing it with blue is unacceptable. Why can’t I choose the color of my new car? I’m told that I’m a bully. I’ve been known to look down my nose at Auburn University and even intimidate their fans. The Government has watched me. I post things about Auburn that are not nice on forums, and at football games I do the “Rammer Jammer” cheer. I must be punished and therefore, I will be driving an orange and blue car.

Then I’m told that I can choose between having air conditioning or heating. It’s recommended that I choose air conditioning because this is the South and the summers get mighty brutal. So I choose air conditioning and then I’m told that this will cost me an extra $1,000 because I’m from a red state, a state where a majority of the voters did not vote for our current president in the last election. Also, the car is a two-seater because that’s all I really need.

My new government issued vehicle is a hybrid that will go up to thirty miles with an overnight charge. It will also run on gasoline, but I will have to apply to the federal government for permission to purchase gasoline and I will need to apply to purchase gas at least four weeks in advance. This tank of gas will take me about 150 miles.
When I can’t take anymore, I start screaming all sorts of things about the government and this country’s leaders. I start running through the endless halls sweating profusely and I don’t sweat. What’s happening to me, and what has happened to the United States of America where I grew up? And then I wake up all twisted in the bed covers. When I’ve gained some composure, I get out of bed, run to the kitchen, open the door to the garage and see my gorgeous ruby red Chevrolet Equinox with my Crimson Tide tag and decals. I give it a hug and pray to God (I believe I can still do this), asking him to please bless this country and to give me the strength and energy to do as much as I can to return the United States of America to its rightful place as a super power.



There are days when I can’t believe what I’m seeing on the news and what I’m seeing on the Internet. I know that fact checking a lot of these stories results in all or part of the article not being true, but there’s still a lot out there that should concern someone who is well into adulthood and grew up in the United States of America.

According to, Obama supporters in San Diego have indicated that they feel that it’s racist not to like Mexican food. After doing a smidgen of research, I determined that Mark Dice, who interviewed people a few weeks ago, asking them if they thought the first amendment, should be repealed, was again at it, interviewing folks and asking them if they thought Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was a racist because he didn’t like Mexican food.

The article states that Mr. Dice invented the narrative the Speaker Boehner had remarked that he didn’t like Mexican food and the current president had asked him to resign. So, we really don’t know of the Speaker likes Mexican food or not and frankly, I don’t care. However, the article goes on to indicate that a number of folks interviewed said that Boehner should resign and that his not liking Mexican food was racist.

This is funny, but at the same time, it’s not funny. Why is Mark Dice doing this? My guess would be that things have really gotten to ridiculous in this country and Mark is trying to illustrate this.

There was another article on that said Americans were being labeled as racists for waving the American flag. Now this took place on Monday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo used to be considered a party day where the independence of Mexico was celebrated and those of us that are not Mexican simply celebrated their party with them. Now it’s getting political and in certain locations, the American flag can’t be on Cinco de Mayo. Why not waive both flags on this day where we all drink Margaritas and eat Mexican food. Have we lost all sense of reason? Can we not have fun anymore?

Apparently not! We wouldn’t want to offend anyone, now would we? There’s a lot wrong with this county and it can be attributed to the liberals/progressives in their quests to promote political correctness. You can’t say this, you can’t say that! Code words, buzz words, etc. A few years ago, one of the greatest players to put on a crimson jersey and play for the University of Alabama, Trent Richardson, was called a beast. He was a beast. He ran roughshod over everyone. He was and is a perfect physical being. I still watch YouTube videos and marvel at him. The sportswriters in Alabama actually had to convince the national media that calling Trent a beast was nothing racist. Thank goodness, he was labeled a beast and not something more specific such as a panther.

This is what we have become under the current president and his administration whose goals are to fundamentally change America. Well, it appears that he has succeeded because I no longer know the country where I was born and raised. If you disagree with the current president, you’re labeled a racist. That was one of the things with which I was concerned when he was first elected in 2008.

I’m sick and tired of political correctness, of liberals/progressives, and all of their name calling. I’m also sick and tired of being accused of hate speech when all I do is question whether certain entitlement programs are functioning efficiently.

Liberals/Progressives/Democrats, I’m sick of you!